BINGO! Marshalls, too fabulous for words

The world was a nice place yesterday. People weren't driving like maniacs, they let me into their lanes, and the valet guy at my favorite restaurant Le Pain Quotidien ( if you live in NYC, LA, or DC you must go!), said he "missed"` me because he hadn't seen me in a while. Note to self, keep tipping well.

After lunch with a friend, I was off to Marshalls to find birthday presents for nieces and nephews and friends Oh MY!

I knew it was going to be a good day. My sister in law Marie usually calls my cell when I'm in Marshalls, which I call "church". 'Where are you right now?" "Church" I say, and she knows where I am. She calls fabulous finds at Marshalls "Bingos". Well B-I-N-G-O!

Here is the dress I got for my niece Rose (SIL's daughter, she never is on the computer so I can blog about it!) isn't it precious? And matching doll dress!!!! Dying. I think I need to have a girl next time around.

She loves anything pink or princessy so she will die!

Got her brother Gabe something for his bday too.

He won't care but SIL will looooove it. Greatest prices ever.

Polo shirts for $16! Love it.

Everything in that store was Lilly P and Ralph. I saw Lilly P bedskirts, Duvets and sheets! Wish I had a place for them! Also saw a Lilly P shift dress, Kelly Green, size 2T! Adorable. Again, I need a GIRL.

Tuesday Morning is right near by so I did check it out to see if the Lilly P Entertaining books were there. No luck. I have them anyway, was just curious!

By the way, since I live in the celebrity filled La La Land...I've started a new category called: Celebrity Sightings. I swear they are everywhere so I thought it would be fun to tell you who I see day to day.

God Bless Marshalls!


Tickled Pink & Green said...

Amen, sista! Marshalls and I have a great relationship! There is a mega Marshalls near my daughter's school and I remember the day it opened up. There was a crowd of us and I was up at the front. When they opened the doors I raced to the kids section and remember putting all of the Lilly items in my basket. Ahhh, good times, good times.

P.S. You saw Lilly P bedding items at Marshalls? Now that's a new one. Must go check it out.

Sarah said...

I ADORE Marhsalls and TJ Maxx. I always shop for my neice there (who is 6 months old) and find her the CUTEST things. Most recently? A pink Adidias Track Suit so she can match her Daddy who has one in black. SO CUTE.

Princess Libby said...

I love Marshalls and Home Goods. Actually, I think I might have to make a trip to both today.

Katie & Lu McCrary said...

hi, found your blog through happy housewife. hope its ok to add you to by blog friends, i love reading your stuff, i love how you met your husband blog tag, adding it to mine now!

Maddie said...

Gotta love it!!! I've been stuck in O'Hare for 2 days and am missing my weekly Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning rounds. My opinion is you really have to head there at least every other week to catch the good bargains. I did have a celebrity sighting here, though. Oprah's Steadman (does he even have a last name???)

Feener said...

funny, i went to marshalls yesterday and found 2 beautiful easter dresses for my girls. i have a love hate relationship with the store. I am not a good bargain shopper. i HATE working through racks and racks of stuff. i can not shop that way for myself. too time consuming and i talk myself out of anything.
HOWEVER, shopping for the girls is sooo much easier. I can go through the racks so quickly.

magnolia mama said...

Cute dress. I need to pick some RL for my boys. Thanks for the tip.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Great finds! Love the celebrity sightings, is it new or am I just lame?!?

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

I love your blog! Amen on Marshalls!!! It's my favorite! I've yet to find one close to our house in Washington, but I have discovered something similar-ROSS. Have you been there? If not, you should check it out! Have a great week!

Karen said...

I love Marshalls. It is so fun to find great deals. That dress is adorable and the Polo shirts are too cute! So jealous your store had lots of Lilly P. I've only seen Lilly P jackets at ours. I also really like HomeGoods. Have a good rest of the week. :)


Liz said...

I too am a lover of Marshalls. But it is dangerous for me to go in there b/c I can't just walk out with one thing....YIKES!!!
That dress and doll dress you got for your neice is so adorable.

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

I like the Celebrity Sightings section...if you see them, you might as well let everyone know about it!

workinthatpreppy said... did well. i just bought some cute primary t's so let me know what size...3t or 4t..e-mail me the little details...or did you already? mongram...

Preppy Sue said...

I love the toile dress. I saw the Lilly bedding too at our TJ Maxx/Homegoods on Monday. Ours are definitely hit or miss here.

Kiki said...

I LOVE the celebrity sightings bar, that is so fun...and as for Marshalls, I completely get that... and I am planning on using some of the recipes, thanks for posting them..."cheese dripping off of everything" that was flipping funny!!!

Mom on the Run said...

Our Marshall's/TJ Maxx generally suck, but I'm looking for the wrong things these days. When the kids were little, I scored lots of Polo stuff and adorable expensive dresses.

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