Back To School? Back To YOU!

Every Fall, once the kids are back in school and my sanity starts to return, I remember to put myself back on the list.

I start to remember that I MATTER.

And one of the ways I treat myself is.....
to treat myself like a well oiled machine and take myself in for maintenance!!
Dentist, gyno, mole check, physical and mammogram all happen in September and October ( just in time for breast cancer awareness month!)

Back to school is a good time to remember to take care of yourself. After all if you weren't here who would do everything!?

Take this time to book all your appointments. Get a TUNE UP.

No excuses.

And throw a Mani/ Pedi and massage in there too.

Why not? You deserve it!!

Happy Back To You!

It Didn't Turn Out Like She Wanted

My Grandmother passed away a few weeks ago. Although she lived a long life, it still hit me hard. She was my last living grandparent, the end of an era for me. I was so thankful she had spent time with my kids, but selfishly, I felt old. I was no longer was somebody's grandbaby.

The funeral, in my gorgeous hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, was a nice tribute to her. She was a war bride, had many friends and was a devout christian. I was barely able to stop crying. I was just so SAD she was gone.

Then my Father said something that, at the time, made it even worse.

 "Well, it didn't turn out like she wanted." 

I was FLOORED. It was devastating to me. She had spent her life as a devoted friend, wife, mom and christian and still....I wasn't even sure what my Father meant by it. I didn't ask. It just struck me. What were her dreams? Goals? What had she hoped for?

When I die would people say the same about me?

Part of "Losing My Fabulous" was this feeling of being LOST. Not knowing what direction to go in next. Feeling stuck. Feeling unsatisfied. Feeling unmotivated and depressed. Nothing seemed to be working. Was this my destiny?

On my way home to LA I became MORE sad, until two women magically came into my life on my travels home.

One gave me a great idea.  She took something I had been thinking about and made me think of it in a BIGGER WAY.

And the other, made me feel loved enough to follow through with it. She let me know that the universe was on my side.

These divine encounters, and a meeting with some of my key board members has lead me to launch: WARRIOR MOM.

It encompasses the way I have been feeling, things I have written about and all my passions. I hope you'll follow along and see where this takes me. Where it takes US!
Thank you for always supporting me and encouraging me and sharing your stories! I hope I am inspiring you, making you think, and prompting you to action.

Stay tuned for more on THE WARRIOR MOMS by following on Instagram and Twitter. This is going to be BIG.


I'm going to tell you something. I'm like the rest of you. I have a to do list a mile long. I am constantly feeling like I can never get it all done. There is always more emails to answer, work to be done, laundry to clean, and bills to pay. It's ENDLESS.

Knowing this you'd think I'd let myself off the hook? NOOOOOO.....I don't cut myself a break. I do what I am told, go where I am asked, and wake up and do it all over again. Lot's of responsibility and no taking care of myself.

I can remember a very tearful Wynona Judd telling Oprah she forgot to put herself on the list. She had been through so many bad things and struggles and was not taking care of herself. Hence her weight gain and other issues.

The other day I got sick of myself.

I let the living room by messy. I let the laundry pile up. I let those emails go un answered.

And I took a walk. I exercised. It felt great.

And then I did something REALLY RADICAL.


The pool I NEVER go in because:
I don't want to get my hair wet. I don't have enough time. I need to do laundry. The kids are splashing too much. I don't want anyone to see me in a bathing suit. I don't want to put on a bathing suit. It's too cold. It's too hot....and on and on.


I got my damn hair wet too. That pool has been sitting in my back yard for years and I can count on one hand the number of times I have swam in that thing. What the heck??

I am so busy trying to be there for my kids, husband, job, house I will put anything on the list before myself. A swim in the pool was just too indulgent. PLEASE.

Lot's of women will do NOTHING for themselves. They literally have to be FORCED to. You may not have a pool but you know what I am talking about. When is the last time you: READ A DAMN BOOK? CALLED A DAMN FRIEND YOU WANT TO TALK TO? WENT TO A DAMN MOVIE? HAD LUNCH WITH A DAMN GOOD FRIEND?

Well I want you to DO IT TODAY. Put yourself at the top of the list and feel DAMN PROUD you did. I'm giving you permission. And tell that voice in your head it better KEEP IT'S DAMN MOUTH SHUT!

Leaving Perfection Behind and Embracing Your Broken-ness

I used to covet perfection. The perfect outfit, party, relationship all the surface things. It wasn't that I didn't have depth, it was just that I liked things to be just...PERFECT.

As I got older I started realizing this was getting tougher and tougher to accomplish. After a perfect wedding to a perfect husband I went through some very imperfect infertility. It made me question everything in my life. I thought getting pregnant would be a snap. Not so much.

After in vitro and finally getting pregnant I got back to my usually perfect ways with the perfect baby shower. Little did I know what was around the corner. My perfectionism was about to get it's REAL rude awakening. I thought I had it all back together but....

Having Landon changed all of that. When you have a child who is born with an issue of any sort, especially an ongoing one, or one that is life changing, it takes the perfectionism you're suffering from and just throws it up against the wall and smashes it.

Even when Landon came home with a less than perfect right arm I still longed for perfection. I tried to get back on the perfection horse. It was no use.

Over the last few really tough years in finances, marriage, kids and life....I have come to appreciate: BROKEN-NESS.

In people, animals, things...all of it.

There was a Lilly Pulitzer store going out of business, the woman was so upset, beautiful store and she couldn't keep it going...she was selling EVERYTHING. She was humiliated but called me to come in and buy. I looked at a fog necklace and she said oh you don't want that, it only has one foot. It's broken.

Guess what:

I bought it.

Turns out the broken-ness is the good stuff.

Some of my best friends have been broken in many ways, and still are, and it's what makes me LOVE them, relate to them and able to have the best conversations. They don't wear their broken-ness like victims, they choose to share it when they feel it's important. Life is not our perfect Facebook posts, and instagram pictures. Life is really TOUGH. It breaks us. That broken-ness pulls us together and let's us connect. Don't hide that broken-ness. That is what makes you who you are.

Embracing my broken-ness is not easy. It's hard to admit when things are going BAD. GETTING WORSE and seem UNFIXABLE. But if that's where you are. That's where YOU ARE. It's not forever. It will change and evolve. 

Looking down at my frog necklace reminds me were all BROKEN in one way or another. Does this mean I'm going to stop monogramming things? Dressing up? Setting a pretty table? HELL NO. It means that when someone admits their BROKEN-NESS to me I will share my own. And when I feel broken and scared I will share this with my closest friends and get comfort.


Now THAT'S what makes a WARRIOR WOMAN!

Who's On Your Board? Why You Need A Personal Board Of Directors

Do you have a personal board of directors? If not YOU NEED ONE!

Whenever I am at a place of change, renewal or just STUCK IN A RUT, I consult my board. Yes I have my own personal board of directors in my life. I may not meet with them all at once, or take all of their advice, but they are guiding, encouraging and inspiring me. They might not even KNOW they're doing it!

I came up with this idea after sharing my ideas with the WRONG people. When you share your ideas and dreams with a NON BOARD MEMBER, you are left unsupported, discouraged and depressed. The negativity will KILL YOUR CREATIVITY and WRECK YOUR FUTURE. Sound dramatic? It is! THIS IS SERIOUS! THIS IS YOUR LIFE!!!

This is why you need a Personal Board Of Directors.

Here's how it works:

You are going to select 10 people to be on your board. The people do not need to know each other, live near by, or talk to you every day. The key is to get 10 diverse people. 10 people who you admire, look up to, and feel understand you deeply. 10 diverse people from different walks of life. These people may not be your best friends. For example, one lady on my board is MY EYEBROW LADY. She is like a Dali Llama of perfect advice and encouragement. Think outside the box!

Get out a piece of paper and start creating your board list. Remember you don't have to TELL ANYONE who is on your board or if they're on your board. This is a list of people you can SHARE YOUR IDEAS with and get positive feedback. They can help you create and achieve a VISION FOR YOUR LIFE.

Usually family members are NOT board members but there are always exceptions to that rule. My sister in law is on my board and always helps me to see the future more clearly. She knows me and knows what would be good for me.

Once your have your list (you can even start with a board of 3 people until you find your full board), keep it in a special place to refer to. When you are having trouble in your life, or are wanting to make a big change or a wonderful opportunity comes your way you can ask a board members advice and weigh your choices. It's great knowing you are supported no matter what!

The board can change, and grow as you do. You can kick someone off the board if you need to! That's why it's best to NOT TELL THEM THEY'RE ON IT! 

Remember this:

AMAZING people—those worthy of being personal board members—tend to be unusually generous with their time. They give of themselves for the development of others. This level of generosity requires that you be highly selective about when to call on them. For daily or noncritical decisions,  do not contact your board members. Keep the list of your board members easily accessible (on the wall, in a wallet, in your nightstand) and make sure when you call on them you are ready to present something or get big advice. Otherwise you can hold imaginary board meetings, envisioning what each board member might say about a given situation.  

Who's worthy enough to be on your board?

DON'T SUCK IT UP- the passing of a Mom Blogger

When I learned of Leslies passing I was in SHOCK.

I have been reading her blog, A Blonde Ambition, on and off for a while. I knew she was having heart issues but, she DIED?

There is an instagram post from a week ago.

There are two young babies.

There is a husband.


This is hitting me on so many levels.

First- I have developed heart issues. I am on heart meds and need to take better care of myself. BECAUSE I DON'T.

Second, Leslie was so grateful. In the hospital, away from her girls for weeks and months, and she was a grateful happy person. The kind of person who should be around a long time to be an example for others. She was even grateful for her health.

Leslie understood being someones cheerleader was really important:

"One of the things this little medical fiasco has also shown me is the importance of encouraging others who may be going through tough things. The emails, words of encouragement and prayer have been so appreciated, and it has been a great reminder that I need to do more of that for others. I'd love to be able to incorporate the blog into that somehow and I'm excited to explore that idea more. We could all use our own personal cheerleaders sometimes, don't you think?"

Leslie offers up a warning here in THIS POST. That if you are feeling TIRED. REALLY TIRED. And you don't really have a reason to be SO TIRED, it could be a heart problem. She was a new mom, exhausted like the rest of us. She knew she was REALLY TIRED and instead told herself to keep pushing. SUCK IT UP she told herself.


"If you are more tired than normal, if something just doesn't feel right, if you feel like you can't get enough sleep even though you technically are - SAY SOMETHING. DO SOMETHING. WAVE THE WHITE FLAG. I didn't. I just thought I was tired from chasing a toddler and caring for an 8-week-old. I thought I just needed to suck it up, drink some caffeine and stop complaining.
In reality, I was having major heart trouble."

She just had a baby months ago. They will never again get to have their Mother. This kills me. 

Donate to the girls college and wedding fund here: GO FUND ME

And read Leslies Blog and learn from her. Learn about her. Pass on what she's telling us.

And hug your babies. 

And be grateful.


Get your heart checked regularly. If you're TIRED and you know something is wrong...... DON'T SUCK IT UP.

Finding My Fabulous- It's The Little Quiet Things That Make You Happy

With my non fabulous self in tow, I headed to the beach. I needed a break.
I needed:

I started to feel BETTER. Still there was something NOT QUITE RIGHT. I know there's more digging to do. More excavating....

With all the bad stuff that seemed to eat me alive, I started noticing that it was the little things that were making me feel happy. Things like:

My old dog feeling like her old self playing frisbee....

The kids doing a puzzle quietly together.....

And a sunset.....

I'm slowly building on the little things, learning to de stress, and CALM DOWN. Deep breaths.....#SummerSlowDown2015 is my hashtag. See all my slow down moments on Instagram here ONE FABULOUS MOM.

Thanks for your encouragement. It helps when I know what worked for you!

Lost My Fabulous- Trying to get it back!

I Lost My Fabulous.

I don't know how it happened.

That's not true. I do. I guess I don't know the exact moment. Sometime, in the middle of working, tending to family, volunteering, socializing, dealing with friendship dynamics, family dynamics, dealing with minor crises, dealing with major crises, dealing with people with bad attitudes, hearing unkind words, financial issues and just bad juju.....

I lost my fabulous.

I didn't think I had really lost it all together. Even amidst emotionally devastating happenings I was able to still bounce back a little. Go out to dinner. Put on the Lilly Pulitzer....

But then my heart was broken. My dreams were dashed. Things got worse. And soon, looking around and then looking in the mirror. I realized: I lost my fabulous.

You may think this is funny coming from One Fabulous Mom. And truthfully I started this blog because I was feeling less than Fabulous and wanted to get it back.

But things have piled up too big to ignore. And my heart is broken. So friends, no more fabulous. And I have to face it. After all the definition of crisis is: a difficult or dangerous situation that needs serious attention. And so, this does.

I'm hoping I can get it back. Right now I have no clue how. But since I know some if you are in the same boat...I'll keep you posted. I'll take you on my journey. And if you have lost your fabulous you are not alone. And if you are getting it back I applaud you. And if you never lost it, trust me one day you will.

So let's do this together. Join me on my journey  Find My Fabulous. Stay tuned...

Where have I been? I joined the BAND! The Mrs Band #ImEnough Movement

I've been on such a whirl wind the last few months I finally just had to sit down and write this post! It all started with this:

Have you seen this #ImEnough video? It touched my heart! Don't we all feel that? Don't we all want to say: "I'M ENOUGH!" This video has been viewed more than 5 million times across the world! That's when I learned that The Mrs Band was more than a band. It was a movement! An all girl band, a band of WOMEN, who were still dreaming and inspiring. They bring the Magic Mirror across the country changing women's lives and their inner voices!

Low and behold The Mrs was releasing a NEW song for Mother's Day called "You Told Me". The lyrics say it all:

I love this song. It really speaks to the complicated relationship Mothers and Daughters have. The Mrs held an amazing song launch event in NYC and I was THERE! It was at the Top Of The Rock at Rockefeller Center with Jenny McCarthy as our host and benefiting Dress For Success!

Jenny couldn't have been more down to earth and SWEET! Just loved her. The Mrs treated us tired Moms to a fabulous night out with cocktails by Deep Eddy Vodka, decor by Red Velvet Events and earrings from Kendra Scott!

And they even brought their Magic Mirror!!!! Quite a magical experience!

The Mrs Band played their new song and everyone loved it! A huge success!

Aren't they gorgeous!!!???

Now I'm a devoted fan of The Mrs. Women who make music for people my age? THANK YOU!!!!! I'm on board! Watch their new video and download their new single!