What's For Dinner Week Continues!!!

So far you're keeping up darlings, and if you're really good...you get my mom's Pecan Pie Recipe which will BLOW YOUR MIND! You've already learned how to make the crust with the pot pie!

I am thrilled to be 12 weeks pregnant, a milestone because now I am cruising into the second trimester. Next week we will do the first trimester screening. Please keep us in your prayers for a healthy baby!

Tonight, one of my favorites and what we used to BEG my mother to make "Pink Chicken". Some people call it Chicken Paprika, but I say any excuse to use the word Pink I take it! Plus the chicken paprika recipe is a little different and more heavy.

Here we go!


1 pound chicken breasts cut up in big cubed pieces.
1/3 cup butter
small yellow onion chopped
salt and pepper
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 cup hot chicken broth

Flour chicken and saute, then add in onions, a few big dashes of paprika (enough to color chicken), and salt and pepper. After onions are clear, remove chicken and set aside. Add hot chicken broth heavy cream. Cook for a minute of two with the stove off (pan is still warm). Put chicken back in and cover and cook on low, adding a few squeezes of lemon juice. Once warmed up serve over rice and with broccoli! Fabulous!!!


Happy Daily said...

Hello! You are in my thoughts and prayers! These recipes are fantastic; this chicken looks great and so did the casserole yesterday! Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day!

Her Shabbyness: Sweet 'n Southern said...

That looks soooo yummy!! I'll be printing out all these recipes!

Sorry to hear about the glucose test--you're in my prayers :)

lizziefitz said...

What time should I arrive for dinner? Keep in mind ,I am on the east coast. Happy 2nd trimester!

Linda S said...

12 wks! is it flying by or what!
I love this chicken and since we have no real food in the house and I have to go to the store, I think this is on the menu for tonight! yummmmmy

KHE said...

OK I suck with all things cuisine, but I'll give this one a try and actually follow the directions. I made the turkey meatloaf and used the wrong temperature and over-peppered (I thought the pepper shaker had a top with holes, but it didn't). It was still tasty though. I can never come up with ideas for dinner, so this is fun.

Scarlet O'Kara said...

This sounds really yummy!

And many prayers for your upcoming appointment!

Anonymous said...

everyone keep up! i've had the pecan pie and it is to die for... :)

AMY said...

I haven't check you in a bit. Congratulations on the second trimester!

Your recipies look great! I am a BIG believer in menu planning. Plan the menu, buy the groceries for the week and you are set. It does help to save a LOT of money, not to mention eat healthier, when you are rushed with kids activities and tempted to eat out too often. I will definately try a few.

momto1 said...

Okay..you said Pecan Pie...and now I am totally all ears. Only my favorite kind of pie--ever!

Yay second trimester! I will send out all sorts of good vibes for your screening. Hope you are feeling great!

Kiki said...

Yipppeeee, second trimester is great!!!

This recipe does sound yummy and fairly easy to make, I might have to give it a turn in rotation...Ken and I are going to attempt menu planning starting next week...this might make the cut!!!

I'm keeping up for the pecan pie recipe, Ken loves that!!!

Take care of yourself, you are in my thoughts!

GrannySmithGreen said...

Sending thoughts and prayers your way.