Mom X 2 is a winner! Let's see what she gets!

Momx2 is one lucky lady. She gets to choose any of these stationary sets from my company So Luxe! Which one should she get? Vote in the poll posted on my sidebar!!!

Chain Link?

Cherry Blossom?

Pink Stripe?

Green Dot?

Or Pink Houndstooth??

And she can get her monogram printed on them! Brilliant right? Looove these....I have a few different patterns I like!


suburban prep said...

Congratulations to the winner on such a fabulous win.

Mom x 2 said...

Oooh, they're all so cute! Maybe I'll put baby girl's monogram on them since I'm now 99% sure what her name will be! They would be great thank-you notes.

Thanks again!

Always Organizing said...

Such cute stuff! Congrats to MomX2 :)