Oh Baby, Baby- Fabulous Baby Gifts

I have a few friends that have had their second babies recently (I will be on this shortly but for now it's Mojito Madness), and of course I am giving baby gifts. I wanted to list a few of my favorite baby gifts as of late!

Above are piggy banks from Elegant Baby. Too cute and a sweet little gift.

When Landon was born Godmother gave him the cutest robe from Red Envelop with his name on it(they don't have it anymore). I've posted a picture of him in it before.

The first time we dressed him in his robe and pajamas (this one was a fleece robe), we nearly passed out with the cuteness. Now I am convinced that everyone needs to have a baby robe!

Now this does not replace the hooded towel, which is is a MUST. This is just for kicks and can be used after drying baby for lounging in the diaper or PJs'.

Here is the latest robe I found and I am dying over.
It's by Kidsline. I got it at a boutique near my house. It is the softest thing ever!!!!! And too cute!

I got the orange one for my friend Vanessa, and I just got the green one for my friend Mo.

I also love all the Trumpette socks for boys and girls. The perfect gifts because infants are in socks all the time and really make them look so adorable. Baby Super Mall is a great resource for all things baby and they have a huge selection of shoes and socks.

Here are the ones Landon had:

For your little doll:

And for the golf obsessed!!!

Of course I still think the greatest gifts ever are Wubba Nubs pacifiers. They have a variety now but the frog pacifier is still my favorite.

The duck is cute too!

You can now get them at Amazon. They used to be hard to find! These are even greater because you can wedge them in and they don't pop out of babies mouth when they sleep! Genius! At $9 you can put it on your gifts as a cute topper! Done!


Anonymous said...

Not sure whether you have seen these, but Baby Bunches are a great unique baby shower gift. Beautiful layette items, rolled into flowers and presented as a bouquet. It was the highlight of my shower!! You can buy them at www.babybunch.com - great idea too.

Lauren said...

The baby gifts are adorable! I love all the cute little socks!

Liz (The Preppy Lizard) said...

Such cute gift ideas. Thanks!!!

Amy said...

Ooh, cute stuff! I actually have a few showers coming up and these are some great ideas!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

I love the robes! I want one in my size. Every time I see those ballet socks for girls I go crazy. So cute. I had never seen the golf socks. Love 'em.

SnappyCasualGifts said...

Firm believer in hodded towels. The golf socks are cute. Never seen those.