The End Of Camp Mommy- Landon's going to school

Well, it had to end sometime!

Landon starts school today. I'm excited to see how he likes the first grade but, really I want the Summer to go on....and on...... and on.....

Maybe it's because in the Summer we have no:

Doctors appointments

We are care free and fun.

We have had the best Summer of our lives. He, has had the best Summer of his life....

I get teary thinking of this guy ever leaving for college. I just want him around. I like him.

I will let you know how the first day goes. Has school started where you are? Are you going to miss the Summer as much as me?

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I'm so happy for you!!!!!!

Camp Mommy- what to do with kids in LA!

After all the tennis camp and school camps we needed a break. I decided to start "Camp Mommy". Yes it's a lot more work, me planning all the events and taking them everywhere but I really have loved it. The kids have too!

Camp Mommy Day 1- Kids Space Museum Pasadena

This was the greatest day. So relaxing for me because the kids were occupied and the museum was empty!

The kids played in the water and then after a quick change we toured the rest of the place! They loved the knew Physics Forest with all the cool experiments!!

Camp Mommy Day 2- Annenberg Community Beach House

This is a great place. A community club! When it's overcast the playground and cafe are enough to keep them occupied. There's a splash pad and pool there too!


We went with a group of friends and had a ball!

Camp Mommy Day 3- Boys Day At Disneyland

I had already gone with Coco and a few of her friends to do the whole princess thing, so it was Landons turn to have a boys day at Disney. I love taking them individually so you can focus on what they love to do! We did a park hopper pass so we could go to Cars Land at California Adventure.

We were FINALLY able to ride the Cars ride in Cars Land! It was fast and FUN! Amazing. We also went on the Grizzly River Run white water rapid ride. My friend Erin and I got SO wet we had to buy a whole new wardrobe!! Yes we wore this around!!!

Camp Mommy Day 4- Swimming Play Date At Home!

The kids swam but I made sure I had a delicious lunch and WINE for these sweet Mommy friends! I served arugula salad with shaved parmesan and orzo greek pasta salad!

I loved getting these two together because they had a lot in common and tons to talk about. I love connecting Moms!!!

Well, it's Day 5 of Mommy camp and we are having more friends over today. I have been loving this time before school starts but I am ALMOST ready for things to get going!!!

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Diana- The Movie

Are you going to see it? Naomi Watts is one of my favorite actresses. I saw the trailer and I thought. I AM GOING TO SEE THIS.

Are you going to see it?

Getting Help For Landon-IEP's

When Landon was little, I wasn't happy with the way his speech was developing and so I contacted our home school and he got an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan).

This is how it's defined:

"The IEP should describe how the student learns, how the student best demonstrates that learning and what teachers and service providers will do to help the student learn more effectively. Key considerations in developing an IEP include assessing students in all areas related to the known disabilities, simultaneously considering ability to access the general curriculum, considering how the disability affects the student’s learning, developing goals and objectives that correspond to the needs of the student, and ultimately choosing a placement in the least restrictive environment possible for the student."

It's not easy to get these, especially if you are not going to your home school. Either way you must push to get it, it's your RIGHT!!! I have heard may horrifying stories of the hoops some parents have had to jump through to get help for their children. Especially the ones who don't meet ALL the criteria but really need HELP.

Landon was found to have a speech delay when he was 2, so for a year we worked on that until it seemed all was well. Lately I have been noticing that Landon has trouble with his writing and speech. He knows the words but can't seem to get them out. Maybe a problem with processing information?

I once again went to our local school (we go to a Catholic school nearby) and asked for an IEP. The woman at the office did not make it easy on me. She grilled me as to why I wanted one, and if I was going to enroll Landon at the school, all in front of a room full of people. Luckily for Landon I will do anything for him and could care less about embarrassment. She said I needed a request letter, something she failed to mention on the phone before. I looked at her and said:

"Got a piece of Paper?" and wrote the request on front of her and all the other onlookers.

Sometimes I get frustrated by how hard it is to get Landon help. His case may be more subtle, but the last thing I want is him falling behind. I will never stop pushing for this kid, but sometimes I want to say GIMME A BREAK LADY and run screaming into the street!

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Feeling Free?

Look closely at this picture. I had to take it without them knowing. We were in Ojai enjoying the view when my husband and I noticed this couple.

Looks closely and you will see he is wearing an ankle bracelet. I had never seen one up close before, I was so struck by this. I was looking at this view, something so free, something everyone can enjoy. When I saw this guy I thought, maybe he is thinking something totally different.

Maybe he's thinking...I wish I was free.
Maybe he was thinking....I have a long road ahead before I am free
or maybe he was asking God for help.

The girl he was with gave him a hug. Then they walked back to the car. He was only there for 5 minutes.

It made me so grateful for the life I have. That view is a right, but also a privilege. I'm going to hope and pray he turns things around so that he can stand there and feel free too. I want that for him. Don't you? 

I saw a post like this on a new favorite blog of mine Simple Thoughts from Paige Knudsen Photography. She did a post called "Beauty and Laughter at 96". Check it out!

Shark Birthday Party Theme! And a cake from Bite Sized Chef!

Landon turning 7 means he's no longer a baby and we needed a more age appropriate (but still young!) theme.

Voila! Shark Birthday Party!

After ordering shark plates and napkins from Amazon.....

And the Shark Water slide from Magic Jump Rentals, which was was quite impressive...

We got our cake from The Bite Size Chef and we DIED!!!!! Check out her FB page and see all the wonders she can do!

Notice that Landon's name has a life preserver for the "O". Also notice the surf board with a bite out of it!!! Not only was it the best looking cake, it was the best tasting cake ever!!!! She's a genius! She's out of Burbank CA so email her ( and tell Cindy One Fab Mom sent you!

Landon had a great 7th. Pool fun, water slide and SHARK CAKE!!!