The Best Hotel In Santa Barbara- Montecito Inn

What a fabulous birthday ( day...week...month!) I have had!

There were birthday drinks....(go this striped number at Marshalls for $29)

Birthday Lunch (At Villa Blanca OF COURSE!)

But the best time of all was being at my dream place, my new home away from home, The Montecito Inn. Yes, I am talking Montecito, home of Oprah, Rob Lowe, Drew Barrymore...and hopefully one day me! I digress...

Montecito is the jewel of Santa Barbara with fabulous things like: Butterfly Beach..

And the cutest town you've ever seen. And right on the Boulevard is Montecito Inn.

 It was built in 1928 by Charlie Chaplin!! Amazing history and a boutique luxury hotel! The rooms are fabulous and best of all you can walk to lunch, dinner, or shopping! They even have a pool. And it is kid friendly!

You can even make things super easy and dine downstairs in their cute little cafe! The food is great.

But there's one special room you will not believe. Something called "The Apartment". And yes, my husband wrangled this for us for my birthday weekend. Wait until you see it in my next post! Have you been to Santa Barbara? Or to the Montecito Inn?

RIP Lilly Pulitzer- Anything Is Possible With Sunshine And A Little Pink

I was so sad to learn of Lilly Pulitzers passing. She was such an iconic figure and was able to accomplish so much. Lilly was one of my personal idols for many reasons but not for just her clothes, for the way she embraced life. Here are some of her greatest quotes and a little perspective from moi.

“Being happy never goes out of style.”

I learned a long time ago that whatever life throws at you, being happy is a choice. I have been through my share of tragedy and hard times. I have learned that life is hard. I am still cheerful and happy because that is what I choose. Being happy is like being a Love spreader. You make others happy. You have no idea how a kind word or funny moment can affect someone. It can turn their day around. Rose colored glasses are not a bad thing. They're pink!

“It's always summer somewhere.”

I grew up on the East Coast and absolutely hated the winter. I even hated the fall! Hated the leaves dying, falling off the trees, the whole thing really got to me. I was probably one of those people who needed to stare into a lightbox. Instead I turned up the heat to 80 degrees and slathered on Coppertone while listening to the Beach Boys every time my parents went out. Yes I got in trouble, but from this I learned that I had no other option then to go to college in Florida. Clearly I had my priorities straight.

“I was a gypsy, living a carefree life of ponies and tennis.”

Going to Rollins College in Winter Park Florida was a dream. I studied by the pool and handed in suntan oil stained papers to my Sociology teacher. I belonged to the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and made some of the best friends of my life. Life was so carefree then and I am so grateful to have had that experience! I was introduced to Lilly Pulitzer in college and fell in love instantly. I never looked back. Seeing sorority pictures like this continue to pop up just makes me so happy!

“Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.”

If it weren't for my can do attitude I have no idea where I would be. Certainly NOT in California, where I always dreamed of living, and certainly not having my own business. I have always been a girls girl. I treasure my time with girl friends and all things fabulous. My two business partners are women and I love that too. Supporting other women, mothers, girls is always something important to me. I am raising Coco with this in mind. Here we are in our matching Lilly.

Tell me your Lilly Pulitzer experiences. When did you buy your first Lilly? Learn about her? I will always have Lilly in my heart. And on my back!

Little Girls With Broken Collar Bones Need "Arm Purses"

As if life isn't hectic or hard enough....

Coco broke her collar bone. We can hardly believe it. We were not mountain climbing, roller blading, skiing, nope. She was just climbing onto a 1 foot high TV cabinet and trying to make her legs into "butterfly wings" and fell backwards.

When it happened we heard the thump and cry in the next room and went running. You know that kind of cry that is SCARY and you RUN to make sure something REALLY BAD hasn't occurred. At first I thought she just scared herself but when she couldn't lift her arm, off we went to the emergency room.

X-rays confirmed a broken bone. The Mr and I are astonished because he has never broken a bone and I broke my wrists (yes both) but not until 27! She was in so much pain she was scaring me. Soon we go the Tylenol rolling and everything was better.

The next day we visited the orthopedic surgeon and he said this is a very common injury in kinds (who knew?)

I have to say she is really the best patient ever. We call her sling an "arm purse" (you know I had to call it something good so she would USE it!) She quite likes it. She's in phenomenal spirits (with drugs!) and apparently will heal up fast. So there you have it.

Just remember that little girls with broken collar bones need "arm purses" and drugs and you can survive this ordeal too.

PS Might have to burn sage in the house because there's been way too much drama lately!!!
PPS Got her a smaller "arm purse" at the medical supply store. Will post on that one another day.