How Long Does It Take To Make a Tech Break STICK?

It takes 3 days. Just 3 days.

Day 1, They're still asking, begging for TV and electronics.

Day 2, Negotiation, lawyering, asking for screen time.

Day 3, One ask....then DONE.

This summer we are trying a major TIME OUT from electronics, from devices, TV, computers, from the BUZZ.

Instead we are crafting, playing, laughing, and watching a movie each night. Not just any movies. Old ones.

We're talking Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Swiss Family Robinson...


Is it more work? YES. Are they killing me? YES. Is it already some of the best days we've had all year YES.

A tech break.

Make it happen.


Meg said...

You may not see this comment for a while :) but...

A post about what have been a hit during the day would be cool.

My kids are 7& 9 and I take them places but at home I tend to leave them to toys and screens so please share!

Meg said...

Meant to add- great that you took a tech break! Very special summer for sure