Mother of the year award--in mammoth!

Here I am getting the mother of the year award up on Mammoth Mountain. No I do not ski. Yes I hate the snow and cold. Yes I am couped up in a condo with a now 19 month old! Truth is hubby loves to ski and we are on a trip with our small group. Since I knew I'd be in the condo (Grand Havens) A LOT, I researched and got us the best possible place. It's very sunny and blue skies so I am feeling pretty good.
I am headed out to lunch with Landon and to the polo outlet(mama didn't raise no fool), to see what I can buy for under $50! HA!


Anonymous said...

There is a fantastic mexican place in Mammoth if I remember correctly. Hope you're having a great time. Mammoth was the first place I ever skied, I liked Tahoe better, but Mammoth was fun. Hope Landon enjoys the snow.

Buford Betty said...

OK I could SO go skiing with you.

magnolia mama said...

I LOVE skiing! And I went to the polo outlet last week. Got the boys matching green polos for Easter.