Fabulous Car- The Pacifica

I must give some love to my car that I drive everyday. I refuse to succumb to the mini van, I cannot give in! This is a happy and not so huge compromise. The Pacifica has a remote controlled trunk, so that when Landon is wiggling and I'm carrying groceries or bags of Janie and Jack clothes I can pop open the trunk from afar. Genius. The built in DVD player came in handy driving to Tahoe, Baby Einstein on constant loop makes the trip a whoooole lot better! And finally, my sunglasses holder. Ode to the sunglasses holder. How can something so simple make me feel so fabulous!?


Anonymous said...

I'm with you, I could never do a mini van. I'm a total SUV girl.

Emily said...

I drive a Pacifica as well and I just love it!