Fabulous Find- Landon's favorite toys

Here is Landons list of favorites. This is his Friday Five! Five things and also these are things that occupied him for more than five minutes which we all know is a
big deal!!!

1. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn- Learning Home Doorway
This is so full of things to do it occupies him for twenty minutes!!!! Long enough for an iced tea! With mint!

2. Step Two Push Around Buggy (also comes in PINK!)
This was another way to take a walk and one he felt like he was in charge of! Brilliant!

3. Melissa and Doug Latches Board
This is still a favorite after months and months!

4. Neurosmith Jumbo Music Cube
It has pockets and zippers and puzzles OH MY!

5. Leap Frog Leap Start Learning Table
This is endless fun and has a little keyboard to play for your little rock star. Also can be switched to Spanish language for Bi Lingual Genius Babies like Landon! Ha!

I'm Tagging Preppy Napkin, Happy Home Maker, Magnolia Mama, and Hemstitch and Hydrangea for their Friday Five List of Toys that last more than five minutes...that way we can see what older kids like too!


Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

Funny! We have 3 of those 5 and when my daughter was that age they were her favorites too!

Hemstitch & Hydrangea said...

thanks for the tag! I will love doing this-
Have a great weekend!

( Not sure if you read my post today- but all is looking better already- hired a sitter today and cleaned in peace!!!- ordered a pizza- and waiting for it and MOM!!!!

We are getting our pumpkins tomorrow!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Oh- Our kids always loved any push and ride toys! All the rest look so fun! They keep coming up with so many new ones almost makes ua want another...well maybe not!

kari & kijsa

magnolia mama said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll work on this tonight.

Happy Homemaker said...

Thanks! I will get working on this!

Lyn said...

Thanks for writing this.