The Forgotten Child

This morning my first real baby Shelby snuggled up to me in bed as if to say: remember me? Remember our fun walks and trips to the dog park? Remember how you'd worry about me when you left the house and ran home to get me? Remember that? Ahhh yes. I remember. And then I had a real baby and remembered you were a dog. Still the best and cutest dog ever and you still get walks AND you get to sleep on our bed! To which she let out a big sigh and looked at me again as if to say: okay, I still love you. I still love you too Shelby. I promise.


Tickled Pink & Green said...

Awww, that is so cute!

BTW, you live in California, don't you? When we were there I hit up a bunch of TJs & Marshalls in Costa Mesa, Laguna Hills, and some other little towns in that area. I found a bunch of stuff!

Hemstitch & Hydrangea said...

I have the same story with Brennan- know EXACTLY- how you feel.