Lost My Fabulous- Trying to get it back!

I Lost My Fabulous.

I don't know how it happened.

That's not true. I do. I guess I don't know the exact moment. Sometime, in the middle of working, tending to family, volunteering, socializing, dealing with friendship dynamics, family dynamics, dealing with minor crises, dealing with major crises, dealing with people with bad attitudes, hearing unkind words, financial issues and just bad juju.....

I lost my fabulous.

I didn't think I had really lost it all together. Even amidst emotionally devastating happenings I was able to still bounce back a little. Go out to dinner. Put on the Lilly Pulitzer....

But then my heart was broken. My dreams were dashed. Things got worse. And soon, looking around and then looking in the mirror. I realized: I lost my fabulous.

You may think this is funny coming from One Fabulous Mom. And truthfully I started this blog because I was feeling less than Fabulous and wanted to get it back.

But things have piled up too big to ignore. And my heart is broken. So friends, no more fabulous. And I have to face it. After all the definition of crisis is: a difficult or dangerous situation that needs serious attention. And so, this does.

I'm hoping I can get it back. Right now I have no clue how. But since I know some if you are in the same boat...I'll keep you posted. I'll take you on my journey. And if you have lost your fabulous you are not alone. And if you are getting it back I applaud you. And if you never lost it, trust me one day you will.

So let's do this together. Join me on my journey  Find My Fabulous. Stay tuned...