Potty Training--DAY 3

Landon continues to do very well with the 3 Day Potty Training approach. I highly recommend you buying this E-book, you can download it and it answers all your questions and also gives you the "how to" of three day potty training. Landon can now pee pee in the potty, go through naps and nights without peeing, and is working on doing #2. Right now he goes in his undies, but we are working up to it!

I am hoping by the end of today he will have it down! Even if he isn't trained in three days this book has helped more than I can say, and given us the confidence to THROW OUT THE DIAPERS!

Let me tell you though, I am exhausted! I swear this week I will talk about something else other than poo and pee, but while I am on the subject, a little potty training advice of my own.

1) You can do it!
2) Treats, presents and rewards work
3) Positive praise and encouragement work sooooo well
4) They can do it! (22 months an older can at least)
5) Commit to it for three solid days and stay at your house
6) Throw out the diapers!

xoxo The Mrs.

Potty Training UPDATE

Landon has peed FIVE times in the potty! Okay yes he also had five accidents in his undies first (thank God I bought 25 pairs!!!), but OMG! I am blown away that he is doing this!!!

It's kind of nice being on lock down at our house. We are not being distracted by TV or computer (Landon's napping so I am taking a quick second to post). We have finger painting, doing puzzles, playing kitchen, washing the dog, bathing Coco, playing in the sand box....Landon is loving our undivided attention. A good lesson for us.

Keep your fingers crossed it continues! We have been rewarding him like you guys suggested. One candy corn for trying, 2 candy corns for peeing and a present, no poop yet but I gave him PRUNES, so it's Coming!!!

The Mrs

Michael Jackson

On May 16th, 1983 Michael Jackson stunned the world with his performance of Billy Jean at Motowns 25th Anniversary celebration concert. In that performance, dressed in a sequined jacket and one white glove, he performed something called the Moonwalk. I was thirteen and at home watching it on my TV. I was floored. I've been in love ever since. There will never be another Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson
Rest in peace
Bless your children and family
The Mrs

3 Day Potty Training! Pray for me!

We are trying the 3 Day potty training method with Landon this weekend. We will be on lock down, totally focused on this task! I will let you know how it goes...but I'm a little scared!!!

Okay, hand over any potty training advice you have! I am ready!

xo The Mrs

Michael Jackson is Dead

I cannot believe it. I don't want to. Such sad news.

Landon's Name

Kiki asked about the origin of Landons name a few weeks ago. Coco (Caroline) was named after my dearest love of a Grandmommie, a painter and lover of all things purple. Landon on the other hand was another story.

First of all I was so happy to be pregnant after my battle with infertility, I could have had triplets and been okay with it (yeah right), but instead we had one. This is amazing because we did in vitro to get Landon. This was after trying, trying more, watching everyone else get pregnant, crying, trying more, being told to just relax, doing artificial insemination, fertility drugs and praying.

Once I found out that I was indeed with child, (a phone call from the docs office), I started craving strawberry ice cream and Sunkist sodas.

"Sunkist sodas? I haven't drank them since I was in 7th grade! It must be a girl." Or so I told myself. Then I convinced everyone else I was having a girl. I was positive. So positive that when they showed me the peenie on the ultrasound I thought it was an arm.

I was devastated because I wanted a girl!!!

I got over it pretty fast because I thought of my nephew Matt who is down right adorable and gorgeous and blonde. So I was on to the names. I like family names but hubby's was full of Franks and Adolphs (Um, No!) and I was full of Henry's and Williams (like them but not my fave).

We soon came to the name Hunter, which hubs loved and I liked a lot. (notice I am not saying I love the name...) Then one day I was watching the news and behind a guy giving a press conference I saw the name Landon written over and over on a billboard. Landon. Then I thought of Landon's I knew or heard about. Travis Barkers son, some guy on the real world...I felt like I could fall in love with this name! Who would he be, this Landon? A preppy, khaki wearing, lacoste sporting, cutey! A hot lacrosse player! Landon!

Now all I had to do was convince hubby (who also used to drink Sunkist sodas by the way). I told him to close his eyes.

"Picture a fall day. It's a lacrosse field on the east coast. A bunch of lacrosse players, in uniform, are taking a knee listening to their coach after a practice. Nearby, their pile of lacrosse sticks and helmets. Across one of the lacrosse sticks reads: Landon."

He bought it. Maybe it's because we both played lacrosse and loved it. Maybe it's because he knew I was so excited about the name. Or maybe it was the Sunkist sodas. Either way, that's how we got our Landon.

xo The Mrs.

One Fab Mom Meets Muffy Martini! Two Blogworlds Collide!

Ladies, I can die happy because I have met THE "Muffy Martini". Oh yes. We had a scheduled L.A. Blogger meet up and they all defaulted. We decided to be very UN L.A, (no flakey people!), and meet for dinner ourselves!

I must say that on the way to meet Muffy dearest I started having visions of her actually being a 500 pound man. Not to worry dolls, she was Lilly Pulitzer and sweet as pie. Muffy even showed me a picture of her darling Skip. How cute are they! They are knee deep in wedding planning.

We dined on Italian food and wine and I bored her to tears with my Coco pictures! In my defense she egged me on telling me how beautiful she is.

All in all a wonderful evening. So glad I got to meet a bloggy friend!!

xo The Mrs.

Fabulous Find- Mustela No Rinse Soap!

I can't give Coco a bath every time she spits up (that would be bathing her six times a day!) so this has come to the rescue!

Mustela Baby No Rinse Cleansing Fluid:

* Gently and effectively cleanses sensitive areas: Diaper area: dissolves dirt and water resistant diaper creams. Face: gently cleanses the most sensitive skins with proven skin and eye safety: neutral pH/alcohol-free/ soap-free.
* Preserves the hydrolipidic film with its gentle, soap-free cleansing base.
* Softens, soothes and moisturizes the upper layers of sensitive skins, with the presence of Aloe vera and Allantoin.
* Leaves baby's skin clean and fresh with that signature Mustela® baby scent.
* No-rinse, pH-balanced cleansing fluid dissolves dirt and hydrates the skin with mild botanical extracts
* Hypoallergenic - specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions
* Tested under dermatological control.
* 10 fl. oz.

I looooove it! Wish I had discovered it with Landon!!!!

The Mrs.

Guess where I'll be Sept 23rd at 8pm?

"All eyes on me in the center of the ring it's like a circus..uh huh!"

The Mrs.

Fathers Day/ Man Weekend

So Daddy had a wonderful Fathers Day/ Man weekend of fishing, oatmeal cookies, and a homemade construction paper tie.

When he arrived home Saturday night we had steaks, artichokes, fatoush salad, and mashed potatoes. Oh, and Mojitos too! Good times! We sat outside by the pool with Aunt Rere and Sharpy and had a wonderful time.

Sunday morning I was exhausted! And felt a little wiped out from the mojitos. When did I become too old to drink? Hate that!

Thank you for your Will Ferrell prayers. Keep them coming! I should hear something this week or next but I have a good feeling about this!!!! Wouldn't it be wild if he did my movie? I swear I'd share every detail with you!

xo The Mrs.

Wife Of The Year Award Please.

Since it's a rare thing when I feel like I am a perfect wife...let me just brag! For this Fathers day, I am giving hubby a man weekend. Last night was a surprise dinner out at a new and manly restaurant where we dined on truffle mac and cheese and pork chops! YUM!

Then this morning at 4:30am, Uncle Sharpy (hubby's brother) showed up at the door to take him fishing! SURPRISE!!! He has sent me pics by text of his feet up on the boat of a very calm lake. Awesome.

What am I doing? Making oatmeal cookies, Daddy's favorite, and having so much fun with Landon. We are going to stay in our PJ's all day! Coco too!!!

Happy Father's Day!

The Mrs.


An offer is going out today to Will Ferrell to play the lead in a screenplay I wrote. Please pray he accepts the offer and my movie gets made!

The Mrs.

Lilly Pulitzer Wearhouse Sale! Loot there it is!

I adore the word "loot". It reminds me of a story. One night, playing Scattergories with friends, (you know the game pets, the one where you have a dice with letters and you name all the words that start with the letter you roll by categories), and I was playing with a couple who were Oh so opposite (they went on to marry). The category was wedding gifts, and she rolled the letter "L". She said "Lalique" and he said "Loot'. I digress.

Cancersucks, is the most fabulous and thoughtful person on EARTH. She went to the Lilly P warehouse sale and offered to pick me up a few things and I would pay her back. Look at what she got Coco and Landon!!!!

She even bought Coco a little gift herself. Could she be sweeter? I think not. Thank you Cancersucks!

Christening Party!

Coco's christening was a magical day. The weather has been less than fabulous these last few days, but this past Sunday the skies were blue and the sun came out for Miss Coco.

She wore hubby's christening gown, the one Landon also wore. We couldn't help spreading it out and making her look like Scarlett O'hara. Fiddle dee dee.

I hired a caterer for the first time ever, a lady from my church. I learned two things: 1) It's expensive! 2) It was amazing and I didn't lift a finger!

The menu was:

Finger sandwiches: Egg salad with fresh dill, crab salad, chicken salad with nuts and raisins

Butter lettuce salad with vinaigrette

Purple Potato Salad (seasonal)

For the kids:
Mac and cheese

PB & J's


Coco-nut cake!

Chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting

I had photos of Coco and pink peonies on all the tables, bubbles, art projects, and the sand table set up for the kids. It went so smoothly it was insane. I couldn't believe it!!!

Most of all I am so happy for Coco and her amazing church family!!


So I'm feeding baby Coco and clearly this is also my TV watching time. Breastfeeding + Rocking Chair = TV watching. So I turn to Wheel Of Fortune so that I may feel superior by solving the puzzle at home and saying "I told you", to the contestants.

The puzzle was "Grilled Albacore Tuna with Lemon". The girl had one letter missing, the B of albacore tuna. She wants to spin and I am thinking, No....you're spinning to get more money right? Of course! Then she decides to choose a letter and she's really puzzled. Huh? Solve the puzzle! She tried to come up with the letter and I said No! No! You know this...Come on! And she says: "F?"

F. Alfacore tuna. ALFA-CORE TUNA PEOPLE. I mean seriously.

Well, at least I feel superior.

xo The Mrs.

Freaky Friday

I figured since it's Friday I'd do a little freaky Friday post. Here are five freaky things about me. Well, maybe not freaky just random, strange and soooooo me!

1) I am the hula 1991 champion of Key West. Don't ask me to do it now though!
2) I don't know horizontal from vertical and get them mixed up all the time!
3) When I see someone dance really well, I just start bawling. (Hello, I am loving So You Think You Can Dance!)
4) I am not wild about nature AT ALL. I like a beach, but climate control is my ideal.
5) I sneeze at least seven times in a row, the cats do the same thing and Coco!

I am tagging:

Melissas Getting Married
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Suburb Sanity
Angry Julie Monday!

Twilight Movie Review-It Sucks...but in a good way!

Hubby and I watched Twilight the other night. I have not read the book, but I just had to see what everyone was talking about! I thought it was beautifully done, moody and gorgeous. And when I say gorgeous I mean Robert Pattinson. I tell you ladies he is foxy and so fun to look at. His character Edward and Bella Swan have this teenage love going on, and it is pretty dramatic and hot. Hot because of what they don't show you. Nothing is sexier than longing to be together but being unable to!

Robert wants to suck her blood, he's a bloodsucker after all...and she just wants to kiss and make out. What's a girl to do...this brings back such amazing high school feelings when relationships were full of drama and you felt everything was life and death! The fact that it's visually stunning makes it all the more perfect. I am giving it four out of five cosmos. You have to see it!

Weigh In Wednesday

2 pounds down!

Menu this week (thanks to Trader Joes)

Monday- Salmon with dill cous cous and broccolini
Tuesday- Rib eye steaks, asparagus, pepper salad with feta cheese
Wednesday- Pork chops, Greek salad, rice
Thursday- eggplant Parmesan
Friday- Fatoush salad, roasted chicken, and WINE!

The scales moving in the right direction!
The Mrs.


Went to lunch with my good friend Vanessa, the kind of lunch where we laugh, tear up, laugh again and just have a wonderful time. Vanessa recently lost her Grandmother Ruth, said she'd been in a funk about it. After her telling me about her I realized she sounded like my kind of lady!

Ruth hated T-shirts, only wanted men and boys in collared shirts (amen Grandma). She HATED paper napkins, God forbid you brought in fast food because she'd hand you a linen napkin (should I tell you now I eat In and Out Burger on china?). Even though Ruth had stomach cancer, and skin cancer and was in her nineties, Vanessa described her still as a perfect, shiny, hostess. I love it. What a lady.

My Uncle Bill died last week, at 92. This was my Grandmommie's, Coco's namesakes brother (My Great Uncle Bill). He was a southern gentleman that looked better in his sear sucker suit than anyone you ever saw. He was a war hero, an author of 14 books on regional history, and was a lawyer who championed civil rights at a time and place this was very unpopular. He was married to my Aunt Katherine for 63 years. He was the family historian and loved to tell me "you are a descended from Vikings".

It's people like Vanessa and I that carry these histories forward so that our kids know what real ladies and gentlemen were and should be like. Quite a lot to live up to.

Yesterday one of the mom's at Landon's mommy and me gymnastics class asked what happened to his arm. I told her a blood clot when he was born, he had a stroke, could have been brain damaged, has had numerous surgeries and skin grafts...basically a little miracle. She replied: "Wow. What a little viking!"

How about that. I told her about Uncle Bill and she got the chills. Said she'd never even said the word "viking" before. She wondered where it came from. I know where it came from. Thanks Uncle Bill. I needed a little reminder.

xo The Mrs.


Yes, we went to Pixieland but before that we went to a family wedding. We drove five hours in a car with an almost three year old and a 10 week old (hold your applause until the end please...)

A five hour drive with a two year old is like driving a car that's out of alignment. You are constantly managing and redirecting. Handing them toys (to shut them up), playing music for them (the same song 447 times), and praying they take a nap. Landon did pretty well on the way out there. Coco did pretty well too, we stopped every three hours so I could feed her, I felt like I had planned everything well. We were on track, arrived early at our hotel, our room was perfect...everything was coming up roses. Roses I tell ya!
I almost said it.
I almost said out loud how perfect everything was going. Better not say that out loud to hubby because it will all go up in smoke! (insert I told you so)

We headed to the wedding dressed and pressed.

This was an outdoor ceremony at a vineyard. We picked a seat in the back row, near the door to the indoor reception area (experienced Mother here people. I know how to make a quick getaway!)

The ceremony began. And so did SCREAMFEST 2009.

Maybe you think I'm exaggerating. Think again. She screamed so loud they could hear her from where I was hovering in the back of the reception hall. I tried to calm her, feed her, kill her (just kidding), but she kept screaming. After I fed her I handed her over to hubby and went to drink a bottle, I mean glass of wine. She screamed the rest of the night. We stuck her in the corner of the room and hit the dance floor while the grandmas took turns rocking the stroller. It was ugly. UGLY. She finally passed out hours later. She even slept through the night (smart move lady).
Next five hour drive I am letting Coco drive in her own car. Or Landon will drive and she can work the tunes.
The Mrs.

Operation Hot Bod

Time to get serious people. Hubby and I both have permanently pregnant stomachs and we need to get in shape! Hello it's June and the summer is upon us!!!

So June 1st I started a lifestyle change (notice how I didn't saw diet? Because DIETS FAIL!) Here is my plan:

Eat healthy
Weigh in each week
Exercise three days a week (starting with walking then weights and running)
Drink only on weekends
Have healthy snacks
Have a protein shake in the AM
Find out my BMI (Body Mass index)

I have one of those Tanita $50 scales that makes the weigh in fun. It tells you your weight down to the tiniest amount and your fat percentage. That way I can see if there's any progress at all!

Here was our dinner menu this week:
Monday Night- Salmon, dill cous cous and broccoli
Tuesday night- Steaks and asparagus (fell off the wagon with my small group and had cheesecake, wine and crackers!)
Wednesday Night- Turkey Burgers and Fatoush Salad (fatoush salad is a wanna be skinny girls dream!)

Fatoush Salad:

Romaine hearts
Green onion
Toasted pita bread pieces

dressing is lemon juice and olive oil!

Thursday Night: Pollo Asada, Black beans and rice and broccoli
Friday Night: WINE!

Who's with me? Who's on operation HOT BOD!?

Momx2 Makes Her Selection!

Momx2 was a lucky winner and she has decided on the Chain Link pattern of So Luxe stationary! Well guess what it arrived today and I am sending it to her! How gorgeous!

If you want to order stationary or invitations just email me and I will give you the details! Meanwhile you can look at products at Soluxe.com.

Here are the brands I carry:
Boatman Geller
Dabney Lee
Fountaine Maury
Bernadette Elenteny
and of course
So Luxe!

The Mrs.

Pixieland! The greatest amusement park for kids EVER!!!

Hubby and I went to a wedding this past weekend near San Francisco in Livermore California. Yes we did a five hour car trip with an almost three year old and a two month old. Yes we are still alive. The wedding was nice, or so I hear since baby Coco commenced screamfest at the start of the ceremony. More on that in another post....

Back to PIXIELAND! (in Concord, CA)

Pixieland is an amusement park that feels like you have jumped into the board game Candy Land! Clean, gorgeous and so fun! It's geared for kids 2-8 which is amazing since there are few toddler amusement parks!

Look what Landon did!

He rode a roller coaster for the first time (went two more times screaming FAST!)

He rode a train...

Went on the frog bounce!

Flew an airplane...

and rode in an antique car!

All this and a merry go round, hot dogs and french fries!!!

The best place ever!!!

Fabulous Find- Cutest Baby Booties EVER!

I love Pink turned me on to Cheryl Zwickers handmade crocheted booties. She sells on Ebay and in her on line store Cherlys Crochet. Coco will be wearing these under her christening gown!!!

As for christening plans we are two weeks away and I have sent out the invitations, am planning the menu, and have alerted all family and God parents! (Wish you were going to be with us PW!!!)

I'll let you know the details when they're finalized. You know the Mrs. loves a party and what a special reason to celebrate!!