2016 - The Year To Transform Your Life! Questions to ask from Mallika Chopra- STEP 1

Hi friends!

I don't know about you but I am ready to kiss 2015 GOODBYE. I am ready to leave a lot behind. I am ready to embrace and get a hold of some significant parts of my life.

 I am ready for TRANSFORMATION.

Can I get an AMEN??

The first step is getting focused on what is really important. A LOT of important time is wasted on things that are not important. An easy trap to fall into!

Mallika Chopra (daughter of Deepak Chopra) suggests in "Living With Intent" that we ask these questions:

1) Who am I?

2) What do I want?

3) How can I serve?

and I added another:

4) What makes me happy?

You can meditate on this and then write it down. The funny thing is, when I started this I only had a few things for each category. Now I have 10!

Here are a few of mine:

1) Who Am I? 

Mother of two amazing kids.
A wife who is committed.
A seeker who wants to learn.

2) What do I want?

Health and wellness for myself and my family
A purpose driven life
Financial freedom

3) How can I serve?

As a mother/ teacher to my children
On the board of Junior League
With The Warrior Moms- helping women rise to their greatest potential

4) What makes me happy?

Deep conversations with good friends
Hot yoga!

Try this exercise and join me on my journey! Let's make 2016 everything we hope for!


Monica T. said...

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2016….may all of your dreams come true!

Jen said...

Wow; your answers sound just like what I would say! I'm reading a book called Design the Life You Love by Ayse Birsel. You might want to check it out! Happy New Year!