Fabulous Holidays- Christmas gifts

It is 66 days, 10 hours and 6 Minutes until Christmas...but who's counting! YIKES! I decided to get going on the gift giving ideas. I mean let's be real, the women buy the gifts otherwise it becomes a complete disaster!
Here are FIVE Christmas gift picks that are under $50 (we'll get into the pricey stuff later, but you can still give fabulous things for under $50!)

For the Jet Setter-
Leather Passport Cover: $20, Baekgaard collection, Vera Bradley

For the Entertainer
Pheasant Salt and Pepper shakers $38 from Horchow

For the College Student
Clocky run away alarm clock! $49 at The Sharper Image

For the Cool Kid
Skate Board video game $50 at Red Envelope

For Your Baby Girl

Monogrammed Diaper Cover $15 at Orient Expressed

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Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

How sweet is that diaper cover. So cute!