Fabulous Find-portraits of your other baby

Neglecting your other baby at home? I found this amazing artist that does the best portraits of dogs.

Her name is Leslie Lewis.

Prices: start at $350 for a 12x12 and go up from there.
She usually works in square format for these, from a photograph. They are oil or acrylic on canvas. She likes to capture elements of the dog's personality in the pose, makes for a much more powerful portrait--especially of a dog!

They are truly adorable. I think Shelby may have to do a sitting? (Who am I kidding a photo will do) Even if you don't have a dog how about getting one that doesn't need a walk?! It just hangs on the wall and looks cute! Now that's a fabulous dog!


Amy Strecker said...

Leslie is so talented! Any of her pieces would be a great addition to any home.

Belle in Bloom said...

So cute!

I love your celebrity sightings list. Adrienne Barbeau. The one woman my husband might leave me for. He can't get over her in "The Fog". lol

Liz said...

So Cute! I had a pencil sketch done for my hubby on our first anniversary (paper). It has been such a great addition to our wall of family photos.

Krista said...

Leslie is incredible! We love her and her artwork. She also is a skilled graphic designer and designed our "Save the Date" cards and wedding invitations. Her dog portraits are absolutely great. I've seen them all and they always have so much character. Truly unique!

The 5 Bickies said...

Does she do children too? Her painting is amazing.

Kara said...

The painting featured on this blog is one that Leslie did of my dog about 2 years ago. At 3’ X 3’, it still remains our best conversation piece in the house. She is skilled in all types of media and especially at capturing the personalities of her subjects (yes, children too). The quality of Leslie’s work is superb! (And your dog really deserves one)