Marshalls Public Service Announcement

Well, another Marshalls fan is born. After our trip, Step Mom and I hit the Marshalls in Virginia before I went home. She had never been so I gave her the inside guided tour. Here's my Marshall's speech.

Not all Marshalls are the same. Some have fabulous shoe departments, others are better with housewares, and still others have great kid stuff. Hitting the trifecta and having all three is rare.

Along with fabulous designer shoes, you can get Le Crueset bake ware, cashmere socks, polo ties and shirts for men and boys, the best soaps and products, and bedding at very low prices.

My friend Anne got a fabulous beachy quilt there that looked like it cost $200. It was $23 thank you. You can get hostess gifts of fabulous note cards, books, napkins or stationary, or baby gifts of cute clothes and toys. It is heaven.

On my recent trip with Step Mom I saw Lilly Pulitzer bathing suits, polo shirts for boys, and "lovely" perfume by the one and only SJP. Is there someone you need to introduce to Marshalls? Do your civic duty and bring them there on a guided tour.

This has been an announcement from the MRS.

Friday Five (okay six)- Vacay Pictures from St.John

We will be cocktailing this weekend...and my Mom's coming to town! I'll post all about it next week!

Fabulous Moment

I know you missed it. I did. The moment of a lifetime on the BET awards the other night. The moment when Alicia Keys was singing her own song, then started singing a SWV song.

If you don't know them (Sisters With Voices), then you are missing out. They are amazing and I loooved them in college. They sang "I'm so into to you" and "I get so weak in the knees I can hardly speak I loose all control..." Do you remember?

Then Alicia sings an En Vogue song and they come out singing too! (This is when I started tearing up) I love them!

Then as if it couldn't get any better...TLC!

So sad that their former member Lisa "left eye" Lopez was killed in a car accident. Alicia sang with them "don't go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to". I bet they were glad to be a temporary threesome again. It was so fabulous (heard about it and found it on you tube) that I searched and they are replaying the BET awards in a few days. I have it on my Tivo. This time I will NOT miss it!!!

My First Award!

Kikibee who is the most brave, compassionate, and kind blogger I know gave me my first award! I am so honored and excited!

I in turn, am nominating three lovely bloggers who I think are fabulous.

Happy Homemaker- You were the first blog I read and even though you are now private (sad) I still adore you and your entire family. You make me want to move next door to you! I love seeing all your entertaining, cocktail club, kids parties, and dinners. So fun!

Memoirs of The Shoe Obsessed- you are so fun to read and your shoes are to die for. I love your style and the way you love your family.


Keeks and Brie- You are not only entertaining but so informational! I love to see what you're reading, watching, or buying on ebay!!!

Now it's your turn to pass on the award to some bloggers you love!

Mrs. Manners

I am no Emily Post, but the more I raise Landon and try to teach him to be well mannered the more I am shocked by the lack of them amongst us. I think children should be taught from a very young age to be respectful, say please and thank you, make eye contact and say hello, and to write a proper thank you note. This is the bare minimum as far as I'm concerned!

Nevertheless, I have moments at playgrounds and restaurants that mystify me. If Landon takes someones toy, I take it from him and give it back. I don't care if he cries, it's not his. Sharing is how the world works. When we are dining out Landon sits quietly or we leave. No need to torture the other diners. We expect reasonably good toddler manners. I see kids all the time running and screaming in restaurants and I am just a second away from killing the parents. Do they think that everyone else should babysit their kids?

Really, if I must be truthful, and lord knows I MUST, it's the parents. A fish stinks at the head, and the parents are the leaders in the family. If your parents don't require much of you, then that's what you'll put out into the world. I cannot imagine Landon horrifying a parent at a sleepover by being rude and ungrateful. It's not going to happen.

At our gymnastics class (we're on hiatus this summer and returning in the fall), I was amazed by the wonderful mom's and for the most part, kind and respectful kids. Then we did a make up class on another day. It was horrifying. The kids did not listen to the coach, ran everywhere and the mothers hardly paid attention. They were too busy chatting to be with their kids. When I see mom's who are asleep at the wheel I want to shake them. They are creating monsters!!! Hello, haven't you seen Supernanny? That three year old mean jerk can be a thirteen year old mean jerk before you know it! Invest in good manners and respect now while you still have control!

Today at work I got off the elevator to run down and mail a few things. Sure enough as I was getting off people plowed on hardly letting me by. Manners people. If your parents didn't teach you then let me clarify.

1. Let others off the elevator before getting on.
2. Do not talk on your cell phone loudly about personal matters in public places.
3. Be kind to waitresses. They are not second class citizens. Tip 20% unless they personally insult you.
4. Do not steal a parking place away from someone who's waiting, even if it's Marshalls and you're dying to get inside.
5. Don't blow your nose at the dinner table. Do I really need to write this down?
6. Hold your fork and knife properly, not like a caveman.
7. Wear a shirt around the house and tank tops ON MEN are disgusting no matter where except on the basketball court.
8. Listen and don't interrupt. Listen and stop waiting to say something back!
9. Write hand written thank you notes for anything and everything someone gives or does for you. Take the time to make someones day by writing a good one.

and last but not least...
10. Teach your kids respect and kindness or you'll never be more sorry about anything in your life!

Tagged! While On Vacation!

I may have been in St.John but I don't miss a tag! I was tagged by I love Pink and Etiquettely Correct to share a little info so here goes.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was living in the Hollywood Hills, managing a very "Melrose Place" apartment building, acting and writing.

What are 5 things on your to do list for today?

1)Send Landon's Bday invites.
2) Call and give credit card for landons swim lessons that start wed.
3) Pay health insurance bill.
4) get dates and times grandma and grandpa are flying in for Landons bday.
5) Catch up on blogs!

What snacks do you enjoy?
Oat Bran Pretzels, twizzlers, cottage cheese, pretzel rods, veggie chips.

What places have you lived?
Raleigh NC, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles...

What 5 things would you do if you were a billionaire?

1) Remodel the house.
2) go to Capri
3) buy the house next door for my sister in law and brother.
4) hire a chef, maid, personal trainer and my nanny full time
5) Buy a range rover!

People you want to know more about.....
I am tagging whoever hasn't done this! I feel like most people have already! Let me know if you do.

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

"Vacation happy to get away!" Leave it to Belinda Carlisle to really explain my trip to St. John. We had a great family vacation.

Landon is the most easy going guy of all time. He was cool with six plane rides, boats, open air taxis, endless pool and beach time, nap changes, a baby sitter two nights, and out to dinner every other night! We marvel over his mellow attitude. He made our vacation wonderful with his joyful spirit!

Look at how much he looooved his Uncle!!!

Mama Iguana Pictures

We're back and at my Dad's house, we leave for LA tomorrow.
I'll post more on the trip this week, but I wanted to show you how crazy the Iguana's were in St. John! Couldn't post the pics earlier!

Here they are at the Westin's 3pm Iguana feeding which happened every day!

Mama Iguana

Here I am in St. John and we are having a fabulous trip. I had to write (can't do pics!) that the wildest thing is the Iguanas everywhere! They are giant and laying around the grounds of our resort in various states of repose. It feels like dinasours are once again roaming the earth!!!

Today we are off to Trunk Bay for some snorkeling. I know it will be amazing. Landon is loving spending time with his GrandDad, GrandMom and uncle!

The Mrs.

PS the dinners out each night are five star gourmet and Landon has been a champ every night!!!

Sanity Break- A Stay-Cation!

I know that summer is when a lot of people go away. I am lucky enough to go to St. John, but the rest of the summer we'll be at home. It's so wonderful to get any time off, but with gas prices getting as expensive as a good pair of jeans, travel is becoming really way too pricey. Rather than having no vacation at all people are doing "Stay-Cations" where they take a little break at home.

This concept appeals to me because I feel like with all the love and effort I put into the house, I barely get to enjoy it! We just started eating dinner outside by the pool and it is sooooo fabulous. With a pool and a jacuzzi who needs to go ANYWHERE!

Now I know when you have kids part of the problem is they are all over you and you need to get a little change of environment for sanity, but there are nap times, bed times, babysitters, and summer movies. There are also times when just letting them play in the sand box for a while with some new toys may entertain them. Maybe even no TV on at all can be a vacation when you just let the quiet invade the house.

My "stay-cation" would be a day where we're all home. When we can take walks, naps, go in the pool and have a dinner of greek salad, and roasted chicken for dinner out by the pool. Where we sip our wine in the jacuzzi after Landon is all snug in his bed.

What's your ideal "stay-cation?" I'm tagging Tres Poshe, Magnolia Mama, and Kikibee to find out.

Fabulous Fathers Day

Imagine me...with my Dad and hubby (Landon's Dad of course) on the beach celebrating Fathers Day in St. John. That's where we are after all!!!!

My father graduated Suma Cum Laude from Campbell College. Actually he flunked out after his first year, did a tour in Vietnam, and then came back and graduated at the top of his (smallest college ever) class. He then got himself into Wharton business school. He excelled there and moved to NYC to work for Oppenheimer among others in investment Banking. Now he trades from home in Virginia. My Father has a zest for life that is unshakable. Wherever he goes is where you want to be. He over tips waitresses, is friends with maitre d's and served his country. He'll still get weepy over a Marines commercial but don't tell him I told you. Thanks for this amazing vacation Dad. Truly the trip of a lifetime!

Friday Fun! What Kind of Mom Are You?

Don't you just love quizzes? I do. I took this one on ivillage and was deemed the "Have it all mom". I guess that's because I want it all. Satisfying work, happy family life and a balanced me!

Take the quiz below and tell me what you get!

PS Like my new haircut? I'm a blonde Katie Cruise! LOL!

Fabulous Find: Hellllooooo Skinny Jeans!

I have heard from numerous sources that next to the Yummy Tummy Tank top this is the best thing ever! Not only are they made of stretchy fabric, but the way they are dyed makes a contoured and SKINNY shape! Hello!
got to Skinny Jeans and order them NOW!
I'm ordering mine and we'll report back!

Fabulous Party! Kitchen Shower!

Myself and two other lovely ladies (Leslie and Anna Mae)threw a kitchen shower for our bridey girl Krista. Krista is getting married on Landon's birthday so you know she is one special girl!

Everything turned out wonderfully.

We used yellow and white as our color scheme. Leslie printed out invitations and cards that she designed based on our theme.

Krista loves Mexican food so we tried to fancy it up a bit!

Chips, salsa and guacamole.

Fancy tamales from Corn Maiden Foods

They will ship them to you! Did you see them as one of Oprahs Favorite Things in her O magazine?

I had a recipe for corn salad that was sooooooo good!

Chocolate Fondue and Cupcakes for dessert!!!

As you can see it was a hit!

We also played the newlywed game which was really funny.

Bridey and her Mommy were thrilled!

PS Gone to St. John!!!!!

Toddler Travel! Travel Tips For Moms

We are headed to St. John tomorrow and the only thing we are not looking forward to are the flights! However, I am not going down without a fight. Here's the game plan. Follow these tips so your head doesn't pop off!

1) I am excited to not be bringing the car seat on this flight. Instead we're bringing this!

The Cares airplane safety restraint for infants and toddlers.

I am so excited NOT to be lugging a car seat around the airport.

2) I am bringing a light weight stroller so we can get around a little easier. I am also bringing my computer so we can play his favorite Bob The Builder Video.

3)I have books and other quiet toys and videos he hasn't seen, snacks galore and when all else fails he looooves my singing! Hope everyone else on the plane loves it too!

4) I am going to let Landon run his ass off all over the airport before we get on the plane to wear him out. You never know if they'll sleep on the plane but this will help.

5) Don't count on tylenol or motrin or anything else, we once gave Landon Tylenol before an over night flight and it made him hyper!!!! AWFUL!

6) Bring food and drinks for you and baby! Don't count on plane food!

7) Bring enough food and diapers in case of delays. Once Landon was on a plane for close to ten hours! Thank God I brought extra diapers!!!

I may be leaving tomorrow but I have some fun posts scheduled so keep checking in!

Fabulous Outing- Bat Mitzvah!

I attended the Bat Mitzvah of my cute neighbor Sarah. I just adore her and she is turning into quite the young lady! (Also in the picture is another neighbor Jaegen who Landon LOVES!). She did a twenty minute presentation on fashion and how jewish people not only rule the industry but started it! Fascinating. She shared the day with two adorable girls who also gave presentations.

We sat at a table full of our neighbors and had a great time. I loved seeing all the teenager hormones going crazy. After the ceremonial stuff the teenagers went to another room to dance to a DJ. Of course I went in there to see what was going on. They were all standing on the dance floor, separated into groups of boys and girls and talking. No dancing! Too nervous! So cute.

It was fun to see Sarah celebrate such a huge rite of passage. I remember when I was confirmed and I got my bible with my name on it. I felt so darn important! It was great! I also felt like I was really part of something. It's so important to teach your children about their heritage. For them to know where they came from and about their culture. It gives them s sense of themselves over and above what their friends tell them. It gives them a confidence that is based on their souls not on their clothes. Isn't that what we all want for them? To know and love themselves for their unique qualities?

Landon is Czech and Welsh and I am excited for him to know his heritage. It's up to all of us to carry on our ancestors "stories" so that our kids will know the richness of who they are.

Happy Anniversary- Number 5!

It is our anniversary tomorrow. Hubby and I are celebrating tonight because we have a Bat Mitzvah to attend tomorrow night. Tonight we've ordered our lobstergram (a gift for Christmas and so much fun), and we are having a nice romantic dinner at home. That includes time in our jacuzzi!!!

Here are some scenes from our honeymoon in Greece.

Happy Anniversary Hubby! I want many many more! Love you!

Stay tuned next week for my Toddler Travel post!

Fabulous Trip! The Ultimate Sanity Break!

We are going on VACATION! VACATION PEOPLE! We are going to St. John with my Dad, Step Mom and little brother. I grew up on the East Coast so going to the Caribbean was part of the vacation schedule if we were lucky. I've been went to St. Maarten, St. Thomas, St. Barths, St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos, and Abacos Island. Lucky? Yes. Spoiled? Yes. Grateful? YES!

I haven't been to the Caribbean in a looong time. Thanks to my Dad we are going for a glorious 7 days. First we'll fly to his house in Virginia and then to St. John the following day.

I'll be eating here:

Sleeping here:

Swimming here:

We need this. Hubby has been working so hard and we dodged the "Lupus bullet". We need to relax and remember that life is about being with people you love. Life is for living. Celebrating. That's what we're going to do.
Next week I will do a few posts about traveling and all the short cuts I'm doing. Traveling with a toddler is no joke. You have to be on your game or you will pay. I am ready!!! Bring it on Landon!

Update Gentelmen Farmer!

Apparently when you plant seeds you grow things!!! Who knew!!?? I can hardly believe it!!!! I must be a city girl or somethin' but this shocks me to death! Wait, I was born in Raleigh....

Congrats Hubby!!!

Update Week- Sex and The City!!!!

Oh my fabulousity. Holy Moly. The Sex and TheCity movie was the best thing I have experienced in all my days. First of all I am a die hard fan. My expectations were HIGH. Even with that, Sex and the City was better than I could have dreamed of. BRING YOUR TISSUE BOX! It is a tear jerker for sure. I think I have only cried more watching THE NOTEBOOK.

I don't want to give away all the plot points but let me just say you must go. AND you must go with girlfriends. I went with three fabulous girls, Suz, Alana, and Monique, who have all known each other for a long time and let me tag along. They were so fun. Suz and I were BAWLING. We could barely get a hold of ourselves.

Later at brunch here, we hashed out what it all meant. Dating, marriage, relationships, etc. Alana was mad at Mr. Big. She was not satisfied with the ending. We shared stories, talked about deep dark stuff, and had the best "girlie" day pf my life.

The most amazing thing though, was showing up at the 10:10am showing. I sat there and watched group after group of girlfriends arrive, dressed to the nines. To see the whole movie theater packed with fabulous women just made my heart sing. Now THAT IS FABULOUS!!!!