What Happens In Vegas...I Tell You About On The Blog!

Had a great birthday weekend in Vegas. The Mr and I got away for two whole nights! Woo! I had a few things on the agenda:

Drinks at Mix at Mandalay Bay:

I had their version of a Cosmo which is my new favorite thing ever!!! 

The Mixopolitan:

Absolut Citron
White cranberry juice
Fresh lime

Dinner in the Mix restaurant:

And then Brunch at The Wynn at The Country Club!

The husband and I had a fabulous time!!!!

JLo, Casper Smart, Cecconis and My Parents?

Leave it to me to add a little excitement to my Mom and Step Dad's lives.

The Mr and I wanted to take them for a gorgeous meal at Cecconis. Cecconis has amazing food and looks like Greece.

We had goat cheese stuffed squash blossoms, grilled octopus, beets and burrata...it was heaven!

As if the meal wasn't fabulous enough....guess who walk in...JLO!

Of course we couldn't help but stare. A vision in turquoise! She was throwing a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend Casper Smart.

The private room had red roses on the tables in low gorgeous arrangements and balloons on the ceiling in all hues of red and gold, with tons of candled. Fabulous.

I made my mom walk to the restroom so she could get a better look. JLo is truly stunning and seems really happy.

That's how we roll in LA! Here's the real stars of the show. Me, The Mr, Mom and Step Dad!

Happy Easter!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I know it flies by. I reeeeeallly want Easter to be on a Saturday or have Monday off to recover!

Had to show you that my not one, but two color schemes went off without a hitch!

My new blue patent leather Nine West wedges were so fab! Loved them!

Here we are at church the next day in our yellow, pink and grey theme:

They make a fabulous flower filled cross at church and you can add your own flower in. Love that.

Have to tell you about this yellow dress. Found it at Ross in Florida on my college reunion weekend but did NOT buy it. Back in LA it was haunting me. Was so mad I didn't buy it!! Low and behold I found it at the Ross near my house!!! Meant to be!

Yellow dress $50
Coco's dress $25
Finding a dress that haunted you across two coasts: PRICELESS.

Happy Easter!!

Easter Outfits!

Happy Maundy Thursday!

I have my parents in town, so commemorate the last supper we will take the kids to Benihana. HA!

This Easter I have two brunches to attend. One with friends and family, and one with godparents and family. That means a color theme (yes I am horrifying). For Saturday brunch I am going with a coral and navy theme.

Loving this coral sheath dress I got at Bloomingdales. Adrianna Papell!

Then I have to get some of these Nine West Fauna wedges (but in Navy patent leather)!

Then on course Landon in this J Crew Blue Blazer:

Then some Ralph Lauren gingham blue oxfords on both Landon and Daddy.

Coco will be in a precious navy and white dress I found. There's only one problem. What to wear on Sunday!!!

Easter Decorating and Planning!

With my parents coming to town and my total and complete LOVE of Easter I am planning and plotting! Easter decorations are going UP!

Been on Pinterest looking for amazing things to do with the kids like this Easter Bark!

Learn to make it here at The Browy Blog!

And on Pinterest I found this recipe for Horseradish Potato Au Gratin!
Perfect for Easter dinner.

Look at these Fabulous Eggs from Martha Stewart!!

Feeling Easter Inspired?