Independent Woman Week- I'm a Jennifer

The fourth of July got me thinking about women's independence. What do I think of when I think of an independent woman? I think of someone who is organized, has a great career, and takes care of themselves. That is one tall order.

There's no doubt I have a type A personality. Organization to me is like losing twenty pounds after eating pound cake every day for two weeks. It is a thrill to say the least. I have been in this use it or lose it"mood lately. Throwing out things, de-cluttering the house. The truth is if you aren't using something and enjoying it, it chokes you. You feel dead when your house is piled up with stuff. It nags at you like a hundred page paper that is overdue. But does organizing make me independent?

My friend and pastor Jimmy told a whole story about when he went to China to pick up his little girl
. He had forgotten so many things but this girl "Jennifer", had everything from paper clips to band-aids all in marked ziploc bags. Sigh.

They were relieved to have a "Jennifer" with them. She saved the day! She was a champ!

Sometimes though, those "Jennifers" are exhausted and wish you'd pack your own damn stuff.

Many is the time I have packed Landon up with a bag full of preparation. I mean wipes, toys, snacks, games, diapers and the like. Sometimes it's exhausting and I long for the old days when I could just head out the door with a bag with nothing in it! Or just my keys! GASP! Or not call and remind my sister it's someones birthday even though I have her a calendar with the birthdays on it. Or maybe be really late getting somewhere with no guilt at all. Not my life I guess...

I'm starting to wonder though if all this organization weighs me down or frees me up? Does it make me more independent? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.

Yes, when I finish writing a script, plan a great party, remember all Landon's school stuff, and always have clean clothes and underwear.

No, when things like photo albums and messy closets make me lose sleep, cleaning and laundry take up my writing time, or when I organize and plan a party and am too worried about how it's going, to have any fun.

No, when I find myself organizing vs playing with Landon and enjoying him. BIG NO.

I like being a Jennifer. I'm proud of it in fact. I know when I am in charge things get done and done well. Isn't it the Jennifers who rule the world? I guess the real challenge is to still take time for yourself and not get too overwhelmed.

I know people that take advantage of us Jennifers every day. Stop it! Right NOW! Appreciate us for how wonderful we are or when you spill something on your shirt we won't offer you the baby wipe that's in our bag.

The Mrs.


Always Organizing said...

I'm also a Jennifer! You never would have guessed that, right? ;) I think it is sometimes hard to find the right balance.

Beth G. said...

I love that post! I'm a "Jennifer" too and it's probably one of the bast things about least that's what I tell myself:) Beautiful photo by the way!!

Mom x 2 said...

I guess technically I'm not considered independent because I don't have a career. I consider myself independent. Yes, if my husband left me, or god forbid, died, I would have a tough time. But I have no doubt most women possess enough independence and strength to pick themselves up and figure things out, no matter what life throws at them.

No one will ever accuse me of having it all. Or having it all together. I'm messy sometimes. I'm not fabulous all the time. But I'm trying to be the best person I can be and that'll have to do for now. :-)

Tickled Pink & Green said...

I'm not a Jennifer. I wish I was. I wish I could multi task too, but I can't. I can't even really drive and talk to someone in the car at the same time or I'll miss my exit, turn the wrong way, etc.

You ought to see my house right now. It's disgusting.

What I've realized is that I can't beat myself up for not being a Jennifer. We are what we are. My mother however keeps trying to get me to be a Jennifer and I keep telling her it ain't gonna happen. By this age in my life I need to accept my faults. I wish she could too!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Great post!

It's all about balance I think and I couldn't agree with you more that "stuff" chokes us and I think many of us have simplified our lives in the last few years. I know I have and I don't even have that much going on (as far as kids, etc.) But I get a sense of security knowing things are where they are supposed to be and organized.

BTW- Thanks for the incredibly sweet comment the other day. You are too kind!:)

Caffeine Court said...

I am so not a Jennifer and its a huge issue for my huasband even though he knew I wasn't organized when he married me

I think hed thought I'd change

I have made huge strides but I'll probably never live up to his stadards. Its kind of a bummer

Good point about excess stuff. I agree it DOES choke you!

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

This is such a great post and has given me much food for thought. You being a Jennifer is a great thing....look at all of us that you inspire to achieve above and beyond! Thanks for being "One Fabulous Mom"!

Pink Flamingo said...

Kudos to the Mrs. for another great post!! I have to confess…I am definitely a Jennifer. But now with two kids, I often take a step back and not dwelling so much of the fine details, instead focus more on the big picture. Letting things go is often hard to do, but having a good balance is key.

Anonymous said...

I love all my Jen friends...they help offset my own craziness 'cause I feel I'm not alone :)

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Great topic and you are fortunate to be a Jennifer! I have a little Jennifer in me, but I also try to have balance and sometimes things just don't get done. Lately I've also been in "use it or lose it" mode. That's always a good thing. I feel so much better when I get rid of "stuff" I don't use!

Lauren said...

I verge on a type A personality, but I have had to step it back in recent years. I still like things to be neat and organized, but I have had to realize that everything is not always going to be perfect.

I like your comment about getting rid of extra stuff. Having things around the house that I have no use for drives me crazy. If I don't use it, I don't like to have it around.

Thanks for a wonderful post! I hope you enjoy your week!

Belle in Bloom said...

Wonderful post!
I'm an inconsistant "Jennifer". Can that be? I go through times where everything is organized and I'm on top of things to , everything is a mess and I could really care less. Hmmm. Food for thought. I do, however, admire the true Jennifers, and hope that I never take advantage. They have it way more together than me! :)

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

I am a Jennifer, both in name and behavior...I love my ziplocs and label maker!

The 5 Bickies said...

I am a Jennifer but not your kind of "Jennifer". I stay on top of most things but find myself overcome at times by the mess and disorganization in my house. You wouldn't think it was too bad unless you lived here. I inherited the "incomplete project" gene from my Mom and it drives me crazy.

Every day I wish for a couple of quiet hours to get something done. It's just not happening here.

Thanks for such a thoughtful post.

Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

I just hire my organizing to be done by others and have a maid to handle the laundry, cleaning, etc. It seems like a luxury to others, but I would rather give up my manicures/pedicures, extra purse, etc. for an organized home that I do not need to stress out about. When children are older, the mess becomes even worse. My mother said,once you starting being the maid for your family, you will always be the maid...or the Jennifer! I think this was a good tip.