First Day Of Kindergarten!

How did this happen?
Where did time go?
The day finally came
And I dreaded it so
I could not face the fact
My first baby was growing
I kept praying
For time to be slowing
But then the day came
And he smiled and beamed
My heart felt itself
 Coming out of it's seams
But I let him go
And just for kicks
He gave me a wink
Because after all...he's six

Happy First Day Of Kindergarten My Sweet Landon!!!

Most Popular Celebrity Baby Names 2012

 I have been known to ROLL MY EYES at some of the celebrity baby names that are out there. I mean this is a child who will grow up to an adult. I think Pilot Inspektor will have a hard time becoming a lawyer. Just sayin'. (Come on Jason Lee!)

I saw an article on the newest wave of popular celebrity names. Some I found quite shocking!

The newest, hottest celebrity names today are:
Mila - Natalie Portman may have won the Oscar for Black Swan, but Mila Kunis takes the prize for most influential name. This Eastern European diminutive - the Ukraine-born actress's real name is Milena - is the fourth highest jumper in the most recent popularity list, up nearly 200 places. Mila is pronounced Mee-la, making it a logical successor to the Top 10 Mia.

 (no brainer here, do you like it? I'm on the fence)

Harry - You might be forgiven for guessing that the ginger-haired Prince propelled the name Harry to the new No. 1 spot in Britain, but the real inspiration is Harry Styles, Britain's answer to Justin Bieber. The X Factor contestant is a member of the boy band One Direction.

 (of course!! But always loved Harry. That is until Aviva from the RHONY over sexed Father came on the scene. SIGH. PS LOVE ONE DIRECTION)

Bristol - While Palin has been heard as a baby name, Bristol has emerged as the hottest name out of the former vice presidential candidate's family. The place name, which debuted on the Top 1000 in 2009, moved up over 100 places last year, to No. 434.


Iker - Iker? Really?? The unlikely Basque name, pronounced ee-keer, is the second fastest-rising boys' name in the U.S., up 267 places thanks to World Cup-winning goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

(Not good)

Amelia - Amelia has risen to No. 30 on the US charts on the heels of former first place sister names Emma and Emily, but in Britain it's exploded at No. 1 this year thanks to X Factor contestant turned hit singer Amelia Lily Oliver.

(No idea why but kind of hate this name. Probably because of Amelia Bedilia books!)

Kellan - Kellan Lutz has propelled not only his own unusual name but both those of his Twilight character Emmett Cullen up the popularity charts. The Irish Kellan, spelled Kellen in its native land and meaning slender, is now No. 363 in the U.S.

(Sexy. Great name!)

Audrina - Audrina Partridge of The Hills launched her name onto the Top 1000 in 2007. It's now leapt up 365 places. Audrina is an elaboration of the ancient saint's name Audrey, which has also been enjoying greater popularity.

(Horrible and tacky no thanks)

Jenson - While Jenson has not yet cracked the Top 1000 in the U.S., it's the No. 69 name in Great Britain, where Jenson Button is a champion race car driver. This surname name means "son of Jens," the Scandinavian form of John - though some parents have been known to use it to honor an ancestral Jenny or Jennifer.

(Not loving it. Sounds like the Jetsons)

Adele - Singing sensation Adele has turned her old French name, which had disappeared from view for over 40 years, into a fresh new hit. Originally a short form of Adelaide, Adele jumped more than 250 places in the most recent popularity count.

(Too tortured)

Logan - Logan has been a Top 100 name for two decades now, but Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman, along with the mutant Logan character played by Hugh Jackman in Wolverine, are working together to keep the name Logan in the limelight.

(LOVE this name. Classic and gorgeous)

Elle - There have been attractive film characters named Elle, in Legally Blonde and Kill Bill, along with supermodel Elle Macpherson, but young actress Elle Fanning is the one who made this French word for "she" - one of the most feminine of names -- into a baby-worthy star.


Niall - Irishman Niall Horan joins fellow One Direction band member Harry Styles in having a name sure to influence a new generation of babies. The ancient Irish Niall, name of a mythological hero, is pronounced by Horan like the River Nile.


What do you think of these names? What are your favorites?

Estancia Hotel- great for moms and kids!

Our trip to Sea World was made even more special by staying at the Estancia Hotel.

We arrived late and were greeted warmly by their amazing staff. We loved out room!

Fabulous with a courtyard view to die for. (forgot to take a pic of the room but looks like this!) Later we invaded the pool.


We even hired a babysitter through the hotel, ordered the kids room service and dined at their fabulous restaurant!

Gorgeous at night! Fire place, sunset, and margeritas and mojitos!

The grounds, service and food were fabulous. Can't say enough about this place!!! If you are in San Diego or La Jolla you have to stay here! I follow them on twitter to see what's happening!

From Pinterest To My House!

I am beyond obsessed with Pinterest. I love using it for party planning, recipes, decorating, and planning my wardrobe!

I was looking for a new screen door because all I had seen was these metal ugly things.

So while sipping my pinot grigio and perusing Pinterest I found this!

A gorgeous wood Chippendale door! Am I dreaming? No! It's real! Husband found out that you could special order it at Home Depot! Yahooooooo!!!! It came unfinished, but husband had it painted white and VOILA!!!!


A Hickie From Kenickie is Like a Hallmark Card

From time to time a mark will show up on my kids bodies. Since I am not ALWAYS with them I ask:

"What happened?"

I get the usual response. "I fell".

This time when I noticed a big red mark on Landon I was curious. It was very big and red and STRANGE looking. I asked about it.

"What happened?"

"I don't know".

"Does it hurt?"


I pinch and poke it. He doesn't flinch. It takes forever to go away. I even text a few doctor friends. I am worried! Is it a blood clot? A rare disease? Skin cancer? WHAT IS IT!

Finally it goes away.

Then Landon comes in the room and shows me another mark on his arm that looks EXACTLY like the other only farther up the arm.

"Mommy look!"

OMG. It's back. That blood clot mark! My baby!

"I was sucking on my arm and look what happened!!"

Yes. My son gave himself a hickie.

At least it's not serious.

What really uspets me is I didn't recognize it. Clearly it's been a while. I'm no "Pink Lady", but I've had my share of hickies.

Don't tell husband.

Reading Rainbow App For The Ipad! My Review!

Oh my goodness I have one electronic obsessed little man living with me. He even, when asked at preschool:

"What are you most thankful for?"


"The Ipad". 

At that point we didn't even have one!

I rest my case! 

Every mothers dream is to find something educational your child is obsessed with. Thank you Lord for Reading Rainbow! Yes it's back after all these years!

Not only is it easy to navigate and use, Landon was literally begging to play with it tomorrow. It's very interactive and creative in the way it let's you select a category, a book, and have a virtual backpack to keep it all in!

Here's how it works:

There are floating islands, each based on a different genre. "My Friends and Family," "Animal Kingdom," "Genius Academy" (science and math) and "Action Adventures & Magic Tales."
Click an island, and a you'll get a sliding list of of books on that topic, with "Just for You" recommendations at the top. Below this are short videos on the subject that have the "field trips" the series was known for, featuring kids out in the world and Burton himself. Each island has three or four videos, including a "Classic Reading Rainbow Video" from the original show, so you can compare and contrast haircuts from over the years!

You can can choose to read with or without narration (for readers and non readers!). You can either flip through the pages with a swipe or touch the arrow keys at the bottom. It's not overdone. It's simple and perfect!

Try it for yourself here!

Landon gives it two thumbs way UP!

The Sand Bucket List

I found this cute book on Amazon, The Sand Bucket List.

 The summer is winding down but I am feeling the need to hold on to it a little longer.

Cause in the fall Landon won't be having his first skim board lesson....

And we won't be doing as many weekends away...

And we won't stay on the beach until the last surfer goes home....

And this guy, Landon's best friend Owen, will be moving far far away....

I don't want the summer to end, and new schools for each of our kids when we've all been together for years...

Just have to live it up while we can. And start planning my Halloween Party.....

Shopping With 2 Preppy Girls!

People are always emailing me about cute preppy things on my blog. I have to tell you my little secret. 2 Preppy Girls!

They have so many cute things like:
Car Monograms! (They are also Greek Licensed!)
Otterboxes and Smartphone cases!
Garden flags/house flags
Their decals were featured on The Today Show in November!  Also,many of the products that they sell have been listed on Oprah's Favorite Things!
They are named for Margarets real life 2 Preppy Girls, Lindsey (7) and Jamie (4)! I get all my Tervis Tumblers from her!!