"When The Bough Breaks"- Post Partum Depression Awareness- help get this film made!

This is such an important issue I wanted to share. This is my friend Tanya's story.

“When The Bough Breaks” Tanya Newbould’s Story


When a woman has a child, she is expected to love, cherish, and have joy around that baby.  What a blessing, life is good, right?  What if that’s not the case?  What happens when a woman of a child bearing age has a baby, and doesn’t connect with it?  Or perhaps, wants to harm it, or herself, and has such a depression, and feels so alone, that she feels no one could possibly understand?  Post Partum Depression affects one in seven woman worldwide.  It is devastating to the mom, the family, and it some Post Partum Psychosis cases, to the child.  “When The Bough Breaks”is a documentary that explores all aspects of PPD, and the severities.  This documentary is being created to take an in depth look at the medical, emotional,  and physiological aspects of PPD. 

Tanya Newbould is an actress who suffered PPD after the birth of her daughter.  It was a shock to her as she wanted a child desperately, and was very excited about having a baby.  She had a healthy pregnancy, and child birth.  Within one week, everything shifted, and she began to experience severe depression,  and a disconnect from her child.  She couldn’t leave the house and take the baby for a stroll.  It was too overwhelming.  She felt scared, abandoned, and alone.  Her marriage began to crumble and she sought help.  There was no label placed upon it, only anti-depressants offered by both her OB/GYN, and a Psychologist.  Tanya the read Brooke Shield’s book “Down Came The Rain”, and immediately connected with Brooke’s PPD.  She overcame PPD, but it took five and half months.

Tanya then met Jamielyn Lippman, a film director who was shooting a documentary about actors, and both being mom’s, began to share their experiences.  Jamielyn had not suffered PPD, but both felt it is such a compelling subject that needs to be brought to light.  Jamielyn posted in a few mommy blogs, and the received hundreds of emails from women that were either suffering, or had suffered from PPD.  They began working together, gathering information, and filming these amazing women and their stories.

Today they are a team of three women including Lindsay Gerszt who also had suffered PPD, and is in the footage we shot, and their goal is to raise money to complete this very important project, and by doing so, helping women around the world to realize they are not alone, and there is help.

Please take the time to click the link below, and support “When The Bough Breaks”, so that it can be completed, and help change the lives of the women who suffer from PPD.  We need and appreciate your help.  The more money we raise, the better documentary we make, the more people we can help.