Taking Off

Okay we're all settled into our seats. First class is so fabulous. I am enjoying a glass of wine before we take off. Cheers! We arrive at JFK at 6am. Who can sleep!!! I am so excited! We leave at 3:55pm east coast time for ATHENS!

Sitting next to me is Quintessential Procrastinator. On the aisle across, Just Us Chicken, and behind me are Mrs. Preppy and View From The Beach. Pass the US weekly magazine, cannot believe Ange named her kids Knox and Vivienne. I am so happy to be on vacation! Chic Chauffeur you just made it!!!!


magnolia mama said...

I'll meet you at JFK. I'm flyin' in from Seattle.

Far From Perfect said...

Love this... this will be my second time to Greece. Went in 1980,was a nanny for a military family. This trip will be more my style.