Fabulous Holidays- Halloween Loot

God Mother (Landon's not mine), and I hit both Z Gallerie and TJ Maxx within hours of her landing, and scored some great loot! The theme of the Halloween Dinner was going to be "Draculas Feast", until we saw these Skull Plates at Z Gallerie and she went INSANE!!!! She bought these as her every day plates and is letting me borrow for the party!

She got the dinner and salad plates and then these chargers in Black Crock (also from Z Gallerie)

We also got a Giant Black Glitter moon which I will photograph when we do the decor!
Then we hit TJ's and bought strings of fake pumpkins and gourds to spray paint either silver or black.
We're now going for a sort of "Glamourween" theme. She is picking up silver fabric today to do a tablecloth.
The only bummer was in the middle of TJ's I had a stomach ATTACK and rushed home. Got my sons stomach flu and have been on the toilet or over it ever since! Feeling a little better so I hope to be on track tomorrow for more planning. We still need to do the menu, but my stomach couldn't take it just yet!!!!

Just Fabulous

Can you feel it the air? That's right. God Mother arrives today. That means Halloween is officially here. We have a jam packed and completely exciting schedule of events.
Sunday: Relax and laugh our heads off.
Monday: Shop at the tri-fecta, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Target. Lunch out at our favorite place PF Changs, and then celebrate her bday out that night while laughing our heads off.
Tuesday: Take Landon somewhere fun, lunch out, Nails done, eyebrows waxed, and prep for Halloween dinner party while laughing our heads off.
Wednesday: Prep for Halloween party while laughing (now you're getting it) our heads off.
Thursday: More shopping, lunching and dinner out at Matsuhisa (celeb studded restaurant and sister to Nobu) and you guessed it. Laugh.
Friday: God mother leaves. I will cry and beg her to move to LA, but that is one good week!

The Forgotten Child

This morning my first real baby Shelby snuggled up to me in bed as if to say: remember me? Remember our fun walks and trips to the dog park? Remember how you'd worry about me when you left the house and ran home to get me? Remember that? Ahhh yes. I remember. And then I had a real baby and remembered you were a dog. Still the best and cutest dog ever and you still get walks AND you get to sleep on our bed! To which she let out a big sigh and looked at me again as if to say: okay, I still love you. I still love you too Shelby. I promise.

Fabulous Holidays- Halloween Costumes for Kids Continued!!!

It's not too late! Here is one last fabulous website for Halloween costumes for kids. Beastly Buddies has gorgeous well made costumes for Halloween and dress up. From Daniel Boone outfits to Tutu's they have it all. These costumes are made of good quality material and adorable!!!

Not so Fabulous- Southern California Fires

I was walking with Landon today and I can smell all the ash in the air. The sun is covered by an ominous haze. It feels like Armageddon. I don't live very close to where the fires are but I am praying for them to come to an end. I can't imagine losing my house to a fire, let alone all my things. I know people are more thankful to be alive, but losing things like family albums would be devastating. I'm proud of the way we are pulling together as a state. Katrina taught us some hard lessons. Thanks for checking in on me!

Fabulous Holidays- Christmas gifts

It is 66 days, 10 hours and 6 Minutes until Christmas...but who's counting! YIKES! I decided to get going on the gift giving ideas. I mean let's be real, the women buy the gifts otherwise it becomes a complete disaster!
Here are FIVE Christmas gift picks that are under $50 (we'll get into the pricey stuff later, but you can still give fabulous things for under $50!)

For the Jet Setter-
Leather Passport Cover: $20, Baekgaard collection, Vera Bradley

For the Entertainer
Pheasant Salt and Pepper shakers $38 from Horchow

For the College Student
Clocky run away alarm clock! $49 at The Sharper Image

For the Cool Kid
Skate Board video game $50 at Red Envelope

For Your Baby Girl

Monogrammed Diaper Cover $15 at Orient Expressed

Fabulous Holidays- Halloween

Okay can I really do this? I have roped hubby into being pirates and believe me I looked high and low for a NON- slutty costume but it was tough. This is the best I could do and I will be tweaking it a little. I will go in regular clothes to take Landon out but this will be for my dinner party with friends. Good Lord I hope people are too drunk to remember. And yes I got wigs. Auburn curly for me and black and long for hubby!

Thanks Preppy Napkin!!!

Well she gave me a discount (okay all the people who read her blog) and I got my stuff from To Bee Named! A little something for my Christmas wreath and...a little something for me! I looooove monogrammed anything so she had me at hello!

Sanity Break- Church

I grew up going to the presbyterian church in my home town but after college I took a long hiatus. Once I moved to Los Angeles I looked for churches high and low and couldn't find one I really connected to. Since joining my new church a year ago church has a whole new meaning. Just to have that hour to sit and be quiet and think is really something I look forward to all week. Today our pastor talked about the resurrection and how everyone experiences "little deaths", a job change, a relationship falling apart, even having a baby. Anyone who's had a child knows that it is the death of a certain part of your relationship but the start of a new one. The resurrection comes when you come into the light of your new life. Just like Jesus comes out of the cave, we come out of our caves of sadness, anger and embrace what's good in our lives. I certainly went into a cave when Landon was born. he was in the hospital 52 days and it nearly killed me. Now I look at him smiling, running around in his pajamas and I know that we have a new start.
We love our church and feel so connected to everyone there. We actually miss it if we can't go! Whether you go to church, temple or just take Sunday off to meditate, this is a much needed sanity break. It helps you face Monday with a renewed sense of inspiration and peace. What more can you ask for!!!
My church is called Thads if you're curious!!

Fabulous Find- Landon's favorite toys

Here is Landons list of favorites. This is his Friday Five! Five things and also these are things that occupied him for more than five minutes which we all know is a
big deal!!!

1. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn- Learning Home Doorway
This is so full of things to do it occupies him for twenty minutes!!!! Long enough for an iced tea! With mint!

2. Step Two Push Around Buggy (also comes in PINK!)
This was another way to take a walk and one he felt like he was in charge of! Brilliant!

3. Melissa and Doug Latches Board
This is still a favorite after months and months!

4. Neurosmith Jumbo Music Cube
It has pockets and zippers and puzzles OH MY!

5. Leap Frog Leap Start Learning Table
This is endless fun and has a little keyboard to play for your little rock star. Also can be switched to Spanish language for Bi Lingual Genius Babies like Landon! Ha!

I'm Tagging Preppy Napkin, Happy Home Maker, Magnolia Mama, and Hemstitch and Hydrangea for their Friday Five List of Toys that last more than five minutes...that way we can see what older kids like too!

Fabulous clothes- shopping spree!

Look what Landon is getting from Grandmommie for Christmas! Gotta Love Janie and Jack!

Not so Fabulous- Pre-School search!

Okay this is becoming a nightmare. Landon is 15 months but I apparently have to get on this pre school thing or he won't get into Harvard. I have been to many pre-schools and all of them seem to have their positives and negatives. Remember I live in California people so I'm looking for a little East Coast vibe to satisfy me. Some of these schools are so loosey goosey or just to new agey for me to deal with. There is one school that I like, that we have been on the waiting list for since Landon was born(thanks Hillary!)! Still no word from them yet. It is stressful looking and trying to determine what's best for Landon. I want him to be happy where he is and also feel like he will start to love learning. Plus I want him to have sweet funny friends who adore him. Tall order? Hope not.
Soon it will be elementary schools I am thinking about. I swear sometimes he wakes up from his nap bigger than when I put him down. And he has all these teeth! He stomps around babbling and coming over to show me what sound the snake makes...ssssssss....
I can now laugh thinking of how badly I wanted a girl. Now I just want to make sure the girl's are good enough for him!

Fabulous Car- The Pacifica

I must give some love to my car that I drive everyday. I refuse to succumb to the mini van, I cannot give in! This is a happy and not so huge compromise. The Pacifica has a remote controlled trunk, so that when Landon is wiggling and I'm carrying groceries or bags of Janie and Jack clothes I can pop open the trunk from afar. Genius. The built in DVD player came in handy driving to Tahoe, Baby Einstein on constant loop makes the trip a whoooole lot better! And finally, my sunglasses holder. Ode to the sunglasses holder. How can something so simple make me feel so fabulous!?

Fabulous Family Outing! The patch!

Hubby and I went with Grandmommie to the Pumpkin patch last weekend. This was no small feat considering we live in a very city place. We went to a REAL pumpkin patch and picked our own sassy pumpkins. Landon enjoyed himself quite a bit. I have to say that last year we were in a make shift patch in a parking lot so this was a very big deal!
It was still "hot as hinges" outside (great grandmother is from Wales and has the best phrases), so we do look rather summery at the patch. If you haven't been to a real pumpkin patch it is very worth the trip!

Fabulous Holidays- Halloween Costumes for Kids

Here are some costumes I found that are so cute I could just die!!!! What is your little one going to be this year?

Fabulous Decor- Nurseries

I have babies on the brain now that hubby and I are trying for number #2, as do some of my girlfriends who are trying as well. I just love these nurseries. A little inspiration for you to design your own!

I love built in shelving. Need some in Landon's room desperately!

Love the curtains in this Pottery Barn room. Very sophisticated boy room...I am going to go to a few friends houses and photograph their rooms too! I'll include mine as well with the next batch!

Fabulous Book!

Okay I hate to join the club but I must! Eat, Pray, Love is incredible. I am only 30 pages in and it's amazing. Elizabeth Gilberts voice is hysterical and heartbreaking. With her journey to herself you will compare your own life and wonder how you can be more authentic. She took a year and traveled through Italy, India and Bali to find her own unique spiritual voice but all you have to do is read the book! A truly fabulous read I cannot wait to finish!

Fabulous Find- Brag Books!

This is a great idea for a Christmas gift or just for yourself! Phoebe and Harry make these adorable brag books, photo albums and scrapbooks! Such a great idea. You could even do a guest book for your summer or winter home with a picture of it one the front. I think the brag books are perfect gifts for the Grandmas!

Fabulous Holidays- Halloween

Godmother is coming so I must get on my Halloween Game! Remember it's her Christmas so this is serious. Looking for some Glammed up Halloween ideas and found a few fun things!

This was from a CBS show last year but I LOVE what they are doing to those pumpkins!
"Put a fun and creative twist on the classic Halloween pumpkin. Paint pumpkins solid black-and-white with a high-gloss spray paint, and decorate them with inexpensive and easy-to-find items such as fishnet stockings, metal thumb tacks, and feathers. (You'll need an ice pick and mallet to decorate with feathers)." LOOOVE! Luckily GodMother is crafty so I can attempt this!

And...Love these from Z Gallery...

Kinda like this hat from Terrys Village....something to answer the door in if you aren't going full costume!

Here's some other decorating Ideas...BOO!

Fabulous Man- Oscar De La Renta

"Good manners are not about dressing- a man can be dressed in the most unfortunate way and be a perfect gentleman - it's just a shame that we're losing a sense of decorum. People live life at such a quick pace now, but it really doesn't take any extra time to do things in a proper way. Maybe it's easier to put on sloppy pants and a sloppy shirt and a pair of shoes that haven't been cleaned. It takes effort to have your pants pressed, your shirt neat, your shoes shined. But having a wonderful life takes discipline. Once you give up on discipline, you give up on a lot of things. I always stop to ask how someone is when I talk to them on the telephone. If I get into an elevator and there are four women in it, I wait till every one passes me before I step out. I never swear-not even in private. I never yell. I don't think in 40 years of working that I've ever raised my voice to someone. A gentleman treats people well at work and at home."- Oscar

I loooove this quote. I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and I love that manners seem to still be alive and well in the South. When we moved to New York I was excited for all the culture, but amazed by how busy everyone seemed to be. Where were all these people going? And trying to get there so fast! Soon I became one of the hurried people hustling along. Now that I am living in California, and have my own family, I purposely try and slow myself down. I enjoy Landon so much more when I'm not running my own agenda. I try to ask people how they are, make a meal for someone who needs it, and let people get in front of me when I drive. Makes me happier and the world seems to flow more easily. I can remember before I was a mother, I would see fabulously dressed moms and tots and think: "how great they look!" Now I think these mom's are HEROES! I know what it takes to keep yourself and your family and your home looking fabulous! I think part of living fabulous is taking the time for yourself, Your husband, your kids, your neighbors and the world.

Fabulous Dreamy Date Night

Last night hubby and I had such a nice date night. He took me to dinner at a Jazz club and the music was incredible. So incredible that I sat there feeling all my "To Do" lists and things I have to remember that I keep forgetting to write down, drift away. On these nights I fall in love with hubby all over again. I can look at him through "honeymoon" eyes. Like when we were in Mykonos, tan and relaxed, dining at a table where the water was lapping at our feet. One date night, one night of music and my hubby smiling at me across the table, and I feel like I'm living a fabulous life. And I am.

Fabulous Find- Layla Grayce

Attention shoppers!!!! Got your attention now don't I? Well, I've stumbled upon an incredible website full of fabulous finds!
For babies...

A baby carrier cover...because who doesn't want to cover those up!?

These cute baby loafers..stop it!

If I had a little girl she'd have this...

Love this album!!!

But they don't forget mom's either...

For the hostess of the mostess...

How's this for a computer bag?!

Don't make me take out my clipboard!

You love my purse? It's a diaper bag! HA!

And if you haven't tried Mistral's Mer de Sud bubble bath you have not lived!!! I loooooove this website! Never seen so many cute things! Go there and see at Layla Grayce.