Kate Middleton- One Fabulous Bride!

I woke up to see the most gorgeous bride ever. That dress, her expression....wasn't she lovely? Miss Coco and I watched an marveled!

What did you think? Did you set your alarm? Wake up and watch? Here's a little tidbit of info on Kate's Veil:

The veil is made of ivory silk tulle with more hand-embroidered flowers by the Royal School of Needlework. It's held in place by a Cartier "halo" tiara, which the Queen lent to Kate for the day. It was made in 1936 and passed through the royal family; Queen Elizabeth II (then Princess Elizabeth) got it for her 18th birthday from her mother, Queen Elizabeth I.

Love all the gorgeous details! Isn't it wonderful to know people still care about these things?

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!!!

Easter Recap! A Tale Of Two Dresses and Four Easter Egg Hunts!

This year we were invited to join friends at Descanso Gardens Easter Brunch. They have them Saturday and Sunday, so we went Saturday so that we could attend church on Sunday. I had never been before but it was amazing!
The gardens were gorgeous and the brunch was fabulous. The kids were excited to be with their friends. Landon loves his buddies.
Coco was thrilled to be with her bestie Sarah. She talked her ear off about Mickey Mouse.

The Easter Egg hunt was a blast. The kids were so excited (this was hunt #1). The next morning the Easter Bunny came and he did not disappoint! God mother had made a basket for Landon last year and so, for Coco not to be outdone...yes I made her a basket. I have the burnt glue gun fingers to prove it.

Here's Landon's.

Landon loved his Scooby Doo Leapfrog game and Coco loved her pink recorder. Slam dunk Easter Bunny! After another Easter Egg hunt in the back yard (#2) we went to church. Now those of you who know me know Easter is my Christmas. I adore it. Church was amazing. I loved every second. And yes there was another Easter Egg Hunt (#3!!)

Onto brunch at God mother's Moms house, we call her God Grandmother! Gorgeous house and fabulous brunch. And you guessed it another Easter Egg hunt! What a wonderful Easter.

Ready Or Not...Easter is HERE!

Are you ready? Have you got all your supplies? Eggs dyed? Outfits together? Schedule set? Me neither. Well some of it is done, but I will be running around like a mad woman trying to get everything together!

We are doing two Easter Brunches (Sat & Sun) this year so you know what that means....two sets of outfits! For Coco that is no problem since Grandmommie "Mimi" gave her a zillion Lilly Pulitzer dresses for her birthday. For me I went to the closet. It will be a tale of two pink dresses. One dress I loved but it didn't fit right. If you want a new dress, take an old one to a TAILOR. Oh my word the dress looks amazing now! Cannot wait to wear it.

The Mr can hardly wait to break out his Searsucker suit. I'll be wearing a hat. That's how we roll in the Fabulous House! I will post pictures of course.

I hope everyone has the most wonderful Easter. Remember Easter is about new beginnings. Time to let things go and start anew. Let's rejoice!

And the winner of the Give Away with Early Lingo is....


You are the proud winner of not one but TWO Early Lingo DVD's!!! Please let me know if you want two Spanish, Two French (there are different ones in the series), or English! Or maybe be one Spanish one French!

Email me at: OneFabulousMom@gmail.com!! Let me know your address and what you would like!

Birthday Recap! Hotel Laguna!

One of my favorite things to do is head down to the Hotel Laguna and have lunch and be at the beach. The Hotel Laguna has one of those glass walls that let's you dine as if you're on the ocean. It's what California living is all about!

Coco, in her Lilly Pulitzer shift, felt compelled to take a call on her Elmo phone. The Mr. took the Buzz Lightyear one and they had a little chat! 

Meanwhile Landon and I hammed it up and watched the boogie boarders! After lunching on muscles, french fries and Pinot Grigio we headed down to the beach!

Coco looked so precious in her Lilly bathing suit! Bow too of course!

Landon had a ball! So nice to have those magic moments when life feels so perfect! Perfect birthday day!

Don't you want to know what that sweet little Coco is thinking as she looks out at the ocean? She's a beach girl like her Mama!

Birthday Recap! Lunch at Villa Blanca!

What do you get when you have friends, champagne and fabulous food? A regular Friday afternoon? I wish. A birthday lunch!

We dined at Villa Blanca, Lisa Vanderpump's (RHOBH) fabulous restaurant in Beverly Hills and my total obsession. We had Penne and Rock Shrimp, Margerita Flatbread Pizza, Ahi Tuna Tartare, Burrata and Heirloom tomato, and of course champagne. We were already ordering glasses when to our surprise two bottles of Veuve Cliquot showed up to the table!

Katie was a tad bit excited.
The waitress told us it was a gift from an anonymous admirer! You know I loooved that! We had a fabulous lunch and then it was time for...


When we went to pay our bill we were told it as taken care of. Of course the culprit was the MR!! Thank you MR! Best birthday lunch ever!! 

Cheers to the Mr!!!
Tomorrow more of my birthday long weekend!

Friday Give Away! Early Lingo!

Is it ever too soon to introduce kids to other languages? No! We are big fans of the Early Lingo series in this house and now you can be too! Caryn Antonini, the owner and creator is giving 2 DVD's away! You get to choose! Spanish, French or English!

A little about Early Lingo:

  • Early Lingo is a playful approach to learning.
  • The interactive program allows young children to become familiar with a foreign language through immersive and repetitive learning techniques.
  • The use of playful animation and live-action video create a stimulating visual context.
  • The Early Lingo Series is the first of its kind, offering a solid foundation in learning foreign languages. With frequent exposure any child will be able to speak with no accent and familiarity.
  • Early Lingo uses the Total Immersion Method, a method that immerses the child immediately into the target language with no use of translation.
  • Early Lingo uses native speakers who articulate, speak slowly and use comprehensible words and phrases that are easy for the child to understand.
  • Children can learn a foreign language in their own home at any given time, an easy and convenient learning experience for all.


Learning a foreign language will not confuse your child. Quite the opposite – studies show bilingual and multilingual children score higher on SATs.
“Learning a foreign language allows the brain the flexibility to express ideas in different ways – it opens the mind to think outside the box.”
- Prof. Alissa M. Webel, Georgetown University

There is no limit to the number of languages a child can learn. The brain separates neural pathways for each language. Young children’s brains are capable of imitating any sound and can therefore learn additional languages without an accent.

Are you ready to win your TWO Early Lingo DVD's?

For one entry tell us what languages you want!
For two entries Fan Early Lingo on Facebook!
For three entries Follow Early Lingo on Twitter!

Winner announced next Thursday! Good luck!


It's My Birthday! One Fabulous Mom's Gonna Party!

"The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age."  - Lucille Ball

I am headed to my favorite lunch spot today and then home for dinner and cake!
Tomorrow night we go to a restaurant I have always heard about and always wanted to try!
I'll be sure and tell you all about it!

I'm going to celebrate my birthday by starting my give away Friday's again! Stay tuned tomorrow to see what it will be!


It's spa week! Where you get to try different treatments for $50 that are usually $250! I am all excited about my new favorite spa Verabella in Beverly Hills. Not only is Vera the owner, a genius skin expert, but she has amazing products as well. Here's a few I like:

1. Grapefruit Ex-foam-iating cleanser: Leaves my skin soft and fabulous!

"This triple action deep pore cleanser does it all: cleans, exfoliates and polishes skin to dewy perfection. The invigorating Grapefruit foaming action and the natural Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acids gently exfoliate dead skin cells, unclog oily pores, and prevent blackheads from forming. The perfectly round Jojoba beads polish the skin without abrading the delicate tissue. Ideal for all skin types, but addicting for oily skin. This exfoliating cleanser is a highly concentrated, yet gentle enough to be used daily with Verabella’s Thirsty Sponge, followed by toner and moisturizer."

 2) Kiss Zit Goodbye- Oh the joys of break outs over 40!!!

"Verabella’s powerful zit-zapping potion fights blemishes, kills bacteria and reduces redness by combining a synergy of the four most potent acne fighters available without a prescription. Great for treating blemished skin, day or night, even over make-up."

3) Bella Rosa Calming Skin Cream- Makes you feel like you're at the spa!

"This light sweet smelling Crème instantaneously soothes & protects your complexion! The Damask Rose Oil used in Verabella's Bella Rosa Calming Skin Cream come from roses that have been organically grown and hand picked in Bulgaria. Although it requires more than 60,000 organically grown roses to produce just a single ounce of the Damask Rose Oil. Verabella's Bella Rosa Calming Skin Cream contains the highest amounts of Damask Rose Oil available on the market.Combined with the firming power of Jojoba Oil, this Calming Skin Crème will calms irritated skin, reduce redness and restore elasticity to create a youthful, radiant complexion."

You can find Verabella on Facebook or Twitter!

If you are close by or coming to town you have to go into the spa and get either the 40 Carrot Facial or Instalift Facial with Vera! Life changing! Happy Spa Week!

American Idol - They Got It Wrong!

I have been loving American Idol but still cannot believe they booted off my girl Pia. She was amazing. Really, of all of them, the greatest singer.

At least we still have her...

Roll. Eyes. Here.


A few weeks ago my friend Beth Dunn, Author Of Social Climbers and head of the Preppy Mafia, did a post about inspiration. She asked what inspired us. Here was my answer:

"The documentary on Isaac Mizrahi UNZIPPED. How he puts on shows, feels so insecure but is genius. Watching GI Jane the movie. Watching Demi Moore kick butt amongst the men. Seeing concerts or great movies. Watching talented people at work. The show Iconoclasts inspires me too. Amazing to see what people can achieve."

But truly let me add on. What inspires me is brilliance. Brilliant ideas, concepts, and then execution. God given talent. God. Landon's use of his arm. My preacher. Michael Jackson. The Alvin Ailey dancers. Broadway shows. Auntie Mame. Gospel music. People with special needs kids. Beautiful houses. Vacations. My Dad. Mothers who try their hardest. Maya Angelou. Carol Burnett....and Coco.

What about you? What inspires you? If you want to post about it on your blog let me know you did!!

What Happens In Vegas...You Won't Believe!

It started out innocent enough. A whole group of sorority sisters meeting in Vegas for Rye's 40th birthday. Her sweet boyfriend R would be there to host as well. The other husbands (most of them), tagged along in hopes of gambling and drinking for 48 hours straight.

The Mr and I drove down and made it to dinner Friday night. We ate a fabulous Thai meal and at the end we all got a fortune cookie that read:

"Thanks for coming to our rehearsal dinner. Rye & R"

What? Rehearsal dinner? OMG. This is the wedding weekend? We all jumped out of our seats, screaming, crying, hugging, until she said: APRIL FOOLS.

WHAT!? I was not happy. I didn't think it was funny! A few other people were miffed too. WE WANTED A WEDDING! I was so mad I turned my back to her like a five year old!

The next night at dinner Rye's boyfriend apologized. He said they didn't mean anything by it, just a joke, no malicious intent. You could tell they both felt bad. Then he said but on that note....

R reached to Rye's Mom, got handed a little box, and before you can say roulette was on one knee proposing. You see ladies, all the while Rye was planning this joke, he was planning his proposal. How's that for getting the jokester! We all cried and hugged and hoped it wasn't another April fools prank. After seeing the gorgeous ring I knew it couldn't be.

See what can happen in Vegas? Congrats to Rye & R!