Bachelor Recap!

Ahh Jason. Keep taking your shirt off. I digress...Let the recap begin....

Again these girls are making fools out of themselves. No big surprise. Group date was them making busts. Kinda weird because he could really see all the girls boobs! Nikki, the amazon girl, is boring as hell. Telling a guy you're a control freak? No good.

Stephanie getting to reunite with her cute daughter was a tear jerker, but there is still something weird about that girl!!! Alien head? Facelift? Weird pencil brows? I don't know. Did like her more this time though.

What is with the lacrosse coach Megan? All she talks about is how much of a role model she is and she is the worst person on earth. Mean, nasty and conniving.

Hot dog girl Jillian talks to fast, but she's cute. She got the rose on the group date and boy were the others pisssssssed!

Shannon the dental hygienist is just plain ugly. Yucky. Stop crying and breaking down and throwing up! Get over it!

Natalie got a one on one date, she's the only blonde, they are jealous! Diamonds? Private jet to Vegas? I smell a set up. We know Jason is no he trying to see if she's materialistic? So tell me about you Natalie? I love bears! Wait, she looooves bears? Hello? Could she be stupider? No rose for you! Way to curse like a sailor when he gave you the boot! TRASHY!

At the rose ceremony party, Naomi told Jason that she has a practically brand new Vajajay. Cute isn't she?

He kissed everyone at the Rose party, seriously what is up with that? Is he running a kissing booth?

Erica is a man in a dress. Seriously. And she asks if he looked at her boobs? Has the world gone insane?

He got rid of Kari (cuuute!) and Erica (man in dress). Cannot believe he is keeping MEGAN. She is from hell!!!

So now it's down to eight. I like Molly and Melissa. Who do you like? What did you think?


Melissa said...

I like Molly and Melissa as well. I have a soft spot for Stephanie because of all she's been through, but I definitely think she's had some work done and I don't like her eyebrows. I don't think she will be the girl he picks in the end.

I'm really glad Erica is gone, and LOL at your "man in a dress" comment! I totally agree! Megan needs to go now as well. She's horrible.

Nantucket Karen said...

I am laughing soooo hard right now, I had to shut my office door!!
You're so hilarious and I sure am in need of some good, hearty LAUGHTER :)
ERICA IS A MAN...PERIOD! The Lacrosse coach is like Tamra/Vicki on "Housewives"...EVIL!! Sophia's mommy's face looks like maybe it was pulled a little too tight?? Can't wait to hear her "sing" next week! Shannon need to go puke at home and leave the house; she's not stable enough for this whole shindig!
Not sure who I like yet. Looking forward to your Housewives Recap tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

I am with you. I like Molly and Melissa. I said from the very first episode that I thought Stephanie looked a little like a man. Although I think she has a good heart (even though she is totally just looking for a baby daddy).

Pink in a sea of blue said...

I agree with all you said. Shannon needs to go. Where was her makeup BTW? Stephanie is kind of strange looking, but like her alright. Meagan needs to go, too. Soon. These girls have seen the show. Act a little classier. They're giving American women a bad name in so many instances.

Clare said...

oh, i am so into this show. i think that molly is cute, megan totally scares me. honestly they all seem a little strange. the natalie thing was hilarious, i love bears. jason's face was like...'what???' so funny!

Ashley said...

Your review of this is so funny! I like Melissa the best, and Jillian is cute too. I agree that Megan needs to GO, she is so mean to everyone. And Nikki is so uptight and I hope she goes next week too. It's such an entertaining show, and I was so glad the man in a dress and Natalie went home too.

The Golf Widow said...

LOL...NO KIDDING!!! Go Molly.

I guess J's just getting all the kisses he can.

I wonder if they notice just how stupid they looked when watching the show with their friends.

ilovepink said...

I guess - have to say Melissa. She appeared a little more mature this week. I do like Stephanie and the kids would be great together but, yeah...just something I can't put my finger on with her! your previous post: I had 2 women say to me yesterday, Oh, you are about to pop! Nice!

P said...

I know which one he's going to pick. Wanna know, too?