Fabulous Holidays- Halloween Loot

God Mother (Landon's not mine), and I hit both Z Gallerie and TJ Maxx within hours of her landing, and scored some great loot! The theme of the Halloween Dinner was going to be "Draculas Feast", until we saw these Skull Plates at Z Gallerie and she went INSANE!!!! She bought these as her every day plates and is letting me borrow for the party!

She got the dinner and salad plates and then these chargers in Black Crock (also from Z Gallerie)

We also got a Giant Black Glitter moon which I will photograph when we do the decor!
Then we hit TJ's and bought strings of fake pumpkins and gourds to spray paint either silver or black.
We're now going for a sort of "Glamourween" theme. She is picking up silver fabric today to do a tablecloth.
The only bummer was in the middle of TJ's I had a stomach ATTACK and rushed home. Got my sons stomach flu and have been on the toilet or over it ever since! Feeling a little better so I hope to be on track tomorrow for more planning. We still need to do the menu, but my stomach couldn't take it just yet!!!!


magnolia mama said...

Sorry about your stomach bug. I had it last week.

suburban prep said...

Hope you are feeling better.

Tickled Pink Designs said...

Yech about the stomach thing, but OMG, those plates are too cool! Hope your Halloween party is a blast!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Glad you had some luck at TJs! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Z Gallerie! It's so much fun to shop in there. And I LOVE the croc chargers!