When Coco Met Minnie Mouse- A Love Story

In honor of Coco's 2nd birthday we visited the house of the mouse. It was Landon, Coco and MY first visit. Yes I know, how could this be? I'm not big on crowds, or rides....I digress.

Coco had the time of her life from the start. She was delighted by the sounds and look of Disneyland. Little did she know she was going to meet her idol!

We went to Toon Town and bestie had saved a place for us in line. In THE LINE. THE LINE TO MEET MINNIE MOUSE. At first it was fine, but then Coco caught site of her. "Meenie Mow!!! Meenie Mow!" she squealed. She tried to charge the line, circumvent the system, but there were way too many six year old girls blocking her path. She would have to wait, the unbelievably long ten minutes. She screamed, she wailed, she tried to claw my eyes out. People stared, she didn't care. She had to get to her.

Suddenly we were one person away. It was almost cruel to be this close. Coco cried and cried for her "Meenie Mow", but then, the seas parted, Minnie was in full view. I carried Coco over to meet her one true love...and I promptly handed my child over to her.

Yes that is me falling apart at the site of my child living her dream. I was a mess. Coco began kissing Minnies nose.

It was hard to interrupt her, she really just wanted kisses and no picture. Alas she finally turned for the long awaited shot.
But really she wanted to stare at her.

I cried on the "It's A Small World ride too, but that's another story. Thank goodness for sunglasses!

And The Winner Of Coco's Birthday Give Away Is.....

And the winner of Coco's Birthday Give Away is.....Who's Excited!!!

Congrats Darling!! You will win a little bauble that Coco and I will pick out for you!!! Email me at Onefabulousmom@gmail.com with your name and address!!!

Coco's Birthday Week! Bathtime!

Both Coco and I are in love with bath time. I feel like bath time is such a great time to bond with your kids. The house is quiet, the TV is off, it's just you and the kids in the bathroom. We often sing!

Coco's favorite bath time toys?

Tub Time Pirate Adventures!
Coco and Landon love to push the pirates down the slide and let them ride in the boat!

Yookido- Flow and spill spout!
This thing is amazing. The kids love how the water runs through the motor so they can play!

 Rub a dub Draw in the Tub!
Bath crayons so the kids feel like the are being naughty artists!
 Coco thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!! She is having the best time turning 2!!

Happy Birthday Coco- My Sweet Darling Turns 2

Dearest Daughter,

You are a dream. I could only dream of having a little girl to love as much as you. I cannot believe how lucky I am. When they told me I was having a girl I felt like they told me I won a million dollars. I was so elated I was shaking. I felt like I didn't even deserve all the happiness I felt.

I have watched you grow, learn, experience so many things. I love that I get the privilege of watching you grow up. You were all girl from birth, from your dainty hands to your love of jewelry. You turn everything into a purse.

Even with being all girl, you are the best kind of one. You are adventurous, bold, funny and fun. You are our "good time gal". Sure we keep catching you climb the coffee table to stand on, but you also scream out "yeah!" while you do it. Everywhere we go people remark how beautiful you are, but it's your personality that I love the most.

And so today, my darling tiny, you turn two and I praise God for giving me another year, month, and minute as your mother. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person, keeping me on my toes and making me laugh. I love you. Yeehaw! (all she says now because of Jessie from Toy Story)

Love Mommy

Coco's Turning Two! Disneyland!!

We were supposed to go tomorrow, but had to change to today! Off to Disneyland today for the first time with both kids, the Mr, Mimi and Pop, and a few friends!

When I played Landon the promotional video showing all the things to do there his facial expression clearly read: "Why have you been hiding this from me?"

This will be a magical day for both Miss Coco and Landon!

Coco's Birthday Week! Jewelry!

Yes it's true, my Baby Coco's turning two. I cannot believe it. This week she has her grandparents in town (Mimi and Pop), and will get to go to Disneyland for the first time! I feel like time has flown by with this little lady. One minute she was sleeping in a Moses basket and the next she is climbing the TV cabinet! Kids have a way of marking time. You only know it's been a year because they are changing, growing and experiencing so much.

I love Coco's sense of humor, adventure and love of life. She is such a happy, "good time gal."
In honor of my best baby girl we I will be dedicating this week to all the things Coco loves! Today? Jewelry! Coco loves to dig through my drawers and put on every possible bangle and bauble I own. Luckily I am a huge fan of costume jewelry!

I get my jewelry at great prices because I am a girl who LOVES a sale! Often you can find me digging around the sale bins at J Crew, Banana Republic, and Macys!

I think I'll go shopping for you and get you a little something. Leave a comment here wishing Coco a happy birthday and you are entered to win a little bauble picked out by One Fabulous Mom! Winner announced Friday!

Tomorrow learn about what other Favorite Things are on Coco's list!

Spa Day! Turks and Caicos Virtual Vacation!

We've earned this haven't we?

Oh friends this spa treatment list is so good, and so long I may never leave this virtual vacation! Here's a little sample:

A rhythmic oil massage with warm herbal oils and herbal powder (Ubtan) that is specific to your Dosha. Impurities and toxins are loosened, immunity is enhanced, circulation is stimulated and the body and mind experience deep relaxation.

Warm herbalized oil continuously flows over the entire body and is combined with a soothing massage. A rejuvenating therapy that counteracts stress and promotes positive health.

Javanese Royal Lulur Bath
This beauty ritual begins with an Indonesian Massage. A body scrub with aromatic mixed spices precedes the application of cooling yoghurt and a flower-filled bath.

What would you like? 

Here's where I will be!

Hot River Stone Massage
This powerfully therapeutic massage utilizes hot and smooth oiled river stones. The hot stones glide along muscles, correcting tensions at the deepest level. The melting sensation promotes a profound sense of relaxation.

Virtual Vacation- Parrot Cay Turks and Caicos!

Guess what we're doing today?
That's right! I rented a boat and we are going snorkeling and scuba diving. For those who are serious divers, shipwrecks off the shores of the Turks and Caicos can be hundreds of years old. Places such as Birch's Lookout, the Northwest Reef, and the waters off of Blue Hills are the final resting places for a host of sunken ships that were lost in the ocean depths. These shipwrecks as well as other fascinating dive sites make scuba diving in these waters an exciting and unforgettable experience.

The following are among the best dive sites around the Turks and Caicos Islands:
  • Amphitheater – This bowl-shaped dip in the sand starts at 85 feet and curves into the Caicos Passage, where whales, sharks, and manta rays often swim by.
  • Chimney – This 10-foot-wide hole in plate coral is home to garden eels.
  • Coral Stairway – The coral steps descend into a sand cellar that is home to schools of eagle rays.
  • Dax Canyon – The underwater wall starts at 45 feet and drops to a shelf at 150 feet below.
  • Rock 'n? Roll – A giant coral mound with eagle rays, sharks, moray eels, and sponges.
  • Shark Hotel – Reef and blacktip sharks live among and near this wall with a sponge-encrusted coral chimney and a drop-off of about 130 feet.

    If you're like me and prefer to stay on top of the water....snorkeling! I looooooove snorkeling. So relaxing!

    These are among the best spots for snorkeling in the Turks and Caicos Islands:

  • Coral Gardens – is located in an unspoiled area of Grace Bay and is easily accessible right off the beach.
  • Smith's Reef – is near the Turtle Cove area and is ranked one of the top-10 snorkeling destinations by National Geographic. It has an amazing limestone entry and excellent marine life.
  • White House Reef – is a well-preserved reef formation that can easily be reached from the beach.
The Turks and Caicos Islands feature some of the most impressive reef structures and marine life in the Caribbean. Snorkeling and scuba diving are great ways to enjoy our tropical vacation!!

Tomorrow after the beach we hit the spa! Okay, jump in the water and let's go!

Poolside On Our Virtual Vacation To Turks and Caicos

It's a gorgeous day as we sit poolside. 82 degrees and a few happy clouds in the sky. Our chef made a fabulous breakfast this morning of fruit, omelets and fresh juices. 

What should we do today? Go snorkling? Scuba? Snuba? Or just walk on the beach?

Or do you want to sit by the pool and chat awhile? When you're on vacation you can do whatever you want!

We're here! Look At Our Fabulous Resort! Parrot Cay Turks and Caicos!

I rented us a villa, hope you don't mind...I just thought we might need some space to stretch out!
I think we will be able to relax!

We can eat our meals here. I hired a chef so no one has to cook! There's also a gorgeous restaurant.

Are you excited?
Go put on your suit! Meet you out by the pool!

We're Going On A Virtual Vacation!

I know you're excited. I am too. We are leaving today for our vacation. Our destination? By a landslide....

Turks and Caicos Island!!

Even better? We are going to Parrot Cay. Parrot Cay is located on its own private 1000-acre island about a 35-minute sea journey from the main island of Providenciales. Known locally as ‘Provo’, this is where the international airport is located with exceptional direct flights worldwide. Flight times range from just over three hours to New York to 10 hours from London.

Upon our arrival at Providenciales airport, we will be met by the hotel staff and transferred to the resort – a 15-minute drive to the Parrot Cay Estates Marina at Leeward followed by the relaxing boat transfer (complimentary for commercial flights).

Our flight leaves in a matter of hours so get packing! I'll be bringing my virtual resort wear I bought for the trip (of course I went to Lilly Pulitzer):

We'll be dressing for dinner so I go this cute number. With these shoes!

This necklace I will wear another night but could not leave it in the store! Poolside I will be wearing this:

What are you packing? Are you excited!! Let's go!!!!

I Need A Vacation

I am down right exhausted, tired, and I need a break. I need a vacation! Don't you?

Last night over some wine with friends, they were discussing their 4th of July plans for Nantucket (I am not going!). "The house is one block from the beach, and we can walk to the restaurants." Heaven. I was a little jealous not to be going, but we do have a Tahoe trip we do every summer. Summer seems like a LONG time from now though. TOO LONG!

Since all I have been hearing from everyone is, I NEED A VACATION, next week I am taking you on one. Yep. That's right. We are going on vacation. Some of you long time readers may remember how I tool you to Greece. You can read about the trip here.

Time to vote and see where you want to go!

Your choices are:

1) Palm Springs, California to the land of sun, spa and Jacuzzis.

2) Las Vegas, where food and spas over rule gambling.

3) Hawaii, where Camille Grammer probably no longer has a house.


4) Turks and Caicos, the place where your cell phone cannot work.

The choice is yours. We leave Tuesday of next week. So vote!