2016 Resolutions- Goals Part 2- Determine Your Priorities and Focus Areas

Now that you've asked the most important questions of yourself from my previous post, the next step in the goal setting process is determining your PRIORITIES.

This may seem obvious but believe me it's VERY important. Most people spend 85% of their lives not doing anything that is a priority in their life. By setting priorities you will learn what is NOT a priority and you can feel free to say NO!

How about that!?

I have learned most of this amazing goal setting from the goal setting queen MONEY SAVING MOM- Crystal. I just LOVE her!

So here we go. Next on the goal setting list: Create a list of 5 or 6 priorities. 

Priorities are personal and are very specific to this season in your life. I will share a few of mine to get you started:

1. Having a more connected relationship with my husband- After being married for 13 years this year, I want to ensure that my husband and I make our relationship a priority. The kids, finances, work all seem to take precedence over our relationship. I want to put him first and take time to be together.

2. The Warrior Moms- I want to get my new venture off the ground in a big way in 2016.

3. A fairly clean and organized home- I have been living a pretty cluttered life in my house and just barely keeping up with the mess. I want more peace in my home and that means less clutter!

4. Deeper relationship with my children- as my kids get older and grow and change I want to enjoy, teach, and connect more deeply with them.

These are a few of my priorities. After determining these the next step is to create focus areas within these priorities. 4-5 things for each priority item. Again here are mine to help you get started:

1. Connected relationship with my husband-
-Spend more one on one time 
- find more things we have in common
- adventures together
- date nights
- find mentor couples to model after

2. The Warrior Moms-
-Create more connection on the website
-Find sponsors
-budget for first event
-Begin compiling stories for book
-get people to subscribe to my website

3. Clean and Organized Home
- develop a cleaning schedule
-punch list for house
-de-clutter and organize

4. Deeper relationship with the kids- 
-find ways to connect individually with each child
-one on one time
-fun nights together/ adventures

Now it's your turn! You can share your goals with me by email or comment and I will support you.

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