Fabulous Advice- Travel and Family Vacation tips

Maybe you are hopping a flight for the 4th. We are staying here, but here are more tips just in case. I learned a whole bunch this last trip!

Flying is no picnic, and Landon did six flights! He is super mellow but I did have tricks up my sleeve!
1. Doodle Pro

2. Elmo Computer

3. Dvds-

4. Snacks galore-in fun packaging

5. New books that are fun and full of surprises. Like this slide and find truck book.

The Kid cares seatbelt
was FABULOUS! Worked so well, I highly recommend this! Don't lug a car seat if your kid is old enough for this!!!

St.John was a blast but really a family vacation. I had to wrap my mind around the fact that this was not going to be about me, but us being together. That helped put it all into perspective. Here are my other family Vacation musts.

If you have kids I think a condo or villa is a must. You need a washer/dryer and kitchen set up for kids. It makes life wonderful and you can even cook in one night or two.
We cooked in and I made my famous Penne with Italian sausage and peas. Landons eight year old Uncle helped. Eight year olds need a job I tell ya. They want to do everything! He loved learning from hubby and I.

Let the rules go out the window a little. Landon watched DVD's a ton while we were at the villa. He doesn't watch nearly as much at home. I worried less about his diet too. Aren't conch fritters a veggie?

Have a great trip!!!


Lauren said...

The penne with italian sausage and peas sounds delicious. Enjoy your weekend!

southernpreppy said...

my little boy has that book and he loves it.

Belle in Bloom said...

I have something for you on my blog. :)

Elizabeth said...

would love the recipe for penne with sausage and peas, sounds yummy. I do a dish with penne and prosciutto and peas. So delish!

MommyK said...

I second the advice to stay someplace with a kitchen and washing machine. We rent a house at the beach at the end of every summer and being able to cook our own meals is really nice. Also, I like fresh towels every couple of days and the kids always get everything soaked at the beach or in the bath. It's nice to be able to wash stuff! Last year, I did all our laundry the day before we came home, so that eliminated the chore once we got home!

Mrs. K said...

this trip J and I took 4 getting ready for 3rd grade books- i actually had some fun doing some of those myself. :)

Albert said...

Thanks for your lovely tips for travel & family vacation trips.

Y said...

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