Fabulous Family Outing! The patch!

Hubby and I went with Grandmommie to the Pumpkin patch last weekend. This was no small feat considering we live in a very city place. We went to a REAL pumpkin patch and picked our own sassy pumpkins. Landon enjoyed himself quite a bit. I have to say that last year we were in a make shift patch in a parking lot so this was a very big deal!
It was still "hot as hinges" outside (great grandmother is from Wales and has the best phrases), so we do look rather summery at the patch. If you haven't been to a real pumpkin patch it is very worth the trip!


Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Hi, Thanks for stopping by.

Such a cute photo! I love the name Landon. Nothing is better than a real pumpkin patch. Enjoy the season.

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

The pumpkin patch is such a fun outing. We took our son when he was 6 months, a year and half, and will be taking him in the next couple of days now that he is two and half. It is amazing to see how different the experience is each year...I am glad you had fun with it...it only gets better!

Fabmomsmom said...

Loved your comments re your preschool search! And lets HOPE the girls ARE good enough for him!