More Baby Must Haves!

I have long touted their virtue before, but let me just say I now can say even more about Wubba Nubs pacifiers.

Landon had the frog one. I say had because yesterday morning a we cut off the pacifier and let him keep the frog. Goodbye paci. Tougher on me I think! So far he's doing pretty well and still gets to snuggle with his frog! BRILLIANT!

I'm gonna get the pink pony one for baby girl.

I love my Stork Sak baby bag and will be pulling them out soon! (I have a chocolate one and a pink one!!!)

It has amazing compartments and extras like a changing pad and bottle cover already included.

Sophie giraffe is the cutest and best teether I have found.
Who doesn't want their newborn to have a French giraffe!? How fancy and fabulous!

Now for the most important topic! Sleep! I told you to get a good mattress... but you also need one of these sleep positioners. This os for vanity and sleeping sake. have you seen those kids with the helmets? Yes? That is from having head and neck issues. You can prevent this (Sometimes) by switching the position you put baby in at each nap and night.


There are a couple of styles, you just need adjustability and flexibility!


MOMMY-MOMO said...

oh i wish "easys" binky has a lovey on it! what a great idea. i have no idea how i'm gonna get rid of this thing?

Clare said...

i love the binky and the blankie, so sweet! i wish i had one for bradley, he would of loved that!

MMM said...

I got a sleep positioner at my shower today, but think I might have to trade it in. I don't have the rest of these fab items and feel the urgent need to buy some of them. =)

ilovepink said...

Don't all these baby things bring back fun memories! I can't wait to do it again! I received the gift in the mail yesterday. THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!!! I love them both. You are too too kind! My pay it forward idea is posted. I hope you are feeling well!!!

PaperCourt said...

Another important "sleep" item...the book "babywise". I know it is controversial but my kids are AWESOME sleepers b/c of that book.

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

My little boy had GERD as a newborn, and that sleep positioner solved the problem!

Kiki said...

I received my Pay It Forward and I am so in love with it!!!! I'm going to post tomorrow with my idea for the pay it forward on mine!!!

Thank you so much OFM, you have been such a support to me, an encourager and all while you have your own things going on. Your reaching out to me has meant a lot to me and the bloggy love is mutual, you are a favorite read!!!