Preganncy NOW

I went for a 3D ultrasound last Friday with the hubby, couldn't really see too much. She had her hands up by her face so we'll have to try again! Every ultrasound I do with my regular OB she puts her face right to the camera!!! DIVA! But this time she sensed the need to avoid the paparazzi like any celeb living in LA.

I have been TIRED and have slowed down a lot. I feel HUGE but the baby is right on track and doing very well.

Before, when I was pregnant with Landon here was my typical day:

wake up at 7am
watch TV
Meet a fellow preggy girlfriend for Lunch (right Natalia?)
Go home and nap
Watch Oprah
Eat a big dinner
Watch a movie
Go to bed early

Ahhhh...just seeing that makes me feel rested...but now? Now with a two year old and pregnant this time around, things are different. Just a little.

5:45 am Landon screams for Daddy or Mama
5:55 am Daddy tries to convince him it's still sleepy time
6:15 am He's up and asking for Bob the Builder cartoons "More Bob?", Or Sesame Street?
I give him milk and a banana to snack on.
Unload dishwasher
Check email
Check on bloggers for two seconds
6:30 am Daddy leaves for work
7:00 am Make breakfast for Landon and I
More Bob the builder while I clean up and shower(where he comes in a hundred times and says Mom! He is cute though.)
Get dressed and ready, get Landon dressed and ready
9:00 am Landon has either mommy and me preschool, gymnastics, physical therapy or speech therapy
12:00 Lunch
12:30pm Landon naps and I try to nap too
2:30pm Landon is up and has snack
Then phys therapy, playground or the like
4:30 pm Back at home
5pm I fix dinner, or try to because I am TIRED!
5:30pm Daddy's home
6pm Feed Landon
6:30pm Bath time with Daddy
Mommy finishes cooking dinner
7pm Landon more sesame street
Brush teeth
In bed by 7:30
Hubby and I eat and watch trashy TV
In bed by 9/9:30pm

I hope I haven't discouraged anyone from having a second baby!


The Major's Wife said...

oh, what a glam life, I'll give you my few helpful tips on life with 2, it gets crazier, you look fab!!!

MOMMY-MOMO said...

oh wow! sounds exactly like my day! They have the exact sleep schedule too! it is exhausting.... i couldnt imagine being preggo. hehe props to you!!!

PaperCourt said...

Exhaustion will have a whole new meaning when baby #2 arrives. You look great!

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

First, you look great!!!
Second, I can only imagine what it is like to be pregnant and chasing after a preschooler. It was hard enough being pregnant the first time!!

Keep up the great work - sounds like you're doing a GREAT job!

kenady said...

Girl, I feel ya! that is about how it was when I was preggo with B-boy and M was a 2 year old, but then add in a full time job at GAP. I was lucky I didn't fall asleep at the wheel driving home from work everyday:)

Melissa said...

Sounds tiring!

Hopefully your little girl cooperates with the 3D ultrasound next time!

Melissa said...

Sounds tiring!

Hopefully your little girl cooperates with the 3D ultrasound next time!

The Fabulous Side of Me said...

Isn't it funny (okk, maybe that is not the word!) how drastic our routine changes when we get pregnant the second (and third and fourth, etc) time around. I was just thinking the other day how easy and relaxing the first pregnancy 'life' was :-)

lizziefitz said...

Hilarious...try five. I am so happy to hear baby updates. Any news on nursery colors,themes, baby names.etc? You look great by the way!

Preppy Mama said...

I am so feeling it too! My little guy has decided to give up the nap so I am so tired by bed time I can hardly stay awake for my trashy tv!!! So funny how life changes!!

Pink Flamingo said...

Oh honey, hang in there...I won’t lie, life with two is simply exhausting at times. Both will have you running in each and every direction. Until your fabulous diva arrives, take time to enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy with little Landon...this is such precious time for just you and him to share. And lastly, no matter how many kids are in the house, it is SO important to take time for you. :)

Sweet Pea Chef said...

And we wonder why we're so darn tired the second time around!

Preppy Sue said...

I remember being totally exhausted with my second. My first was 18 mos. when we found out we were expecting #2. Now that they're 7 &5 it's so easy. Enjoy it even when you're wiped out, it goes fast!

Nantucket Karen said...

Landon is such a GREAT boy's name; have you decided on a girl's name yet? You could have all the bloggers suggest names; that would be hysterical! Wondering if that little girl will be as funny as her mama!

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

I am glad to see that I am not the only one who noticed those differences in my two pregnancies. Perhaps that is why we are done having kids now that we have two!

Kate said...

I agree - pregnancy was so much more fun the 1st time around! (Plus the 2nd time around I had hyperemesis for the first 4 months and preterm labor/rest/ISSUES for the last 4...thankfully my son is the most easy going kid ever!)

Kate said...

P.s. I think I had that same shirt!