Super Soul Sunday- I'm Not A Stay At Home Mom!!

I love all things Oprah so it's no surprise I am loving Super Soul Sunday on Own. It's deep stuff lemme tell you!

I watched India Irie describe her total spiritual transformation after realizing she was turning into someone she didn't recognize. She walked away from the music industry until she could come back and do it her way. Brave.

Watch a clip here: OPRAH

She also spoke about how, when she put her album out, was receiving criticism for being vane and shallow. That people thought she had lightened her skin (she hadn't). The stunning revelation to her was she always hated people who were vane, shallow, sell outs in the music industry. She had major judgement against them. Then she was being accused of being one of those people! It made her understand how harshly she was judging others.

After walking away from my company and spending more time with my family I find myself nervous when people ask me: "now what?" I feel guilty for enjoying this time not working. Why? Because I have judged Mom's who don't.

Yes. That's not so fabulous is it. I have judged stay at home Mom's sometimes. I was always "busier" and "worked harder" then them, working outside the home and being a Mom. WRONG. Being a full time Mom is HARD WORK. Having the patience to do it takes everything you've got. So like Miss India Irie, I was judging them, and now am one. How's that for Karma?

I even joked with a friend who is working but has the summer off. I said now we're both stay at home Moms! She was pissed! "I'm Not A Stay At Home Mom!" 

Is Stay At Home Mom a bad word?

Why does it get people going?

This is a wild ride, this journey of self discovery I am on. I suspect I will have a million more epiphanies like this.

What do you think? Do you judge stay at home Moms? Working Moms? Has Karma come back on you? Tell me!

The Perfect Family Vacation: Westin St. John!

The pictures say it all. We had a wonderful trip!!! The Westin caters to parents and kids with their kids club, arcade and fun activities!

An amazing place and about to have a major 12 million dollar face lift!


This is the legendary Trunk Bay. Best snorkeling!

Look out for Coco on the beach!

Coco and I in our Lilly!

First Pina Colada!

At Our favorite restaurant Morgans Mango!

Such a wonderful trip! Where are you headed this summer?

And Then I Danced In The Kitchen

I made some big changes recently. Work was becoming too big. It was taking over everything. It was a black cloud. I stopped enjoying my kids, my husband, my life.

My life is good. It would be a shame not to enjoy it....

So I quit. Stopped. And I'm taking a break.

I want more life. More time with my kids. More moments. More peace. More quiet. I want more of that.

The other day Coco asked me to dance in the kitchen. Her favorite Disney song was on Pandora. So I did. And I cried.

I cried because it had been a long time since I danced.

I cried because I hadn't wanted to dance until then.

And I cried because I was so happy to dance in my kitchen with Coco.

I don't know what comes next. Or what will happen. I'm okay with that. All I know is that I stopped everything. And then I danced in my kitchen.

10 Years.

I am the luckiest person to have had 10 years with this extremely patient, funny and sweet man. He's the best Father on earth and so good to me.

Look at these two young ones 10 years ago on our honeymoon in Greece.

Not a care in the world. We were dreaming of a fabulous life.

 We felt blessed then....

But even more blessed now. We've been through some tough times, but we've weathered it TOGETHER.

Lord thank you for this man! And our lives!!! And our children.

Happy 10 years babe. Let's start the next 10!