Real Housewives of The OC- you're daily trash

Gretchen did not hook up with Tamra's son "Nugget" as hubby and I call him. That kid is not only unattractive, he is so slimy. He basically stalked her like she was a sad, and injured impala and he was a lion. GROSS.

The next morning Gretchen and her dogs put on a good show at the kid pool party. Although just because all these ladies have fake boobs she has to be sucked in? Come on! Be yourself!

By the way could Tamras boobs be bigger? They look so fake and disgusting. Her in the bathing suit had me choking and gagging.

Jeanna freaks me out the way she keeps her ex around. He's such a rude dick, I could care less if he "needs" her. Kick his ass out! I'm glad he's gone but I feel like he'll be back! Poor thing is an emotional eater (hello, I get it!), and needs to get her life going! She also always defends people who make insanely bad choices ie: Gretchen's hubby's ex wife and Vicki's ex. Her way of thinking is bizarre! She defends the indefensible!

I'm starting to think Vicki is the craziest one out of all of them. The wipe out at the "networking" party and no one even jumped to help her! Lay off the drinks Vicki!

The real question remains when are they going to tell us Gretchens fiance has died? I thought it was sad when Vicki was instructing her on what to do, she seems so unprepared, and in no mans land. Lynne is a giant idiot though, such a child and those cuff bracelets are UGLY!!!

Will Gretchen leave the show? I guess they kept Jo around even though Slade and her broke up...anything goes I guess!


Preppy 101 said...

Somehow I missed all this! Thanks for the update. I have wondered what will happen to Gretchen, too.

Melissa said...

I don't think the bracelets are that bad, but I wouldn't wear them!

I basically agree with this entire post. I cannot stand Tamra and Vicki anymore, and Jeana is a bit ridiculous with men.

I think Gretchen's fiancee dies in September, so it was after they wrapped filming. My guess is they put something up on the screen at the end of the season finale episode when they do the mini update on each housewife. I also bet it will be part of the reunion show.

AMY said...

I actually saw this show for the first time last night...insomnia with hubby out of town. ZERO CLASS! Proof positive that money does provide taste, tact, or class!

Jesslee said...

Love the show, love Gretchen (if you got it, flaunt it). I think she could hang out with anyone and have a great time, she seems really down to earth when she isn't around the pack. Tamra is sooo jealous of her. I wish Jeanna would move on and get a man in her life (lucky none of her bad self esteem has rubbed off on her daughter)- I love when her daughter is on the show. I'm so glad they went back to the OC, because ATL was horrible -an absolute disgrace to the south (I don't know why they went with that selection of women). Also looking forward to NY.

Anonymous said...

I love Gretchen. We would be friends if we knew each other. Didn't Tamra get her boobs reduced last season? Yet they are somehow bigger? Hmmmm.

Vicky used to be my favorite. But now she is over the top, obnoxious and mean. Can't stand her.

The Fabulous Side of Me said...

Man I love your Houseives recaps! They crap me up. And I always agree :-)

lizziefitz said...

On another note...Did you ever pick out baby bedding?

Preppy Mama said...

I was laughing so hard when Vicki fell and no one came to help her!! It is really bothering me that Gretchen's fiancee is dead and the network didn't even mention a thing.

Suzanne said...

But what the heck happened to Quinn from last season? I'm glad there are others out there as addicted as I, but in a good way LOL!

Angry Julie Monday said...

This show is my weekly train wreck. I thought Vicki was giving awesome advice. I mean really, she is in the business. Tamra's boobs are huge. What happened to them getting smaller? I want to know what has happened to Gretchen since her fiancee died. There is absolutely no press about it here in the OC. Totally strange.

ms. mindless said...

i hat vicki so much! and i too think that even though tamra supposedly got a reduction last season, i think she just had a lift and possibly bigger implants put in. she is so trashy looking.

Karen said...

I had no clue her fiancee died....I'm surprised they didn't take the parts regarding him out of the show. I also thought Tamara's implants looked huge...not attractive.


Jillian, Inc said...

Oh yes, Tamra's boobs are just gross. I am not sure if it's just the show asking her to be such a b*tch, but Vicki is just over the top. I loathed the fact that she was giving Gretchen "gold digger" advice when maybe Gretchen didn't WANT TO ask him to put her in his will. There's more to life than getting money out of people, which is something Vicki doesn't seem to understand. And I hate how she treats her husband.

shoeaddict said...

I love this!
I couldn't believe that Vicki fell and then no one helped her. What about her son and husband?? She treats them all like possesions anyway.

Nugget is so gross. Not attractive at all and very slimy.

ursula said...

i'm kinda disagreeing with everyone on this, but i do think that Gretchen wanted advice on how to approach her fiance about his will......she said, "would you just ask him?" and she had said to Vickie: I worry about having to pay the bills....I'll go bankrupt. Sorry, but I do think that she saw dollar signs on the man.

cancersucks said...

That is funny..what happened to Quinn and what happened to the other wife whose ex died and left the kids no money? Interesting...maybe like the top chef kitchen wars curse. I wish we lived closer so we could watch tivo reality shows together. Hope you are feeling well!

Life is what you make it said...

I have such a love/hate relationship with that show.
Can be fun to watch, but the
'seemliness' of it, can make my
stomach turn. I had actually
stopped watching it for awhile
last year and did not watch the Alanta version. I liked Lauri
the best and I miss her. It's
a little like US magazine. I love
it, but need a break when I feel
like the headlines get too crass
(i.e., like when Britney's mental
breakdown was on the cover every

I will be tuning in tomorrow to
the Bachelor. Another winner! : )

Nantucket Karen said...

"Jeana" is an enabler, which is why her 3 kids are so spoiled and her "ex" in a no-good mooch. I think deep down she lusts for Vicki's hubby Don; I think they'd be great together. It is just me or does Lynn's younger daughter's "boyfriend" look like a transvestite? My husband swears it's a girl in boy's clothing!! The older daughter has fake, black straw for hair, fake boobs, fake tan AND alcholic....Hello Lynn?? ARE YOU BLIND???? Thought it was so pathetic and sad how much validation Vicki needed from her mother (and Don and kids and everyone!)