A Prescription For Me Time?

As some of you know, with The Mr out of work last year, I started a business. The good news is, I am busier than ever, the bad news is, I am busier than ever. You get it right? With the kids out of school, I am now juggling activities, play dates, camp, swim lessons, crafts, field trips and oh, working.

The thing is that Coco, now two, doesn't want to be left at home anymore. She wants to do everything big brother is doing! Now I have got two active ones to manage. Which brings me to last Friday night. I wasn't feeling well, but managed to go to bed and hope for the best. When I woke up Saturday morning I could barely get out of bed. My throat had closed up and I felt like I swallowed razor blades. I had a fever running too.

Knowing hubby (yes he's working again!), was working all weekend, I had called a babysitter for Saturday for a few hours (thank God). She had to stay the whole day. The next day I was no better. I somehow got myself into the car and drove to not one, but two urgent care docs. NOT OPEN. At this point I sat in the car and cried. Then I remembered our local, kind of shabby, hospital near by. I prayed I would get the treatment I needed.

I walked in and was whisked into a room within 5 minutes of arriving. There was no one in the hospital! Soon the doctor came in. He confirmed what I knew to be true. Step throat.

He was the sweetest older man, handsome with blue eyes. He told me he was giving me an anti biotic, a pain killer, an anti inflammatory pill, but then he said....

"But what about you Mom, you seem stressed. What do you have going on?"

I rattled off my business, kids, and all of the above I mentioned before.

"Where is your Me Time Mom?"

I was stunned. Then I started to cry. It's true that since I started a business, forget that, since I HAD KIDS. There's really no more "Me Time."

He told me he would give me the prescriptions, but I wouldn't be all the way better if I didn't take care of myself. See that folks? A prescription for "me time". Great. Now that I have my prescription...what the hell do I do? What do you do? Do you have any "Me Time"?

Best Father's Day Ever!

Father's Day was FABULOUS thanks to the gorgeous Langham Hotel in Pasadena!

"The Viennese Ballroom and Terrace will be turned into a luxe lounge for fathers and their families to enjoy an exquisite brunch including mimosa and champagne pouring, a mojito station, entertainment by a steel drum band and championship golf on multiple flat screen televisions.

The extensive buffet will feature an assortment of appetizers, smoked and fresh seafood, sushi, domestic and imported cheeses, fresh fruits and cold salads. Carving and action stations will feature prime rib, breakfast meats and made-to-order items such as omelets. Grilled items include skirt steak, orange cilantro chicken, kielbasa and shrimp. The delectable dessert station will include German chocolate cake, chocolate flourless cake, butterscotch flan, chocolate hazelnut panna cotta, baba rum, mixed berry trifle, lemon meringue tart, bourbon nut tart, and a chocolate fountain with a variety of goodies."

Um...they had me a Mojito Bar!!! We went with our dear friends and their kids and we had a ball. It was like a mini vacation. Just ask the Dads!!

Happy Father's Day to Mr. One Fab Mom!

Bye Bye Pappy- Hello Big Girl!- Day Three and Beyond!

Well, I never gave in. We have no more Paci around this house. To be honest I am sad. Coco is my last baby and I thought the Paci was so cute! She still screams for a bit at night but not too bad. This is a big change because she usually happily goes to sleep (I know, it was a miracle).

I will say though she has really showed us. The minute we took the Paci she stopped napping. I mean she will NOT do it. We were always annoyed we had to be back at 12 for her nap, but we did like the break. Now she is determined to do everything Landon does and has endless energy!

I am amazed by how she now keeps up with her brother. She wont let him do anything without her and most of the time she out runs him!! I am painfully aware of how fleeting these days are with my young kids and then alternately feel I am going insane with all the activity and noise! Still, there are those perfect moments, where they look you in the eyes and you feel their deep love sinking in your bones. That makes it all worth it.

Ah Motherhood...

End Of The Year Playdate!

Landon's last day of school was last week so I hosted a little end of the year play date for a few friends and kids. We had a fun time chatting while the kids raced around like maniacs!

The kids meal was: Chicken Nuggets, Mac and Cheese, and watermelon. Of course they still wanted popsicles too!

For the Mom's I served: Pesto Pasta, Arugula Salad with shaved parmesan, and a plate of olives, stewed artichokes, prosciutto, and mortadello. I also had garlic naan with tzatziki (cucumber, dill, yogurt spread), and olive tapenade.

We lingered over our mean and pinot grigio and marveled about how big the kids were getting. Guess who thought she was one of the big kids! A fun lunch!

Bye Bye Pappy- Hello Big Girl!- Day Two No Pacifier

No, I did not cave. I had to GET OUT OF THE ROOM, in order to not run in and give her it! Husband ushered me out. So day two Coco had an even better idea. After asking for "Pappy" all day, she decided to boycott her nap. No nap for her! 

No Paci? No NAPPY!

OOOOHHH boy. She was peppy and fine though. High on no Pappy!

Then as night approached I was dreading bed time. We gave her all her stuffed animals and tried to be positive. She was hysterical. I then got the Wubbanub Paci, cut off the Paci part and handed her the bear attached. I showed her Paci was officially gone. She was so sad!

I swear I feel like the meanest Mommy but we are moving in the right direction. I feel stronger. She fell asleep faster, but I still had to hide in the other room!

Bye Bye Pappy- Hello Big Girl!- Getting Rid Of The Pacifier

Ohhhhh baby Coco. She loves her Paci, she calls it her "Pappy". Now, at almost two and a few months, she was starting to increase her use of it. Getting more attached. This was of course as I was going to start taking it away.

So yesterday, while I was at a business meeting, the nanny couldn't find "Pappy" and put her down for a nap without it! She cried for a little but then that was it!

To be honest I was a little pissed. I wasn't ready to take it away yet, but was a little glad I wasn't around for the aftermath. I knew tonight was going to be TOUGH. 

I was dreading putting Coco down but tried to be positive. She cried and cried. I went in but it made it worse. Finally she was quiet. That is until the dog went on a barking rampage and woke her up!!!!! DANG IT!

So what do you think happened? Stay tuned. I'll let you know if I caved and gave the Pappy or not!

What about you? Have you survived taking away the PACI?

Our 8th Anniversary as Mr. and Mrs. One Fabulous Mom

Eight years ago I married the man of my dreams. The one who accepts and likes me just as I am, faults and all. I wanted to re post the amazing story of how we met. Let me remind you I was about the last of my friends to get married and had pretty much given up finding a husband!!!!

"I was driving to a two year olds bday, a kid named JAKE, in the Hollywood Hills. I hardly knew the parents of this child, I was just tagging along really. I told my girlfriends in the car that I didn't think I would ever get married. This was not because I was bitter, I just felt like I had dated my share of guys and it hadn't worked out. I had even called it off with one guy who was perfect and about to propose but it didn't feel right. I told them I would have children and men in my life but never marry. I was even okay with it. Famous last words...

At this very HOLLYWOOD, kids birthday party there was pony rides, face painting, champagne and a DJ. Oh yes I live in Los Angeles. So I was milling around meeting people when I saw a guy dressed in a Lacoste shirt and khakis. This was in 2001 when the preppy thing was only still happening in truly prep places and of course living in my heart! So I was drawn to this red haired guy. I was making jokes and he could keep up with me with NO problem. This was rare. Usually I would tell jokes and have a crowd laughing but rarely could someone chime in and keep up! I was intrigued. He gave me his card, but he was there with another girl so we talked business. She gave me the daggers as we talked, but at this point I just wanted to be friends! I was not getting married remember?

He called a couple times but I didn't go out with him, it was group things he was inviting me to and I didn't know anyone else. Then he called and asked me to go on a double date with his friend Jeff and his girlfriend. I only said yes because I felt like going out to dinner!!!

We agreed to meet at the bar of the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica. I walked in the door, and saw him smiling at me. He was so genuinely happy to see me that I literally said out loud, to myself, involuntarily, "I'm going to marry this guy". We were inseparable all night. We were holding hands and staring into each others eyes.

We moved in together in three weeks.
We were married a year later.
We've been married EIGHT years this year!"

Happy Anniversary to my Mr. My inspiration, my best friend, my co-conspirator and my love!!!