Sanity Break- Church

I grew up going to the presbyterian church in my home town but after college I took a long hiatus. Once I moved to Los Angeles I looked for churches high and low and couldn't find one I really connected to. Since joining my new church a year ago church has a whole new meaning. Just to have that hour to sit and be quiet and think is really something I look forward to all week. Today our pastor talked about the resurrection and how everyone experiences "little deaths", a job change, a relationship falling apart, even having a baby. Anyone who's had a child knows that it is the death of a certain part of your relationship but the start of a new one. The resurrection comes when you come into the light of your new life. Just like Jesus comes out of the cave, we come out of our caves of sadness, anger and embrace what's good in our lives. I certainly went into a cave when Landon was born. he was in the hospital 52 days and it nearly killed me. Now I look at him smiling, running around in his pajamas and I know that we have a new start.
We love our church and feel so connected to everyone there. We actually miss it if we can't go! Whether you go to church, temple or just take Sunday off to meditate, this is a much needed sanity break. It helps you face Monday with a renewed sense of inspiration and peace. What more can you ask for!!!
My church is called Thads if you're curious!!


Hemstitch & Hydrangea said...

Oh my goodness- I am so glad I read this one- it spoke to my soul. This is so similar to my feelings as well. We had a great church we loved in DC and got married in. Have been looking for a church here to feel "at home" at.

As we go and and visit a few of the ones in our neighborhood- I love it and find it so soothing and like a complete mental holiday to think good thoughts and about people I love and being a loving wife and mother, sister and daughter.

I am so terribly saddened to even imagine giving birth and leaving your new baby at the hospital for almost 2 months- you truly went through a difficult time and I see it made you stronger and you came through it even better than before I am sure.

I too had a difficult time- not sure if you ever saw my post at the end of Summer on reflecting on the Summer- my story is in there.

Anyway- thanks for sharing your story and reminding others to take the time to rest, focus on whats good in life and Faith.


Buford Betty said...

So glad you've found a great church home! I can't imagine the 52 days in the hospital with Landon... wow!