Apparently I'm A Mom

My high school besties were in town for my birthday and just about died when they saw this drawer in my kitchen.  This is my make the morning easy drawer. Separated is all bottle parts,  sippy cups, formula and cereal. Also bibs and dishtowels. I thought this would be a great end to my top ten week.  I feel like this is a glimpse into the reality of motherhood and how we survive. Here's to all the Mommies, cheers to you and have a wonderful stress free weekend!

Top Ten Toddler Must Haves!

Miss Coco is officially a toddler, and of course Landon was one so that makes me an expert on this subject right? Here are a few things that really have made life easier!

1) Baby Proofing Locks and Latches- Keep them out of the cabinets that you don't want them in, but give them a few they can open and discover!

2) Leapfrog Learn and Groove Music Table- a staple in our home and so great when they are just learning to stand!

3) Playskool Step Start Walk and Ride- an inter-changable walker and ride on that Coco has loved!

4) Outdoor infant toddler swing- Babies love to swing!

5) Step 2- Push around Buggy- Coco loves being pushed around in her little pink car. She holds the steering wheel. Another way to walk them around the block or park.

6) Leapfrog Fridge Farm Magnetic Set- This is a perfect fridge toy to entertain them while you make dinner. Coco moves the animals around and hears the noises they make.

7) Stacking cups- this is serious fun for kids, putting little objects in the cups, stacking them, simple and fun.

8) Fisher Price Rock and Stack- the old standby still works. Trust me.

9) Playskool Busy Poppin Pals- Another old stand by we love!!!

10) Fisher Price Ocean Crib Aquarium- People wonder why my kids go right to sleep. This is why!

How about you? What are your favorite toddler must haves? Share!

Forty Things To Do Before Forty- Carol Burnett

I interrupt baby week to tell you that I went to see my idol, Carol Burnett last night. She was in LA for the first time, on stage with Tim Conway. They talked and joked, Tim Conway was in rare form. Then they took questions. I scurried to the mic but alas there was no time. They took questions, and then a line longer than two football fields to sign her new book This Time Together. (Mr. bought one signed for me). The book is about her co stars through the years and her life.

So on my Forty Things To Do Before Forty List was to MEET Carol Burnett. I'm afraid it's still on the list. I just have to find a way to get to her. She was gracious and lovely though, everything you'd expect. She has 23 emmys, produced her own show when no one else had, and gives all the credit to her co stars and writers. No wonder I love her.

What's on your Fabulous Forty list? I am giving myself my whole fortieth year to complete my forty! I better get a move on!

One Fabulous Mom's Top Ten Week- Top Ten Baby Items You need to survive!

There are a few bloggers who are pregnant right now and needing some guidance. I mean you I Pick Pretty and Beach Bum and Baby I figure I will start with the new Mom's this week but then move on to toddlers and older ones! Feel free to list your top tens too. I love to share information and help people. I think it is so important to know what works and let people know!!

Here's my top ten list of items you need for a new baby!

1. Itzbeen- The itzbeen baby timer is great whether breastfeeding or not. Instead of writing down when you fed baby last, you press a button and the itzbeen counts the time (It's been) since your last feeding. Why do you need this? Because when you first go to BABY VEGAS (you don't know what day or time it is) you become cloudy and cannot remember a thing. I still can't!!

2) Wubba Nub Passy- These are pacifiers with an animal on the end. Not only are they functional, they are adorable. The reason this is a must is because when it is time to WEAN them off the passy, you can cut it off and they can keep the animal! Way easier than inventing a passy fairy who comes and takes it away for the babies right?

3) BabyWise- get the book and read all about how important it is to give your baby the gift of sleep! Having a schedule makes sleepy time more predictable and you have a happier child. Of course all children are different and the schedule may be changed a little to fit your needs. Either way it's important to consider!

4) Dr. Browns Bottles- They make sure there is less gas and air in baby's tummy.

5) Sleep positioner- You need this so you can rotate the sides you baby sleeps on left and right so you can have a perfectly shaped baby head! Also when they are swaddled it keeps them snuggled in and some even are elevated to help with colic and acid reflux.

6) Mustela No Rinse Baby Soap- You can't bathe the baby every ten seconds. This way if they are a little stinky you can use a wash cloth and clean them up. Brilliant!!

7) Gymini- This is a little floor mat playground for baby. Encourages them to move around, roll over and enjoy tummy time.

8) Excersaucer- We had the Baby Einstein one which was great. We call this the baby's OFFICE. YOu can put them in, they play and play and are safe so you can shower, make dinner etc. A must! When baby little you will be rotating them from this to the bouncy seat.

9) Bouncy Seat- one with vibration is a must. Helps with a fussy baby and another place to sleep of put baby when you need a break!

10) Sleep Sheep- another way to help baby sleep better. A noise maker for babies. Landon still uses his and it helps him fall asleep!

You can get most of these things in my amazon store on my blog. Just click away!

Nadia Suleman- Octomom? Or just tired mom?

I watched Nadia Suleman on Oprah the other day and I was struck by a few things. In the past I, like everyone else, have had the opinion that she is selfish, immature and crazy. After all, any single parent with six children who wants more kids in not only insane, but has a death wish.

Well, Nadia not only admits that she made selfish and immature choices regarding placing all those embryos inside of her, but she says she niaevely thought she could handle it. Now she knows how stupid that was.

The cameras followed Nadia while she literally went from on chaotic moment to the next. She cannot come up for air for even a second. Even with three day nannies (no help at night YIKES), she can barely hold it together. She now knows, what every mother knows, that having kids is no joke. Whether it's one kid or twenty-one (What are the Duggars up to now? 20?), having kids is more emotional and physical work than you could ever bargain for. Between medical issues, education, meal prep, chauffeuring, and keeping them physically fit, you can barely remember to put on mascara and let me tell you, Nadia is not wearing any.

Nadia is in sweats, hair wet, constantly feeding, playing, soothing, bathing, reading, and changing her kids. She said she feels like a "carnival attraction".  She gets between two and four hours of sleep a night. Wouldn't that make you a little crazy?

She admits that she is teetering on the edge of losing her home, that she walks the fine line of selling her "Octomom" image and wanted to have privacy. She did a star magazine cover for $100,000 so she could pay for her kids.

One of the most interesting insights- that she was obviously lacking something inside, trying to fill a void with all these kids. Looking outside of herself, making poor choices that were childish in order to fulfill her needs for acceptance. Don't we all do that? With food, drink, shopping, our husbands and boyfriends, our kids? Everyone has a little of this going on, obviously she is an extreme.

I felt a little sorry for her, talking about how she has to live with her choices. Also about how she feels guilty that she can't hold them all, give them enough attention and love. These kids may look back and think she was insane to do this, but they cannot say she's a bad mother. She is really trying to do right by them.

I'm gonna give "Octomom" a little break. I'm going to call her Nadia. I'm going to think of her as a mother in the trenches like the rest of us, not a carnival attraction. I pray she makes it and that the kids thrive!

Pom WONDERFUL- Fabulous Find

I must wax poetic about the Pom pomagranite juice. It really is amazing. The first time I had it, you may recall, was on a girls trip where we invented the POM POM. That's champagne and a splash of Pom Pomegranate juice. DIVINE. Decided I would try some and have some for hubby in the house. He loves it. I like it with a little club soda and a lime. Like a daytime cocktail!

Loaded with potassium and a great source of antioxidants. Also no sugar added! It's practically perfect.

Word on the street is there is now Pom Blueberry, Pom Cherry, Pom Mango etc! I have not tried it yet but I must!

Do you POM?

Motherhood and a Job Outside the Home= TWO JOBS

The Mr is a good provider. He works, hard. He leaves the house early and manages to keep us afloat in a shaky economy.  For me, working makes me feel useful and good about myself. The money is important but really it's for my soul. Working outside the home and being a Mom is TOUGH.

Let's face it. Motherhood is a job. A full time, overtime job. You plan their days, their meals, their social lives, their schooling, their wardrobe, their physical bodies...all while nurturing, educating, and trying not to lose your cool. It's like being a personal assistant to the most demanding celebrity that you adore. Not to mention the laundry, endless unloading of the dishwasher, and making sure the house isn't over run by filth and dust bunnies.

Now on top of that job, place another job.

It's two jobs! Makes me a little jealous that Mr comes home and spends time with the kids but has no agenda for them of any kind. Last night he came home and gave Landon a bath and was about to turn a movie on for him at his bed time. He just forgot that we normally put him to bed at 7:30. Must be nice! I am like Captain Von Trapp in this house, running this place like a tight ship and blowing my whistle! (Okay I'm not that bad but still...)

How do you do it all and not go insane? Anyone want to take on the topic?

Catching up- With Long Duck Dongs Girlfriend?

With Baby Coco's first birthday, Easter and my fortieth only now am I coming up for air! I have work to do! I am working with Beth Dunn at Social climbers on a very special project! Details soon!

This weekend I made the commitment to have a garage sale with the neighbors to PURGE much of the unwanted, and no longer needed, clothes, toys and stuff. The older I get the more I am hating STUFF. I want to de-clutter and clear out!

We raked it in at the garage sale, but more importantly, one of my neighbors stopped by for a little chat. She said she hadn't met me before but knew all about me. I was standing there staring. I knew she was an actress but what movie? She kept talking and I kept staring, and then it hit me. Scared I might be wrong, this is how the conversation went:

"Actress right?"


"Sixteen Candles?"


"Head gear?"

"No, that was Joan Cusack."


"Long Dick Dongs Girlfriend."

Ahh yes. Long Duck Dong's girlfriend lives in my neighborhood. My obsession with John Hughes lives on.

Real Houswives of NY-

I am starting to think these ladies are all insane. I was even thinking Ramona was the sane one but that's now out the window.

Let's begin shall we?

The countess goes to see her good friend Sonia Morgan. Not only does her face NOT MOVE, but she is dating Kelly's hot Max. (Kelly's face when she found out read: "there's no way he would date you, he dated me!".) What does Sonia have a golden vagina? In what universe is this woman pretty or sexy? Her poor assistant has to deal with her delusional life. Her getting botox in her neck freaked me out. I do like her attitude though, and her Miami closet, her Aspen closet etc. I may have to start liking her, so she can give me clothes. I'm not homeless but I have gone down a size. I need a Chanel suit with the tags on Thank you. 

Kelly is either the stupidest person on the earth or the crafty-est bitch of all time. Her PR 101 and 102 speech to Jill is intriguing. Her relationship with Bethanny was bad press (all press is good press but if it lasts too long it's BAD), so she turned it around. PR 102 is complimenting the person to take the heat off! Someone recently tried this on me and sad to say it worked! I think Kelly may be rising in my esteem. Could she actually be the smart one? Still hate her in her micro mini's and bunny ears though. Grow up doll. Retire the mini skirt you're OLD.

Jill Zarin is such a crazy mean grudge holder it's bananas. For goodness sakes let it go you big queen. Seriously, you are the toxic one crazy!!! What is up with Jill and LuAnn walking around central park in their high heel boots? They looked like aliens! Jill needs to ATONE for her relationship with Bethanny.

LuAnn is still playing out her countessesness and her BFF role to Jill. Is anyone else sickened by this? So now she has found some French, skinny, jewish guy she likes. Does he like fake people? Perfect. She's all yours.

Bethanny getting snubbed by her Father is sad, but I am happy for her being pregnant. You know she's gonna be the wackiest mother ever (yes more than me).

As for Alex? Come on honey, there cannot be a Brooklyn Fashion week. It's ridiculous and Ramona should never model unless it's for crazy bug eye glasses. Jill was being nasty about the whole thing even though she was RIGHT. If Jill had ANY CLASS, she would have stayed and been gracious. Thank people, compliment idiot Ramona and the whole thing.

Ramona. Ramona...Where do I begin? Waiting for Mario in her nightgown to propose was priceless. She looks alright, but she's just strange! The Kodak party was an eye opener. She confronts Jill about Kodak at the Kodak party? INSANE. RUDE. IDIOTIC. She's like a rouge reporter for TMZ! Jill asking her to leave was priceless. These ladies are a train wreck of bad manners and bad taste.B Ramona telling Kelly she had no brain and wasn't a business woman was hysterical. She's like Vicky from the OC with the whole "I work!!!"

In the end it was Sonias story about Ramona that told us all we want to know. They've known each other twenty years and Ramona tried to steal a dress from her at a sample sale!! Too funny. Doesn't it tell you ALL about Ramona? She is KRAZY.

So the only sane housewife seems to be Bobby Zarin, cause god knows Simon is off the charts insane. His little fashion show made me scared! What did you think?

To Forty- And Beyond!

Forgive my Toy Story reference, but you know I have two young ones in the house!! What a week, month, and year it has been. I am officially forty. The Mr and I enjoyed a dinner out, just the two of us at one of our favorite restaurants (Godmothers too) Ortolan. They are running a little price fix special just in time for my birthday! Had to head over!!!

Ortolan is decadent!!! Here was our menu!

First Course Choice of:

 Tomato Coulis
Yogurt Sorbet / Confit Tomato Tartare
Marinated Salmon
Lemongrass Sorbet / Ginger / Ponzu
Seared Scallop
English Pea Coulis / Lentil Gnocchi / Parmesan Emulsion 

Second Course Choice of:

Braised Short Ribs
 Risotto with Spring Vegetables
Lobster Spaghetti
Beef Jus / White Asparagus Cream
Potato Ravioli
Morel Mushroom / Fava Beans / Scallion

Third Course Choice of:

Vanilla Honey Panna Cotta
“Strawberry Caviar”
Chocolate Ganache
 Brownies / Chocolate Sorbet
 Lemon Tart
Tangerine Sorbet / Citrus Supreme

The first thing though was an amuse bouche sent by the chef. It was soup, served in test tubes with straws!!! One was carrot soup with a ginger foam, and the other an asparagus soup with I cannot remember what but it was good!! We also had eggplant caviar!

A fabulous evening!!!!

This Is How You Turn Forty!

Girlfriends, fabulous lunches at the Viceroy and The Four Seasons, Prosecco and Bloody Mary's! Cheers!

I'm Walkin' Here!

Got ourselves a walker. And right on the day of Mommie's birthday party. She had to show those grandparents while they were in town!!!

Fabulous Fortieth Flamenco Party!

Oh my goodness it was the best night ever. I really cannot believe how wonderful the party was. I was in love with my dress and necklace from BCBG. Love! I had my hair done make up done...

My two best girlfriends from High School flew in for the party and we just loved every second we had together. We lunched at the Viceroy before the party, then they came over to see the kids with gifts in hand! There they were all dressed for the party on the floor playing with my kids. Just thinking of that makes me cry. They were so generous with me, doing my make up, getting me dressed. They really made me feel so loved!

We drove to the party and were ready to have fun! The night began and the drinks were flowing, I was greeting guests and all of the sudden....

I see my best girlfriend from college. SURPRISE! I was crying my eyes out!!! She even had hubby with her who was also a good friend from college. I had to get a hold of myself so I could stop crying!!!

Later hubby did a slide/video presentation and gave a speech that was so beautiful I could not believe it. Everyone watching was riveted. He covered my entire life and career and had the perfect music, the soundtrack of my life. Brilliant.

Looking around at this party, High School friends, College friends, old friends and new...I realized why the party was so important to me. I needed to close this chapter of my life and feel like I had really accomplished something. I saw all these friends gathered, helping me celebrate, laughing and crying watching the video and I realized one of my greatest accomplishments are my friendships. I have some wonderful, giving and fabulous friends. It really made me feel great. I am ready to hit the ground running in my forties with new career goals, new family goals, and new goals for myself. Oh, and I plan on seeking out some adventure.  Thank you to hubby who threw the best party EVER, my family who have put up with me for forty years, and my wonderful friends who are there for me when it counts!!!

Fabulous Fortieth Flamenco Party COUNTDOWN!!

Okay I have my dress and jewelry to match!!! I also plan on having BIG hair. Kind of going eighties with the whole thing. I am going to dance and prance and be the happiest forty year old ever! Pictures to follow! In the mean time cheers! Wish you all could be with me to celebrate!

Fabulous Fortieth Flamenco Party COUNTDOWN

The party is days away. Days away until I am 40!!! We are having the party on a covered patio at a Spanish Tapas Bar.  I thought you might like to see the menu!

We are doing heavy appetizers that will be passed on a tray:

Mini Kobe Beef Sliders
Potatas Bravas (steak fries with spicy aoli!)
Avocado Wontons
Chicken Satay
Salad on a spoon!

We'll also have beer and white and red sangria.

On Friday I will post the dress I am wearing. Although if you follow me on twitter you've already seen it!

Thank you for your amazing  and honest comments about me wanting to work outside the home. As usual this blogging community blows my mind. You guys mean the world to me.

What Kind Of Mother Are You!

Spring break used to mean a vacation to St. Maarten, a cruise, or a week at the beach. Now it means Landon is out of school and needs to be entertained! I have seen some girlfriends these past weeks and they have admitted they could not wait for their kids to get back in school! We have lost our tempers, said ugly things, and bribed with television. It's not pretty.

Are we spoiled? Do we not know how to handle the hard parts of motherhood? Is this normal mom stuff?

All of this has made me ask myself: "What kind of mother are you!?"  Where is my patience? Where  are my creative mother juices? I do not know.

More and more I am realizing I am a little resentful. I want to work outside the home (cause God knows Motherhood is WORK). I am happier when I get to do a little work outside and a lot of mothering inside. What about you? Do you work outside the home too? Are you a stay at home mom? How do you stay sane? I will keep you posted on my job progress!

Easter! The Most Wonderful Time!

We had a wonderful Easter. I love our church. We have a wonderful community and feel so blessed! We had quite the celebrity turn out. I made a promise that once I am friends with and/ or attending a group with a celeb, I will not blog about them out of respect for their privacy. Wish I could tell you who was there! They were dying over baby Coco!!!

After church we headed over to Godmothers, mothers house for the most fabulous Easter Brunch in the backyard! Coco looked like a little pink cupcake in her dress. Everyone was wanting to hold her!

We dined on ham, egg casserole, asparagus, smoked salmon and bagels, all while sipping Mimosas. There was a lot of Lilly Pulitzer and Tory Burch attire spotted in that backyard!

Landon looked so cute in his blue blazer and loved the egg hunt! Happy Easter indeed!

Ps I dressed Landon in his blue polo and before we left for church he said "I want pink!" That's my boy!

Easter Party For Moms and Kids- Just add Prosecco!

I love my friend JoAnne. She knows how to throw a party. The Easter party started at 10:30 am and there on the counter are champagne glasses filled with Prosecco with a Blackberry in the bottom! If you don't know what Prosecco is, it's a dry, sparkling Italian wine. Fabulous!

This was mostly a party of Landon's preschool friends with a few of her other friends mixed in. There was Easter Egg decorating, an Easter egg hunt, and Katie (ultimate home maker supreme!!!!) made these adorbable chick cupcakes! The beaks are cut up orange starbursts! Could you die?

The party was wonderful and JoAnn served an amazing sausage strata, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers. For the kids, pasta, chicken nuggets, the whole deal. All the kids played and went crazy as we sipped our proseco in peace. Divine. Happy Easter!!!

Fabulous Fortieth Birthday Party!

My fortieth is around the corner!!! I had to put together a list of my top 40  (Like Casey Kasem), the songs I'd like to hear and dance to at my party. It was tough to narrow down!! Tell me what you think of my list. Did I leave anything out?

Ps I already told them I love 70's and 80's music!

1. Ladies Night Kool and The Gang
2. Get down on it
3. This is your night
4. Makin it- david naughton
5. You used to hold me so tight- Thelma houston
6. You want this- Janet Jackson
7. Beyonce- single ladies put a ring on it
8. Circus- Britney
9. womanizer- Britney
10. Instant Replay- Dan Hartman
11. Shake your body down to the ground- Jacksons
12. PYT
13. Blame it on the boogie
14. Got me working day and night
15. Wanna be startin somehthin
16. Jameriqui -virtual insanity
17. Play -Jlo
18. Get right
19 Feelin so good
20. Gold digger- Kanye
21. touch the sky
22. Signs- Justin Timberlake
23. Rock your body
24. Bad boy/ Havin a party- Luther Vandross
25. Shine
26. I'm coming out- Diana Ross
27. Freak out- chic
28. Return of the Mack- lavert
29 Cassanova- Le Vert
30. That girl is poison- BBD
31. Joy and pain- maze and Frankie bev
32. Can't tough this MC Hammer
33. Don't stop til you get enough MJackson
34. Rock with you
35. Off the wall
36. Midas touch-Midnight Star
37. Gettin Jiggy with it- Will smith
38.Nelly- hot in herre
39. The main event- Barbara Streisand
40. No more Tears

What's on your top forty list?


Tagged By The Preppy Mafia! Do it or get monogrammed!!

1. Who is your style icon?
Lilly Pulitzer. Happy, preppy and pretty.

2. What is your favorite socialite lit book?
Social Climbers!

3. Favorite party theme?
Summer Cocktails by the pool.

4. “Go to” Halloween costume? Didn’t have one until reading about Beth’s witch hat and black cocktail dress… Tr├Ęs chic! Have to do that!

5. Extravagance you cannot live without?
Getting blonded? Nails done? Hardly an extravagance, a must! Fancy dinners out and my nanny are more like it. Need those!

6. Living person you admire?
My preachers Jimmy and Quinton

7. Greatest Fear?
Anything bad happening to my kids.

8. Trait you deplore in yourself?
Taking things too personally.

9. Which talent would you most like to have?
Trapeze artist and latin dancing!

10. Greatest Achievement?
Making two beautiful babies and a good marriage to Mr!

I am tagging:

Preppy 101
and anyone else who wants to play along!