Family Halloween Costume Ideas!

It's that time again. My friends have a Monster Mash every year and the whole family has to dress up! I am now beginning to scour the internet and ask friends for ideas.

How cute is this:

I just about died. Being a BLT is so cute!

This is cute too.

I just know however, that Coco will want to be some sort of princess and Landon some kind of superhero.

I would love to go as these guys.

Any ideas for me? Have you done family themes?


I wanted to thank everyone for the sweet comments you left regarding the "disgusting" incident I blogged about last. It was so hard, so devastating and so deep it was hard to address.

Seeing Brene Brown speak the other night seemed like the perfect timing. She speaks, writes, and lectures all about the power of vulnerability. I am currently reading her book on the subject: Daring Greatly.

I had shared my story with my blog friends and gotten amazing support. I also shared it with family and friends (something I don't usually do), and the love they poured out was over whelming. Here is one of the responses:

"Something else to think about - it goes beyond you.  Whenever we correct a misperception, as you did with that little boy, the goodness you share extends out beyond your world and seeps into someone else's.  While you were protecting Landon, struggling with your own fears, etc. you were also planting seeds of good that God will make bloom outside of your sight.
You have sown the seeds of tolerance which will bloom and bless others you will never meet.
God is good and He is working through you."
I also wanted to give you an update.

I spoke to the little boys teachers and they had him apologize to Landon and tried to explain why saying what he said was so hurtful. I also spoke to his Mom. She had no idea of what had happened and marched right into her sons class to see how she could help. That day I got an amazing email from her telling me how she addressed this in her own home, her sons reaction (bawling) and of course an apology. I wrote back what am amazing Mom she is for being so open to mending this.

I could have screamed at that child, instead I chose vulnerability and focused on Landon's miracle.
I could have lectured that school. Instead I chose vulnerability and asked for the teachers help.
I could have hated that Mother. Instead I chose vulnerability and shared my feelings about how we could make this a teachable moment.
So it seems that out of something ugly, springs something beautiful. I feel so blessed!


It was bound to happen. We've gone six years with relatively little comments on Landon's arm. Landon was born with a blood clot in his arm, it's a miracle they saved it, and his can read more here.

Landon is not a victim. He doesn't feel sorry for himself. This is the only arm he has and is normal to him. We get stares sometimes, and I have tried to arm Landon for what to say about it. I even made a snapfish picture book about what happened and what a miracle he is.

But today, out of nowhere it happened.

Uglyness. Unkind words. Meanness. All of which I cannot stand....

I heard a kid calling out to me as I picked Landon up. At first I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"What is wrong with his arm? That's DISGUSTING".


Praise the lord Landon was nowhere near.

"His arm is DISGUSTING."

I hold on to myself. This is a child. Calm yourself. Don't cry. Don't scream.

"It's not disgusting, it's a miracle. The doctors were going to have to cut off Landon's arm but they saved it. It's a miracle."

At first he was accepting of this answer but then...

"I don't like it. It's old looking"

"It's as old as he is. Six years old."

Landon runs over I walk away leaving a VERY HORRIFIED teachers aid to explain more. Please God give me patience....

He called us over.

"I want to see his arm".

Landon comes over and says his memorized line:
"I was born with it".

This child starts to rattle off all the things Landon "cannot" do. You can't play golf, basketball, with that arm.

Now the teachers aids blood is boiling.

"Yes he can. He can do anything you can do."

We left. The teachers aid was mouthing "love you" to me. She was happy we tried to teach this kid about  miracles. I was upset. I asked Landon if anyone was mean about his arm. He said everyone was "pretty nice". It's hard. I want to help him but, no victims here.

Later I realized.

This is why. Why he came to me.

I am the perfect mother for Landon. This is what was meant to be. I can help him. I can defend him. I can teach people that saying "disgusting" is not right. I can help him be the best he can be. I am brave and he is brave.

And nothing is "disgusting" about that.

Too Much Learnin'

Well we were off to a great start and then...

Landon said tearfully: "I don't want to go to school. There's too much learning and not enough play time!"

Oh boy.

And I have talked to the teachers and parents and I am assured that the kindergartners are not being tortured. When I pick him up he is all smiles and so proud. The goodbye's however, are becoming tougher. Tears. Real tears and hugs. Lots of hugs.

I feel bad for him, being as he is a sensitive guy. I'm trying to give him the confidence that he can do it.

Landon is such a good guy but he can really work himself up. With all he's been through I guess that's normal. He may take a while to get used to this new system, but I think he's in the right place!

Transitions are hard. It's all I can do to not cry when I see him cry!

Please say a little prayer for sweet Landon that his drop offs start being more joyful and peaceful!

Are your kids excited to be back in school?

This is either the most disgusting or most fabulous idea ever. What do you think?


Yesterday was rough.

I don't like that day. As I tried to navigate my emotions one word kept coming into my mind.


We're always standing in the threshold.

"Threshold: a level or point at which something would happen, would cease to happen, or would take effect, become true..."

When I got married, said I do, I stood on the threshold. When Landon was born, so much uncertainty and pain. I was on the threshold.

Even now as my big boy navigates kindergarten, and tries to adjust to "so much learning time". Even though my heart breaks I am standing on the threshold.

Last night, September 11th, thinking of all those lives lost. The terror they felt. The panic. Some of them hanging out the windows to catch their breath. The were standing on the threshold too. Not knowing if they would survive. Not knowing what would "become true". 

Now I realize God is on the threshold. 

He was there when I got married, making me feel calm and wonderful about my decision to marry the Mr.

He was there as Landon's life lay in the balance, making sure he was comforted.

He is there as Landon transitions from preschool to kindergarten.

And he was there as my friend Pete struggled to get home to his two children. He was there at the funeral when I saw my friend, now a widow with two kids, and comforted her. He was there when she re married. And he was there at the birth of her new baby daughter.

God is on the threshold.

And I for one, feel relieved.

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I have been a fan of the What To Expect Books for years. I read these set of books cover to cover when Landon was first born and it was such a comfort to me. They are such great reference books.

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