L.A. Story

Hubby and I lead pretty quiet lives but we are amazed by the celebrities we see day in and day out. Last night we went to out local sushi place and as we were walking in, noticed a very teen age Dakota Fanning behind us. She is tall! She was with a boyfriend.

We were lead to our table and saw sitting across from us was Jonathan Schaech. He was looking good I must say. Remember how hot he was in How To make an American Quilt? HOT. At this point I was just amazed because this is the local sushi place two seconds from my house.

That's when I spotted David Moscow. He was the kid from "Big" and was in the movie Honey with Jessica Alba. Random I know but he counts!!!

Then we headed to Santa Monica to hear a friends band play. Low and behold Slash came up and played a few songs. This is when I said to myself, living here is not like living anywhere else!

Yes there are negatives about living here: earthquakes, plastic surgery every where you look, girls who are a size two two minutes after giving birth....but there are positives too. Great weather, exciting happenings, beach and mountains close by, incredible resources available, and this is where magic can happen.

I love it here, although it's expensive as hell. So far it's been a great adventure!

Friday Five- Labor Day Plans!

Landons second surgery was supposed to be this past Thursday but has been moved because he's doing so well! Hooray! So instead of being at the hospital Landon and I went on a date. He had so much fun. We had lunch together and he was so sweet and laughing the whole time.

Now we can have a relaxing Labor Day Weekend! Here are the top five things I know we'll be doing during the long weekend.

1. Going to a Pirate Birthday party for one of Landons friends.
2. Eating Blueberry pancakes
3. Barbequeing at our friends house
4. Swimming in the pool
5. Going to the beach!

You? What are your top five Labor Day plans?

The Mrs.

Fabulous Find- Amy Adele Stationary

I just ordered these cute note cards for Landon.
I think they will make the cutest thank you notes!!! I love stationary and Landon's never to young to have his own!!

I found out about Amy Adele after receiving these as a gift for Landons birthday.

So cute! Right now they are offering 15% off! A back to school sale! Go check it out!

Fabulous Nina Garcia! The One Hundred

I went to Saks yesterday for a looky loo and what is coming out for fall. I was not at all impressed with what I saw. I felt like everything was either an exact replica of the 80's, too futuristic and weird, or just too damn labely and flashy.

The older I get the more I like the classics. I found someone with some clout who agrees with me!

Nina Garcia, fabulous Columbian Goddess and judge on Project Runway, was on GMA yesterday morning and I just adore her. She understands women are overwhelmed by fashion. Trends can be mixed in but you need classic basics with which to build on!!! Here are a few of her must have builders:

#1. Jeans: forget the brand du jour, just try on a million pairs until you find one that fits great. Keep pockets close together on the back so that it has a slimming effect.

#2. The white shirt: has to be high quality and classic. Very versatile! Slightly over-sized and looking as much like a mens shirt as possible/

#3. Belts: Skinny belts for shorter people and wider for taller people is the general rule. Use to add a little color!

#4. Red lipstick: an instant classic

#5. Aviator sunglasses: been around forever and they will always be cool.

Nina has a new book out called : The One Hundred. May have to pick it up!

Which Brady Are You?

Oh come on....you know you want to!!!

You Are Cindy Brady

Warm hearted and sweet, you have a childlike innocence that lets you see the good in everyone.

But you're also a bit of a baby. You stick your nose where it doesn't belong... and cry when you get caught!

Fabulous Find- For Mom And Baby! Needle point Shoes!

I have found possibly the cutest baby gift ever! Okay it's a little out of our bloggy shower price range but I just can't resist! Look at these needle point baby shoes!!!

For your little sailor:

For your little preppy girl:

And if you're feeling crabby!

But don't be jealous! They have shoes for us too!

And I am just coveting this!

Go to By Paige and see for yourself!!! She's offering my readers a 10% discount if you order before the end of August!!!

A little review and a little fun too!

I am very excited about our bloggy baby shower, I cannot wait to see what these adorable preggys get from some very generous bloggers!!!

I have already listed the partners but I wanted to update you on what some of the pregnant ladies are having and when they're due!

1. Midwest Prep ????

2. Magnolias Marriage and Manhattan: It's a BOY!!!! About 15 weeks preggy.

3. Memoirs of the Shoe Obsessed: 183 days to go!

4. Mossback Meadow: Due in March!

5. I Love PINK: ????

6. J Moments: Due Feb 6th!

7. Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers: It's a boy! 32 weeks!

8. Pearls and Grace: It's a boy!! And in her 9th month!

9. Pigtails and Pacifiers: It's a Girl!!!

I received the Diamond award from the fabulous Preppy Mama, Preppy Cricket, and Tres Poshe Preppy!

I must pass it on to all the pregnant girls above! You deserve it! Pass it on!

Speech Therapy, Arm Surgery and Toddlerhood OH MY!

Yesterday Landon got his cast off so we could look at his arm. They are doing ground breaking procedures on his arm in order to make sure it grows properly. (Landon was born with a blood clot in his arm which lead to many surgeries and issues). The doctor is using something called Alloderm to open up the scar tissue and get more extension. We are scheduled to skin graft over it next week. (They'll take skin from his groin or back of his thigh).

Okay, I got that out. I know a few of you gasped at what this poor little guy has to go through. He is such a champion about the whole thing, so happy and okay with it, it really allows me to be positive about it! It is however, a lot to deal with.

After the doctor checked out the alloderm and his arm, Landon got to pick the color or his new cast. He chose a lovely dark blue thank you. My kid has style!

In addition to the arm we are still trying to figure out his speech issues. His first evaluator was obviously mental and said he was fine. I started to just embrace this diagnosis because frankly, I want everything to be okay. In my heart of hearts I knew I had to demand another evaluation. This one we did in home.

The lady was so much nicer and sweeter about the whole thing. She would have me ask Landon to give me things without gesturing towards them (try it, it's hard not to gesture!) I had always thought he understood more than he did! He really didn't have the words for things, he just understands things in context ie: you put on your shoes before you go, but wasn't sure what a shoe was if you asked him to bring it to you.

This was a shock to us but we tried not to freak out. Landon will have speech therapy two times a week and the woman assures us he'll be talking up a storm soon. Landon doesn't have a ton of words but he strings a few together, communicates, and answers yes and no. His latest is he wants to turn "on" and "Oss" the lights.

I know he's smart, I know he's not autistic, but I am worried and want speech therapy to start asap! I feel like we'll see serious improvements after that. I have learned that this following your instincts thing is tough. You want them to be okay but you have to make hard choices and be realistic too.

All this and managing the emotions of a two year old. If he had his way he'd watch Elmo and Bob the Builder all day while eating letter of the day cookies. Then again I'd like to sit around every day and watch Project Runway and Flipping Out eating potato chips, onion dip and drinking Diet Dr. Pepper!
I'm just sayin'!

The Mrs.

Fabulous Film- The Business of Being Born

I watched the documentary "The Business Of Being Born"
yesterday and it was really amazing. It discusses mid wives and home births vs hospital births. I have to say I thought (up until watching the film) that midwives were not safe and too kooky to really do the job.

I definitely had a change of heart after seeing some home births (I bawled through every one), and seeing how the hospital birth system works.

The fact is birth can take 22 hours. Doctors and hospitals do not have time for this.
They want to get the show on the road. That means pitocin. Then you speed along and the contractions are too strong and you need an epidural. Then that slows the birth down and you need more pitocin. Get it? Once they intervene it's a vicious cycle.

It also talked about the infant birth mortality rate being very high in the US! Scary! In Europe home births are way more popular, here they are only about 1% of births.

This really opened my eyes I must say! I don't know if I'll use a midwife next time, but I will be much more bossy with my doctor!

It's available on netflix to rent if you like!

What do you guys think about the whole midwife thing?

Haiku Tuesday

It's Haiku Tuesday! I have been amazed by the little man in his cast. He was off pain medicine in a matter of hours and has been smiling ever since. My biggest challenge is keeping his from jumping and leaping on the hard wood floors!
Haiku's are too fun (they're 5 syllables then 7, then 5 again) and I feel inspired by Landon. Feel free to join me...here's what's on my mind.

Little Landons arm
In a cast, he wonders why?
Jumping on my bed.

No shirt that fits him
He wears smocking all day long
Laughing all the while

God gives us a gift
An un-sinkable spirit
In a tiny frame

Who knows what he'll do
In life, tomorrow, or now
"Just stand back", I say.

The Mrs.

Bloggy Baby Shower Update!!

Sarah from Monogramchick is going to host a discount for those involved in the bloggy shower!

She will send items directly to the recipient and will offer a 15% discount on baby items for the shower. Enter the following code to receive their discount: blogshower.

Thanks Sarah!!!!

Bloggy Baby Shower!!!!

Let the fun begin!!!

Here's how it will work:

Send out your items by: September 4th
On line shower: September 15th
Budget: $25 (not including shipping)
The partners will exchange their personal information to protect everyone’s privacy. I have randomly picked partners and have their links on my blog. I will also send each of the partners an email confirming your partner and their blog address. You can then exchange addresses and any other personal information you wish to share about the sex of the baby, your colors, etc!

Our theme is Preppy Baby!

You send your partner items in a Preppy Baby theme.

Be Creative!

I have matched up some preggy's with some cool girls who want to make new friends and spoil some cute pregnant ladies!








If I have forgotten anyone who signed up let me know! Also, if the preggys want to send each other something I can match that up too. Let me know!

The Mrs.


Two more partners!

Pearls and Grace & Live.Love.Eat.


Pigtails and Pacifiers and Self Confessed Lamp Tramp!


Women In The Olympics Are Fabulous

I have been loving the Olympics.
I have tivo'd it all and have been fast forwarding through all the stuff I don't want to see. Not to be a total "Girl" but I love the Gymnastics. I think the judges have been hard on the Americans and oh so nice to the ten year old Chinese girls (okay they're eleven. But they are not sixteen!)

That's why when Nastia (pictured above) won the womens all around I down right bawled! She was so happy, all that hard work and training. (Although I am hearing that the Chinese girls get to see their parents once a year if they're lucky, sad.) To work that hard and achieve your ultimate goal is amazing. She was so emotional getting her medal. I loved it.

Dara Torres held up one of the semi final races because a fellow swimmer from another country ripped her suit needed to change. She told all the other girls to wait no matter what the Olympic committee said. Then she went on to win! Don't you just love her! She acts like she's one of the sixteen year olds but in reality she's mature enough to know true sportsmanship!

Friday Five-WORDS!

Okay I have to tell you that as a writer certain words just annoy me. I think for my Friday five I will share my five least favorite words and why. Oh I am tagging you so look out!

1) Purchase. I hate when people say this word. It's a word people use when they are trying to sound official but have no clue about anything.

2) Portion. This word freaks me out by the way people say it. It just sounds weird! I hate it!

3) Panties. Sounds child molestery and scary. I just hate it!!!

4) Purse. Do all my hate words start with "P"? I just think it sounds dated and bad. I like "bag" myself.

5) Harvest. I hate this word because people try to use it when they refer to getting the eggs out when you do in vitro. "How many do they harvest?" Hello? I am not a farm.

6) MOIST! Please it's gross! Do I need a reason? Just say it and try not to puke.

I am tagging:

What would Kate Gosselin Do?

Magnolia Mama
Shabby Princess
Southern Cupcake
Tres Poshe
Europa Fox!

Let me know when you post it girls!!!

So excited for the bloggy baby shower! I will post all the details on Monday! Make sure you sign up!

Wedding Week!!! God is in the details!

There was the surprise shower thrown for me at my sorority house where my Mom made a guest appearance! (I cannot scan the pics! Sorry!)

There was the English Tea that my maid of honor and sisters gave me for my home town shower, where everyone wore hats and ate fabulous scones by the pool.

Everything leading up to the wedding was so fabulous, I really had fun.

And when choosing my wedding dress, I made it into a little party! I had a ballot made up where each dress was named after a movie. We drank Veuve Clicquot as I modeled each dress for the girls. I of course had final say, but most people agreed with my choice!

Here's what it said!

Liz’s Wedding Dress Ballot
Cast your votes, Ladies…For the dress of the century!

Sense & Sensibility-
Ripped from the pages of Vogue, this cream colored gown with a satin-banded bodice is elegant and simple.

Portrait of a Lady-
Reeling with romance, this dress with its sweetheart neckline, and floral bustle sends you back in time.

Moulin Rouge-
Look out Nicole, this gauzy get up lends itself to the theatre with its dramatic, ruffled train.

Gone with the Wind-
Brett Butler will surely faint when he sees this corseted creation. The peek-a-boo skirt will leave him breathless. Fiddle-de-dee.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
-Diamond straps, a sexy cleavage, this dress comes with a defibrillator for the grandparents.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
-A classic. With a satin band waist, and a vine-beaded bodice, how could you go wrong? Don’t forget the surprise detail in the back!

Note: Bride reserves the right to choose a dress that:
a. Only she likes
b. Everyone else hates or
c. Isn’t even on the ballot!


I chose Moulin Rouge!

It was my dream wedding and I loved every second of it!!!

Landon Did Great!

Your prayers worked!!!

Landon did so well and was in such great spirits going in to surgery. The surgery went as well as it could go and the DR. was pleased. He came out, woke up and wanted to get out of there so we did!

He now has a big blue cast but is not in much pain thank GOD!

Thank you for all your well wishes!

xoxoxo The Mrs.

Landons Surgery

We are up at the crack of dawn and headed to the hospital for Landons surgery. Please pray everything goes smoothly, no complications, for Landon. I'll let you know how he is!

The Mrs.

Wedding Week!!!! The Reception!

" My reception, MY reception..." Oh I feel like Shelby from Steel Magnolias! Except mine was not done in blush and bashful which, I may remind you are "two totally different shades of pink!"

We had our reception overlooking the ocean. It was so gorgeous with the sun setting.

We had a great band that played Earth Wind and Fire, Motown everything and a little Michael Mcdonald too!

Hubby changed into the white jacket and looked amazing!!!!

When my guests were looking for their tables they found their picture next to the table name!

Each table was decorated with a different flower arrangement and named with a theme. This table was done to honor my Grandmother. Purple of course!

Then menu was filet, grilled asparagus and garlic mashed potatos. We also had many pitchers of Mojitos served!!

I'm tagging always organizing , diapers to designs, Self Confessed Lamp Tramp, Kikibee, and Keeks and Brie! Show us your receptions!!!

Wedding Week!!!! My Ceremony

Since so many bloggers (Like Pretty in Pink and Green & ettiquettely correct are getting married soon, or planning their weddings I thought I'd do a few posts on mine! I still think of my wedding because it was so wonderful!!!

Hubby and I were married in Malibu at the Adamson house. We had our ceremony under a giant tree.

My dress was strapless and chosen in a very cute way which I will post about later this week. My bouquet was purple to represent my grandmother (remember her purple couch I now have!)

My bridesmaids wore ocean blue dresses that they themselves found at Loehmans when we were out shopping together. They were $39 and there were enough of them in a variety of sizes! So meant to be! They even found the gorgeous beaded thong high heels there too! They cost more than the dress (but not much more!) My bridesman wore a gorgeous Khaki suit!

I had a different bouquet made for each bridesmaid based on their personality. One of them was from Georgia, so she had Georgia Peach roses.

Hubby wore a black suit but changed to a white jacket for the ceremony. It was very James Bond!

Hubby chose a reading by EE. Cummings for the ceremony:

who knows if the moon's
a balloon,coming out of a keen city
in the sky--filled with pretty people?
(and if you and i should)

get into it,if they
should take me and take you into their balloon,
why then
we'd go up higher with all the pretty people

than houses and steeples and clouds:
go sailing
away and away sailing into a keen
city which nobody's ever visited,where

Spring)and everyone's
in love and flowers pick themselves


I chose a Kenny Loggins songs lyric "Sweet Reunion":

In the moment I first saw you,
I could swear that we had met,
The look in your eye,
Was so familiar,
Where and when, I forget.

How many lifetimes have I loved you,
How many times have you loved me,
The sound of your voice is in my memory,
Like the wind, on the sea.

The glow of your heart has been my lighthouse,
I've followed it in from distant shores,
Now I won't be afraid to love anymore.

So we meet again, my long lost friend
Once again, we get to start anew,
And it feels like a thousand years,
I've been loving you.

If you've you been waiting here, for someone near,
Searchin' the world for a friend,
Come on in, I've been expecting you.
Sweet Reunion. Welcome home again.

I just loved the way it explained how I felt about meeting hubby and incorporated the ocean back drop!

My friend sung "You're the best thing that ever happened to me" by Gladys Knight as I walked down the aisle.

This was my surprise for hubby
. He had no idea what would walk down the aisle to. I chose this song because I felt so grateful and it mentioned writing my life story (hello I am a writer!) Here are the lyrics:

I've had my share of life's ups and downs
But fate's been kind, the downs have been few
I guess you could say that I've been lucky
Well, I guess you could say that it's all because of you

If anyone should ever write my life story
For whatever reason there might be
Ooo, you'll be there between each line of pain and glory
'Cause you're the best thing that ever happened to me
Ah, you're the best thing that ever happened to me

Oh, there have been times when times were hard
But always somehow I made it, I made it through
'Cause for every moment that I've spent hurting
There was a moment that I spent, ah, just loving you

If anyone should ever write my life story
For whatever reason there might be
Oh, you'll be there between each line of pain and glory
'Cause you're the best thing that ever happened to me
Oh, you're the best thing that ever happened to me
I know, you're the best thing, oh, that ever happened to me

Let me just tell you if you if you don't know Gladys you are missin' out!

When we exchanged rings here's what we said to each other as vows:
From this day forward, you will not walk alone.

My heart will be your shelter and my arms shall be your home.

May you feel deeply loved for indeed you are.

I feel so blessed to share my life with you.

I feel so honored to call you mine.

Dear God may we be blessed this way forever.

Tomorrow the reception! Until then I am tagging Biscuits are Never Boring, View From the Beach, somelikeitsouthern, Europa Fox and Magnolia Mama to show us their wedding dress and bouquet.

Did you Watch the opening ceremony in Bejing? What did you think?

I watched with hubby and I have to say it was pretty spectacular!!!

1) The giant LED screen in the shape of a scroll with ever changing pictures.
2) The printing press moving up and down by people!
3) The painters painting with their feet and hands as they danced on the floor.


4) The USA team coming out looking so dapper in Ralph Lauren! GO USA!!!!

A Nod To The Land Of Nod! Fabulous Kid finds!

I just have to say The Land of Nod consistently impresses me with their products. I have the activity table (which can be adjusted to different heights (hello brilliant) and these little bean bag seats for Landon to do his drawing and playdough.

They have the cutest bedding too!

And these place mats are sooooo cute! Have you bought anything from them?

Preppy Paper Swap!

I had never done a swap before, I didn't really know how they worked! But when Mom x 2 said she was doing a preppy paper swap I jumped right in! Boy am I glad I did! Mom x 2 picked me as her partner and she really outdid herself! Look at all the lovely things she sent me!!!

These note cards for Landon are so adorable!!!! Also in there are swim party invites, cocktail invites, pink and green cocktail napkins, and personalized note cards!!!

I can only hope she feels I did HALF as well as she did! Thank you Mom x 2!!!!

Remember we are doing a bloggy baby shower (which is sorta like a swap!) for all our pregnant bloggy girls! Let's treat them right! Sign up!!! xoxoxo The Mrs.

Money Week Continues! Go Landon! And Yes I am a TIGGER!

Landon is learning first hand from me, about compound interest.
Here we are opening an account for him with some of his birthday money. Check out the bank employee. It's not your money! LOL!
Even my cute bloggy friends are getting involved! Bringing their kids to the bank and everything! Displaced Southern Preps Posts about her daughter wanting to go to Florida are the funniest things ever!!!

Yesterday I took Landon to his pre-op surgery visit.

He is going to have another surgery on his arm. Possibly two this month. He has been through a lot but he is such a sweetheart. He sailed through his appointments.

I just think, like Randy Pauch (who I cannot stop thinking about), I am a Tigger. I am happy. Landon is too. We aren't going to let this get us down!

Are you a Tigger? or An Eyeore.

I am not going to be sad about our surgery coming this Wednesday. I am living in hopeful expectation that this will only make his arm and ultimately his life, better.

Fabulous Project- Nursery Update

As you can see stuff is sort of everywhere. We are getting built in shelves made for below and around the sides of the windows. That can hold all the books and stuff laying around. Those pictures on the wall are of us on safari and the baby animals we saw.

Do I keep the Safari theme? I guess getting rid of the ottoman and possibly the rocker could be next. His crib is also a big boy bed so once we change it we'll need more space.

Would love any suggestions you have! Have you transitioned a room to be toddler friendly? Tell me!
I'll keep you posted for the after pictures.

I am so excited about the bloggy baby shower! If you haven't heard about it read yesterdays post!