In The Kitchen! Latest toys my almost toddler loooves!

Landon is almost 19 months and is becoming more active every day. We do gymnastics class, a mommy and me class and go to an indoor play place once a week. While we're at home we have a swing in the yard to play on, we take walks, kick a ball around...all great stuff. His latest obsession however is the Step 2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen!

I love that it's not too girly looking for him, his Dad is an amazing cook. Nothing wrong with guys being in the kitchen!

He has also discovered he's a safari cowboy and loves hopping around on this: Bounce and Spin Zebra!

He is hysterical swinging his leg over it, climbing on and bouncing up and down. He has so much fun!

He also Loves this Kiddieland Pirate Ship Godmother gave him for Christmas:

Godmother/BFF is in town by the way...we headed to Marshalls hours after she was off the plane! More on that later!!!


SnappyCasualGifts said...

if mine were younger he would love that zebra thing. You are at such a fun age with him right now.

Amy said...

Look how cute the two of you are!
The play kitchen I think is the best toy ever!! All of my girls have LOVED it, and all of the little boys that have come over to play with them have LOVED it too!
Thanks for visiting my site!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Our boys love our kitchen too! Since daddy is just as much a chef as mommy, I hope they follow in his footsteps!

Candace said...

good picks! I bought my daughter the pink pottery barn kitchen that she doesn't play with. Unless we're in the store and she plays with theirs.
My son plays with it all the time though....!
At least I don't feel too badly about buying it!