Laguna Beach! Staying At The Surf and Sand

It had been 5 years since we had spent more than one night away without the kids. That was reason enough to get away, but I was also trying desperately to squeeze the last moments out of the summer! Going to the Surf and Sand Hotel was exactly what we needed!

The best part of the trip was having free time. Having thoughts that weren't interrupted by kids every second! We laughed and relaxed and were not worried about a thing. It was heavenly. The staff at The Surf and Sand is incredibly attentive and sweet. We were treated like royalty! 
It's a fabulous stay and no wonder:

Fans voted them into Travel + Leisure's Top 50 US Resorts in 2011!

We had the best time. Can't wait to go back!


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Katies Perk!

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More Baby Advice! What you need for a new Baby!

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I  decided to find out from the "other" Landon's mom (yes there is another Landon!), Love, Marriage, and a Baby Carriage, has learned so far as a new Mom! I was amazed that we share the exact same opinions! I am posting what she is finding helpful!
  • Get a My Brest Friend pillow. It's sturdy and has been a lifesaver.  It's especially helpful if you have a big baby.
  • Breastfeeding is REALLY hard at first. Having a supportive husband is a huge help, as was a nipple shield. 
  • If you are breastfeeding, invest in an electric pump. The hands-free ones are pricier, about $100 more, so don't get one of those. Get a normal electric pump (I have the Medela backpack one) and a hands-free bustier, which is like $20.
  • I love the Lily Padz more than the disposable nursing bra pads. They're reusable, waterproof so you can swim in them if you wanted, and they stop the leaking milk pretty well. I have had a few leaks, but those were my fault for not putting them on exactly right. 
  • A lot of people love those sleeper gowns for babies. We HATED them! They were a huge pain in the butt.  Just put on a onesie, then a Swaddle Me blanket at first (get those. So much easier than trying to swaddle with an actual blanket)
  • Buy lots of burp cloths (or take from the hospital!), but save the pretty ones for when you're in public. Just get the plain white ones for the house. You cannot have too many of these.
  • Get some sort of play mat. We have a Baby Einstein one and I can get a good 20 minutes to get stuff done while Landon is entertained by his "friends" dangling from the mat and the mirror.
  • We hate Huggies diapers. Pampers Swaddlers are working best for us right now.
  • Get some sort of bouncy seat or vibrating chair. We have the Fisher Price My Little Lamb seat and it's wonderful! Landon naps in it during the day sometimes and it allows me to take a shower while he's in the seat at the doorway of the bathroom so I can keep an eye on him while I get ready.
There it is. From a new Mom in the trenches!!!

Baby Oh Baby! Products you MUST have for a new baby!!

My friend Keri is having a baby boy! That is leading me to repost some of my "must have" baby items and advice! Feel free to chime in with your favorites!!

New Moms!! First step don't worry. You will be fine!! There are endless things to get, but let me be your personal assistant and tell you what you really need! Let the Mrs. tell you from experience!

First of all the baby will be hanging out in your bedroom for the first four months. Take a deep breath. This means you have more time to decorate the nursery! Since baby will be in your room, you need a bassinet, or in my case a moses basket on my ottoman!

You'll need a crib and mobile for their room which you will be moving them into at about 3 or four months once they stop late night feedings.

You need a good mattress in your baby crib, anything to promote great sleep! I have an organic one, more pricey but Landon is an awesome sleeper!

Diapers, wipes, baby nail clipping set all needed. Wipes warmer? I say skip it. Otherwise they expect a warm wipe when your out and about and you won't have that! I like Dr. Browns bottles, you need a variety of sizes. Changing pad and covers for your dresser or changing table.

If you're breast feeding by God spend good money on a breast pump. No reason to torture yourself! I have the medela backpack one and it's great.

You also need a boppy to lean baby or you on!

You must have Lilly Padz as well, vs the cloth pads for leaky boobies. They are so much better!!!

Baby needs a bathtub for sure and if you don't have bathroom counter space do it on the kitchen counter like me! Remember babies like to be warm so keep a warm washcloth on the tummy or they'll scream! Speaking of, you need about 6 washcloths so you don't have to wash all the time, also steal as many cloth diapers from the hospital as you can, they make great burp cloths. Sure you'll have fancy ones for when you go out, but for at home these work great. I have about 20!

You also need about 10 bibs that are washable and go with cute little outfits.
I love all the Mustela bathing products and lotions. still use them on Landon because they smell amazing!

NO IDEA what baby diaper trash can works...I still have no clue how to solve the diaper stinky trash problem. If you know tell me!

You need a bouncy chair,

a baby swing, an exersaucer

and a gymini Kick and play.

If you travel a lot or if you like to socialize at friends then you need a pack and play portable crib. Perfect for naps at friends houses!

Overwhelmed yet? You need a stroller too. So many new cool brands. Which one do you like?

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Fill In Thursday!

Join me for Fill In Friday! (Not my idea but can't remember whose it was!)

I want to know your answers!

1. My go to outfit for a dress-up occasion like a wedding is: Buying something new!!!! 
2. This week has been: Better because Coco is smiling more. 

3. When it's dinnertime and I'm feeling lazy I'll usually eat : string cheese and veggies dipped in cilantro dip!
4. My favorite pair of shoes is: My gold Bonannos of course.
5. A random item that I own that is completely unnecessary, but that I can never part with is: a stuffed cow someone gave me when Landon was in the hospital. 
6. My Go To Summer meal is: Pork Loin and Greek Salad
7. If I were going to write my own essay it would say: "The best thing I've done all summer is..." and my answer to that would have to be beach days with my husband, friends and kids.

Your turn! 

Funny Girl

When you meet a Funny Girl, you want to be her friend.

She made you laugh, you feel relaxed, and don't want it to end...

You tell her of your tragedies, you're going to lose your mind...she tells you she understands and makes you smile every time.

That's the thing about her. The thing you never knew. That Funny Girl was such a friend, she was pretty too.

So here's to all the Funny Girls, we know you do it all....And Happy 100th Birthday to the best Funny Girl, one of my favorites Lucille Ball. (pictured above)
Wife, Mom and "Pretty" Funny Girl.

How To Survive A Weekend Without Your Husband

This past weekend The Mr went on a "Man Weekend" to Palm Springs. I was not looking forward to being alone with the kids all weekend, I already feel overwhelmed at the end of the week! I like our weekends, because he is home and helps. That being said I know he needed a little time off. So he went.

Last time I was alone with the kids I made no plans and winged it. NOT GOOD. I ended up getting mad about the stupidest things and was no fun at all.

This time I had a plan! I got a sister wife. (Not a good pic of her but hey, we are workin!)

You know it takes a village to raise a child, and with no family close by to help, I created one. My friend Lindsay and her two kids really saved the say. She helped me wrangle the kids, move at a steady pace, and keep the peace. Most of all she helped me keep my sense of humor.

Saturday we took the kids to the Los Angeles Zoo, played and had lunch. The kids had a ball.

When we got home we had another play date and played in the pool. That night, movie night with:

Pete's Dragon! (My favorite from childhood!)

Sunday (church was having a service at the beach and it was too cold for the kids), Lindsay, my sister wife and I, took the kids to the Museum Of Natural History. 

They saw an amazing dinosaur exhibit, animals from Africa and North America, rain forests, prairies and went to the Discovery Center. They loved it. Lunch outside at the cafe and then home.

One of the best parts about my new sister wife was she had a mini van. Even though I have sworn on a stack of hot mama bibles I would never get one, I have to tell you it was too fun being all in one car!!! Still not getting one.

After all this excitement we came home to see the Mr in the driveway. He helped me get the kids inside. I have to say I was a little sad to see him and say goodbye to my sister wife Lindsay. Having another mother around with the same philosophy, sense of humor, and ages of kids really made life great.

So if you're husband leaves you with the kids for the weekend, make sure you have two things. A schedule of fun events, and a sister wife. Makes all the difference.

Thanks Lindsay!!!

Bestie Had A Birthday

So here's how the birthdays are now going. We make a reservation at a fabulous restaurant like Villetta in Brentwood.

We order Prosecco. In this case PINK Prosecco.

We eat carbs.

We all get favors from the birthday girl (we all got rings suited to our personality) and shower her with gifts.

I got her a few of these Fornash Bracelets above.

And we have a REAL good time.

Happy Birthday Katie! xo!

Potty Training Day Day 2,3,4....

I am here to tell you that Coco is a rock star, big girl, potty trained almost 2 1/2 year old. She at first didn't get it, but in an hours time (and a whole lotta apple juice) she got it. Now she runs to the bathroom when she has to pee. I cannot even believe it! It was a cake walk. I am one lucky Mama!!!

In other news I dropped my babies off at camp for the first time yesterday, and it was a little sad! I was feeling like an empty nester!! I love motherhood. The kids drive you insane when you're with them, but when you are apart you miss them like crazy! They only go half day thank goodness so I still get to have fun with them. Here's us with some friends at the Long Beach Aquarium!

I feel like this summer has FLOWN by. Hoping to get a weekend away with hubby alone before school starts again!!

How's your summer going?