Friday Fun- Top Five Things I Love About Summer

Now that the summer is almost upon us I am thinking of all the things I will be doing! I wanted to know what you love about Summer too.

1. Pedicures in PINK!

2. Pool time.

3. Malibu Beaches

4. Bonanos Flip Flops (I must buy these asap!!!!) (platinum and gold size nine hubby!)

and last but not least....

5. Pinkberry

I am tagging ten people:

Domestic Diva
Cape House
Preppy Mama
Cancer sucks
Pink In a Sea Of Blue
Muffy Martini
Pigtails and Pacifiers
Cookie Crums
Joy/Pain Sunshine and Rain (invite me please!)

List your five faves and tag ten more bloggers! Let them know they were tagged!
xo The Mrs.

Sasquatch Sighting! Vineyard Vines At Marshalls!!!

Oh's true. This is truly a miracle of God. I thought that finding Vineyard Vines at Marshalls was an urban legend, a Sasquatch sighting, Loch Ness Monster material....but here it is! And look at the price marked down to nothing and in hubby's size! OH HAPPY DAY!

I have a little mommy secret...Tell me yours!

I have a little "mommy" secret
I bet that you can't guess
I haven't showered yet and
and my house is one big mess

I haven't potty trained
my almost three year old
I just threw away some chicken
that was green and full of mold

My baby smells like sour milk
She needs a bath, Oh dear...
There's stuff piled up in stacks and stacks
Haven't scrapbooked in a year

My son's still in his crib
No big boy bed for him
My daughters in my bedroom
so sex for hubby looks grim

There's food wedged in the high chair
and in the seats of my car
I drive to neighbors houses
the walk is not that far

Haven't started exercising
afraid that it might hurt!
I decide what veggies my son eats
by the color of his shirt.

Yes, I have a little "Mommy" secret
To see me you could never tell
I look so pulled together
but really I'm in hell!

So ladies don't leave me hangin'
Tell me what your hiding too!
I promise I won't tell your secrets...
You won't tell mine will you?

The Mrs.

Reality Round UP!

Well things are sure heating up people! I know I should stab reality TV with a red hot poker (being a writer and all), but I can't resist some of these shows!!!

Dancing With The Stars for me was no contest. I wanted hot french guy Gilles to win because he really was amazing throughout the competition but when he busted out the Flashdance routine in the finale he blew it for me.

Melissa was my initial pick to win before Gille but I felt like she has no passion. She just dances and smiles. BORING.

That leaves cutie pie Shaun Johnson (bless her heart having a stalker I could just cry for her), I realized she was the only winner. She has heart, she's short and squatty but still rocks it out, and can really dance!

In the end..Shaun Won! I was right!!!

On Idol tonight Adam and Kris pulled out all the stops. I still feel like Adam is twice the showman that Kris is. That song that they both had to sing SUUUUUCKED! So bad. Adam did way better so I voted for him twice. Hey, I'm not sixteen so I am not voting for him 327 times. Two is enough!

Then of course Bachlorette. You may remember that I swore off the Bachlorette and Bachelor shows after Jason Shitbag Mesnick screwed Melissa over and killed my romantic notions towards the show. Of course I decided to watch Jillian and judge and I got sucked in. I am watching again and stupidly hoping she finds true love! I think I have been smoking crack! I have issues clearly!!!

Best of all So You Think You Can Dance is starting damn excited!
The Mrs.

Best Meatball Recipe Ever!

Okay so I ripped this off from the Oprah show. But she got the recipe from her favorite restaurant Trattoria Mollie in Santa Barbara. I made this for hubby last night and he just adores it!!!

Don't be put off by the ingredients...I hate raisins and I love these meatballs!!! Perfect amount of sweet with spicy!

Mollies Meatballs:

1 package Italian sausage (mild or spicy depending what you can take!) out of the package
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon red pepper flakes
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup grated Parmesan/Romano cheese
1/2 cup bread crumbs
1/4 cup Italian parsley (you can do regular if you'd rather)

Combine in a bowl and then mush together. Make into golf ball sized meatballs. Add olive oil to pan and cook on med/low covered until golden brown.

Serve with pasta and marinara sauce or veggies and marinara!
xo The Mrs.


4.7 people! Felt that one!

The Mrs.

Real Housewives of New York Reunion Show Recap! Part TWO

If you didn't think that this whole thing could go ON...and OOOONNNNN you were wrong! The ladies could not stop berating each other so they needed a part TWO!

Kelly wanted to say she was a "new kind of housewife".
Bethenny was like we got the memo honey, you drive a pick up truck, wear flats, your different. Bethenny also saying she was no Stone Phillips made me want to pee in my pants! Jill busting her on her house being bigger and more expensive was classic. Kelly is a faker. Bohemian? Insular person? Private person? Try elitist crazy person honey. Get over yourself. Good point Andy made if you're soooo private why are you doing a reality show idiot!!!!! Who you're dating...being judged? Comes with the package!

As for LuAnn, The Countess, finally they talk about what a snooty retard she'd been all season. She came off so differently this season and blaming editing is HYSTERICAL. That's you babe! Suck it! Ramona went a little crazy with her "Crazy eyes" kept bugging out about her. Then Kelly says who cares and she's bored! She is such a child it's insane.

Bethenny just delivers with the perfect lines every time. "Put down the crack pike for 10 seconds Ramona", was my favorite. They rehash the Bethenny/ Kelly feud and Kelly looks more and more like an idiot. They could have never been best friends?! What the hell is Kelly talking about? It's Alex who goes on to decipher Kelly's inarticulate rantings. Kelly being late everywhere is a total sign of her bitchy self centeredness. That and wearing a bunny costume to your own party you don't even show up for! BALLS!

They went over the husbands (Simon is a queen with anger management and Ramona is strangely attracted), (Ramonas hubby is an annoying freak with a wandering eye)...but it's Jill Zarins mother who steals the show. Can she adopt me? She should fire her plastic surgeon...but I luuuurve ha!

I have to say it was a good season. The best of times...the worst of times....Kelly time! Hope she leaves the show!

Award time! You giveth, I giveth to someone else!mm

I was given this lovely award by Mother of Identical Mermaids, thanks doll! I am supposed to name three things that make me Aweeeeesummm!

1) I have great friends who come to my rescue whether it's with wine or an ear for my complaining (or both!).

2) I love my kids and do my best to make life wonderful for them.

3) I can find the humor in ANYTHING! And I can bring people together!

I will now pass the award on to 3 fabulous bloggers/ and friends I loooove!

1) Angry Julie Monday- She is hilarious and a wonderful mom! Kick ass!

2) Suburban Prep- She doesn't have a blog but if she did I would be checking it allllll the time! she is fabulous.

3) Suburb Sanity- A new find for me but she her blog is like a desert! A big naughty piece of chocolate cake and I love it!

Real Housewives of New York Reunion Show Recap!

What would I do without this insanity. Makes my life seem normal!!!

The show started off with a bang when they said it was a record seven hours of filming. You just know it has to be good!

First they had to tackle the things that had happened after the show. Jill got a breast reduction (mozol), Bethenny's a best selling author (kudos and shove it Kelly), LuAnn got an email divorce (that's kind of funny coming from your "best friend"! Ethiopian princess? BIZARRO!), Romona has a skin care line (I ain't buying from crazy eyes), and Alex was laid off (big deal so is everyone). Wait...who am I forgetting?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yes. Kelly Bensimon. I'm sorry, Kelly Killoren Bensimon. Her tearful BS was so stupid I literally laughed out loud. She says she had worked to build her name "since I'm a kid". Ummmm who the hell are you? NO ONE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE SWEETHEART!!!! She is one walking liar of contradictions.

Then Ramona was grilled on her backstabbing comments and dance technique. I was amazed by her very astute answer of her childhood with an abusive Father being the reason she was such a bitchy bitch. Kind of made me like her a little! I also loved when she called LuAnn out on the fact she was faking like everything was great with the count when they were actually splitting up. But the best was her claiming she didn't go to Simon and Alex's housewarming party because she likes to have dinner at 8pm and they weren't serving food. HA! Too good.

Jill kills me always trying to stick to the truth (Ramona did not develop her skin care line for a year but for a few months), and trying to keep the peace (LuAnn and Romona both overreacted about the counts age.)

Bethenny is really doing well. Successful and cute and Kelly can't take it. She tells her she's hot but makes it seem like an insult. Kelly attacking her for being a cry baby over men is hilarious. I loved when they basically tried to call her out on being "not a girls girl". So true! Hit the nail on the head with that one.

They ended with Ramona's rant about why Bethenny was still single. She had made comments on her blog and caused the biggest fight, it was beyond stupid. All it showed was Ramona is NUTS!!!! They basically ran out of time and had to do a part two! Stay tuned for Bethenny telling Kelly she looks like a piece of shit!!! LOL!

Guess Who Smiled At Me?

Yes, just as I was about to kill her she smiled at me. Okay I'll keep her.
xo The Mrs.

Yes it's me! Kellie Coffey Video, "I would die for that"

I have been getting quite a few emails regarding a video I did for Kellie Coffey to her song "I would die for that". I have written about our battles with infertility, it was so hard we felt like there was no hope. When I heard about her song I had to be a part of it! It's a beautiful song that really speaks to the heart of what infertility is all about.

Watch below! Can you spot me?

By Paige Coupon!

By Paige is giving 20% off your order for all of May in honor of Mothers Day! Just enter "Mothers Day Coupon" in the coupon area at check out! I just ordered these for my friend Heathers new baby boy Lincoln!

The Mrs.

Adam Lambert! Gonna be a winner!

He's going all the way people!! I cannot wait to see the finale!!!! Yahoooooooo!

The Mrs.

L.A. Story 452

Landon had his annual check for his right arm. This is when we find out when the next surgery will be (fall) and how he's progressing (fantastic!). He is well known in the office, been there since birth! He goes to a plastic surgeon who specializes in hands and kids. Anyhoo, we're celebrities there and bringing Coco even made that more apparent. All the doctors and nurses went crazy over her and of course she was faking like she's not a big cry baby. Typical!

So when I saw Shia La Beouf getting his hand looked at it was almost umimpressive! I mean we are more famous there than him! He did look at Landon and smile. Okay he gets points for that.

The Mrs.

Sisterhood of the traveling Mothers

I took Landon to an indoor playgym last week, it's one of his favorite places. He ran around and had the time of his life. I was feeling so exhausted and determined to let Landon have fun despite "the screamer" (yep, that's baby Coco's new name), that I was thrilled to see him smiling and laughing.

One thing I tend to forget (although having this blog helps so much!) is that Motherhood is a sisterhood. It's the ultimate sorority, where the initiation involves having a newborn and trying to raise a child without killing it, or worrying yourself to death over it. One day you are smiling and laughing and feeling lucky and the next day your son has put anti bacterial soap in his hair and your baby girl has pooped into her car seat. Oh, wait, is that just me?

Back to the indoor playgym. I talked to the other mom's, we shared our horror stories and laughed our heads off. We offered sympathy and sarcasm. It was a beautiful thing. Motherhood is way too hard to do alone. You need to get out and talk to other moms and know in your heart you are not alone and that you're going to make it.

So next time you see a fellow mother around town you can call her "sister", oh, and you can give her the secret handshake too.

The Mrs.

Mothers Day

Mother's day is rolling around once again. What are your plans? I had a massage earlier this week and will try to get my nails done some time on Saturday...but for Sunday?

We will be going to church and then to one of my favorite places for brunch. We're going with our good friends and their family. Gina, the mom, is a good friend and my second friend to battle cancer (breast). Thank God it seems they caught it early, it hasn't spread and she will be okay but she is shell shocked. Even though they are telling her that she'll be okay it's still an emotional time.I told her we needed to celebrate our motherhood and being alive.

She is so brave. She has been holding it together in front of her kids so she doesn't scare them. She is one of the most amazing mom's I know.

Let's celebrate the mothers and mother figures in our lives this weekend, and all year long!

In the Mother-hood.

I once again have no nanny (DON'T ASK) and I started to think I am over this nanny stuff, I can do this on my own! Forget it! I'll just get a maid to help with cleaning. So today, armed with confidence and a massage I had last night at a spa....(Mothers Day has started!) I took on the day.

I got both kids up and fed, put the baby down for a nap and played hide and seek, tag, and more with Landon. Then he had speech therapy (he's doing great!), and I fed the baby again. Then I took Landon and Coco out to lunch. Landon asked for pancakes and I said WHY NOT! Of to Jerry's Deli. Coco slept and we had a fabulous time!

Back for Landon's nap, and feeding Coco. Now here's where things started to turn....Cue evil slasher music....

Coco would not stop screaming for a solid two hours. Wouldn't sleep, or be awake without screaming. Landon wakes up early from his nap. At this point I decide to turn into Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde when she realized she'd never be good enough for her douchey (yes I said douchey) boyfriend and started to kick ass at law school for herself. I pull up my bootstraps and head to the park with my good friend Natalia and her kids.

This is the park we go to usually in the morning (can you feel the tide turning against me?). There's usually tons of shade (sharks are circling), and it's a wonderful time (cue leaves swirling around and winds coming up). We get there and its hot. Africa Hot. Hot as hell. The winds start picking up (for real), and the baby starts bawling. We've been at the park for five minutes.

Even with sweet Natalia trying to help me there was no use. The baby wanted to eat again and the wind was blowing so hard every time I took her out of the stroller she would start choking from the wind blowing in her face. I crouched down by the sand pit to feed her hiding behind the stroller for shade and cover. The sand got all over her blankets and blew the stroller down the sidewalk. She was still crying. The whole thing was a nightmare and it was one million degrees. I tried hard to stay because Landon was having fun...but we had to bail. I was so exhausted I went through the drive threw for a Dr. Pepper. Full octane ladies. No diet for me.

Just another day in the Mother-hood. And how was your day?

And then it happened...fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans

It started off like any day, in fact lately it feels like every day is the SAME day. Feed the baby, she spits up all over me and her, change the baby, change myself, try to stop the baby from screaming...and it goes on.

But this day was different. Even though Coco threw up between my toes and down my pants, Landon was melting down and my back was feeling like I had a full time job as a piano mover....I decided to try on my pre-pregnancy jeans. I think I was trying to depress myself, because no way were they going to fit this fast.

And then it happened.

They fit. THEY FIT! Now come on these jeans are a size 14, but I DON'T CARE! They aren't maternity and they fit!!!!!!!!!

I am only 8 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight, but it's the permanently pregnant stomach that is killing me. I am about to break out my yummy tummy tank tops! I can't do ab work until 12 weeks after my c section, so I have to wait 6 more weeks....bummer...but I am feeling hopeful that I can get back into shape! Not my pre-pregnancy weight but my wedding weight. That means I have about 20 pounds to lose. Weight watchers is the only way and I will start back next week.

How did you lose your pregnancy weight? Did it come off fast? Slow? Any good tips? Do tell!

Fabulous Find: Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover!

Nursing in public has never been my favorite nor my forte.
I am not going to whip a boob out in a public place so I need some coverage, and yet I have a hard time balancing the whole process without flashing everyone!~

I am loving my Bebe Au Lait nursing cover. I was sick of using a blanket, or all the other brands, if I had to breast feed in public. It gets so hot, falls down, or is cumbersome! This Bebe Au Lait cover hooks around your neck like an apron and has a rim around the edge that stays open so you can peak through the top and see how baby is doing! Brilliant. Need one in every color!

The Mrs.

Iron Man- A Mom's Movie Review!

Let's just be honest. I rented this for hubby and was going to blog while I watched. It certainly did not seem like the kind of movie I would enjoy. Okay ladies, maybe it's my undying love for Robert Downey Jr, but I was hooked from the first scene.

Downey plays a cocky, jerky, weapons developer, who when confronted with the reality of whose hands his weapons get into, undergoes a life change. Yes, there is some superhero, transformer type stuff also, but this movie is deeper than an action film. It's well written, funny, realistic, and well thought out. Gwyneth does a pretty good turn as his secretary, but it's Downey that steals the show.

This is the recipe for a perfect date night at home! You can rent it for your man but enjoy the ride! It's an exciting movie beginning to end. I am giving it FIVE COSMOS! I can hardly believe it myself!!


Is this the grossest? Are they just looking for ways to make us fat? Come on! Have you seen the new commercial for Dominos Pasta in Bread Bowls?

This just blows my mind. Can you imagine people sitting in a room coming up with this? Let's do we continue to fatten up America and give everyone the highest cholesterol on earth....Pasta in a bread bowl! BRILLIANT!

Had to least my old nanny is back! Order is restored in my world!!!