Bachelor Recap!

If there was any doubt about who the true freaks are on the show, tonight you saw it all during the singing contest. From Nikki who was in tears. TEARS! Because she didn't want to sing, to Stephanie who sang like an opera singer from a horror show, to Lauren who thinks she's a professional singer. Hello? Freaks? Shannon still is weirding me out with her lack of upper lip and obsession with him, "I've watched all the bachelor episodes", as if Jason is a celebrity? How about how she wanted to "wait up" for Molly on her camp out date? She is a STALKER! Remember this is the girl who puked during the rose ceremony last week. GROSSSSSSS!

Plus, Shannon is such a freak, begging to stay and blowing her nose. She is disgusting!

Molly and Melissa ("Mel" as he calls her!!!) seem like the real deal and look like their here for the long haul. Molly is very Reesish in looks which of course I adore. She says all the right things, and she's cute. He's digging her for sure!

The General Hospital date was Queer, mostly because of Shannon. Everything else was goofy and dumb. I think Megans kiss with Jason was aggressive and insane. What is up with that chick? He doesn't like her I can tell. The cryfest afterwards was ridiculous. The Lauren being all bossy and manipulative made me puke!

How did Jason pay back the freaks? Sent them all home!!! Nikki, Shannon, Megan and Lauren BUH-BYE!

I think Shannons parting comment says it all....she's going to use her electric toothbrush and French kiss her puppy. I can't imagine why he sent her home!!!!??

I am soooo looking forward to next week! Down to five baby!


Melissa said...

I love your recaps, they're so funny! As usual, I completely agree with you. I was SO grossed out when Shannon said she was going to french kiss her dog! Ewwwww!

I like Melissa and Molly the best. I felt annoyed and cringed when Lauren was demanding a rose. I knew she was going home.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Shannon was such a freak! Loved it when he didn't want to kiss her. And that comment at the end truly freaked me out! BUH-Bye is right. I'm not digging Stephanie. She's a little too much for me. I'm liking Melissa the best.

Clare said...

i love reading your recap! lauren was just rude and so bossy, i couldn't even stand it last night!! ahhh! and shannon just had to go. i was laughing so hard with the napkin on her mouth. Then when megan tried to kiss him, but he wouldn't kiss her. so funny!!

ilovepink said...

I completely agree. I think he made a good decision with that last rose. Don't you think he is the kissingest bachelor ever?

Life is what you make it said...

Hubby and I agree that we like
Melissa and Molly the best!

It's sad how some of the girls
are clearly just desperate to
get married - to any cute, normal

Lauren said...

I was so glad to see Megan go. Shannon did come across as a bit obsessive. I wonder what will happen at the reunion show?

Surf Girl said...

I like Melissa the best too! Does it seem like this season has more than it's share of crazies??