Opah's Next Chapter Lessons- TD Jakes

I am beyond obsessed with Oprahs Next Chapter. On this show Oprah does one on one interviews and shares amazing experiences. It has depth, creativity and inspires me to no end.

I am devoting this week to some of my favorite shows. Today's post is about Bishop T.D. Jakes. Bishop T.D. Jakes is a pastor at a mega church in Dallas called The Potter's House. I had heard of him but had never heard him preach. Oprah attended one of his services and then interviewed him one on one.

I love going to church, and go regularly. I really love when a preacher literally blows your mind. A preacher who can take a bible story you already know but show it to you in a brand new way is amazing. Bishop was preaching the story of Jesus blessing the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Of course, at that point, it was not enough to feed everyone.

So in essence...

Jesus was blessing something that was not enough. 

Let's just stop right there. So powerful. Still grateful when really, they needed much more!
Until you can be thankful for something that is not enough...what you have cannot be multiplied into what is more than enough.

When he broke the bread. It multiplied. So the blessing was in the breaking. That which refuses to be broken refuses to be blessed. The breaking of life produces the blessings!

Holy moly. I know that the most blessed people I have ever met, have been broken by something in their lives. This really made me think about how grateful I am for what I DO have. So hard to be grateful when you want more than you have!

Have you been broken? Blessed? Are you blessing what is not enough?

"I Don't Think I Did A Good Enough Job"

On the way back from Palm Springs, we stopped for lunch and met the cutest older couple. They were sitting next to us, admiring our (amazingly) well behaved kids. It was Mother's Day....

We started chatting, I noticed her North Carolina accent, we shared the pains of parenthood. She said hers were grown, she had grandchildren. Circle of life...

But while husband took the kids to the loo, she said something. Something we all think, but never say.

"I don't think I did a good enough job raising my kids". 

When she said it I wanted to cry. She really seemed like the cutest mom and grandmother. Even her husband sitting across from her had a sweet smile. She was telling me she thought I was doing a great job. Her? Not so much.

How many times have we thought this?

I never think I am doing a good enough job, unless my kids show an extreme moment of kindness, or are just laughing and giggling with each other. Otherwise I question myself too. How good is good enough anyway?

Isn't this the trap? This is how we beat ourselves up. I told that woman I thought she did an amazing job. I know she did. I could tell she really cared. And you out there...You're doing an amazing job! You, you Mom's are heroes and you need to give yourself a break!

How about you? Have you asked yourself this?

Miss Coco Goes To The Paul Frank Party At The Beverly Hills Hotel!

That Coco, she really has a fabulous life.

Case and point. She was invited to the Paul Frank Party To Celebrate his clothing launch at Babies 'R' us!

We celebrated their ADORABLE new children’s collection at Babies ‘R’ Us that will hit stores this June. The event was decorated all with their new adorable Small Paul collection. Coco put on her Lilly Pulitzer shift and was ready to go!

When she first arrived she spotted a makeup chair and hopped right in there. She loved her "Butterfly eyes".

She spied "Julius" the Paul Frank monkey and we had to get a pic!

The setting in the courtyard of the Beverly Hills Hotel was gorgeous. Look at the umbrellas in the trees!

After some cookie decorating, dancing with Julius and delicious food Coco got her personalized Paul Frank backpack full of swag. It was time to go!

Coco and I spied Jillian Barberie, Elisabeth Rohm, Candice Cameron Bure (who was so gorgeous and sweet I adored her!!!) and Busy Phillips.

A great day!

BBQ Night!

Nothing better than BBQ when it's done RIGHT. We found a place here that I just have to tell you about. Smoke City Market has the best BBQ I have ever had!

Even though it was take out I broke out my Italian Blue Spode because I hate plastic forks and paper plates!

We had:
Smoked Beets
Cole Slaw
Mac and Cheese
Grilled corn

And we loved it all!!

Husband broke out the Moonshine!

And he didn't even mind that his new pal "Fella" showed up in the same shirt. Good times!

Pool Remodel- Aka armageddon in the back yard

Here's what I have been up to recently:

Keep in mind it used to look like this:

Well it was looking a little fancy here from the fabulous Surfs Up Baby Shower for Keri and baby Joshie...

But with leaks, flooding and plaster coming up from the bottom of the pool it was time. I will let you know the progress. Just in time for summer right? We're putting in a fire pit, built in grill, and a bed! Woooo!!!

Here's some of my inspirations:

Love the plantings and fake grass!

Definitely doing Turquoise and apple green! Advice welcome! What should we do?

Happy Mother's Day! Great Time At The Westin Mission Hills!

We had a wonderful weekend away at the Westin Mission Hills in Palm Springs. 

The kids had the greatest time of their lives for three reasons:

1) Not one but two water slides!

2) An arcade with games of all sorts.

3) Endless time in the pool!

I had the greatest time for these three reasons:

1) Hot shell massage

2) Dinners at the gorgeous Bella Vista restaurant.

3) My family was so happy and we had wonderful times together!

Great place for families and One Fabulous Mother's Day! One problem. Landon now wants a golf cart for his birthday.

What Mom's Really Want For Mother's Day

What do Mom's really want for Mother's Day?

Jewelry? A massage? Five seconds to pee alone?

What usually happens? We go out, or attend a Mother's Day brunch.

I will straight up tell you I used to be a big fan of the Mother's Day Brunch.

This was of course when I had little kids who would sit in a high chair and pose with me. Soon I realized that this was way more work and stress then a Mother needed! I realized I was One Tired Mom and just wanted to relax!

And so, the Mother's Day vacation was born.

Whether it's a day trip or a weekend away, I get away somewhere with the Mr and the kids. We spend quality time relaxing and having fun. In the past we have gone to Laguna and Palm Springs. Those were two of the best weekends. I am happy, the kids are happy, and no one is being dragged to the bathroom six times before we get our brunch food. I call that a win/win. All I really want for Mother's Day is a healthy, happy family!!

Sometimes Motherhood is the path of least resistance. I'll let you know how this Mother's Day goes! What do you REALLY want for Mothers Day?

Christopher Guy's New Store- Britt week!

Apparently I am cool because I have no idea how the Mr and I ended up at this fabulous party for Christopher Guy.

Here's the blurb:

In conjunction with the Grand Opening of the new Christopher Guy showroom and BritWeek, the second annual Christopher Guy BritWeek Design Award ceremony will be held. Sponsored by Architectural Digest, the private award presentation and cocktail reception party will announce and celebrate the winner and runner-up of the design competition. Guests will include prominent design professionals in the Los Angeles and Southern California area, the BritWeek organization and their guests, the design schools and their students, and the prestigious panel of judges: renowned Designers Christopher Guy Harrison, Philip Treacy, Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Birgit Muller.

We ran into our dear friends Alex Mason (painter of fabulousity) and Amelia who has a secret blog I will tell you about later!

Anyhoo there was champagne, a fabulous gift bag and a fashion show for hats!!

You know you love her...

And her...

Wooo it was a fun time!


Sometimes I just know I am doing everything right. 

Little moments when I hear my kids and I know I am guiding and molding them into wonderful human beings. I love that Landon and Coco are such good friends. Look at these kids.

Thick as thieves.

Today, as we were heading out to the "Country Club" (more on this later), I put Coco in her brand new flowered blue bikini. 

She walked into the kitchen and Landon gasped.

I literally heard him draw his breath in.

And then he said it.


I almost cried.

Can you imagine the lucky woman who is going to marry this guy? He is so sweet and loving to her and all his friends. Such a good guy! I am one proud mama. Today I am feeling like One Fabulous Mom!