Friday Five So me...SO NOT ME!

So Me!

So Not Me!

So Me!

So Not me!

So Me!

So Not Me!

So Me!

So Not Me!

So My Kid!

So Not My kid!

Wanted to do this post for a while since I saw it on Tres Poshes blog. I tag anyone who feels like doing it too!!


I heard from the doctor yesterday. I don't have an auto immune disease. Praise GOD! I am so thankful and feel like I have a new lease on life!

I thought in return for all the prayers from all my bloggy girls, I would show my appreciation! Here's a little poem:

Kikibee your faith is unshakable, I love how you looove your Mama,
Kenady you inspire me and how you rise above all the drama, Chic Chauffeur you're always up for any fun tag I give, Just Beachy your pictures really show us how to live! Libby that Chicken in basil cream sauce recipe was the best I've ever tasted, Always organizing reading all your posts never feels like a day wasted.
Keeks and Brie you are so cute I love your Monday Ebays, Workin' That preppy these shirts are so cute I love you let me count the ways!

Pinot and Pacifiers I feel like I really know you, Tickled pink and green your madras obsession makes me love you!
Pink in a sea of blue we loves our boys don't we? View from the beach I want to set up a playdate can't you live closer to me? I love Pink your little girl makes me want one bad! Mommyvents I love your rants, you make it fun to be mad!
Caffeine Court your series are brilliant, Preppy Sue I feel so close! La Vie en rose and Ladybugs picnic I always need another dose!
Impoverished Preppy I love your quirks, Momx2 I love your traveling ways, Just us chickens sent Landon enough Ralphie hand me downs they are lasting days and days! Self confessed lamp tramp, I can't wait for the wedding, Etiquettely correct yours will be gorgeous I'm betting!

Snappy Casual gifts, I love all your stuff, Buford Betty reality can be tough. Who could ask for anything more, I can really relate, What would Kate gosselin do and I need to go on a dinner date. Tres Poshe I adore and am looking for your hubby, Clemson Girl you are a riot, Pretty in Pink and Green is too funny! Short pump preppy I love your horsey life, Mrs. K your my new fun read, Belle in bloom and adventures of a southern newlywed we like all the same things!

Magnolia mama I'm selfish, I want you to post more, Lipstick at the mailbox I like you that's for sure! Abnormally Normal I get to see teen pics galore, Barefoot in the park you leave me wanting more! Journey to our daughter your life in pictures is so nice to see, Biscuits are never boring wish you lived next door to me! Almost home I really do wish you all the best, Midwest prep I love that your preppiness is put to the test!

Preppy Lizard cannot believe how you work out, Southern somedays knows what life's about! Sweet Peas and pumpkins you are one good mom, Brat pack I want to know what energy drink you're on! Figs Lavender and Cheese your recipe pics are food porn, Boo and Hooties mom I swear we've met before! Houses couches and babies, I like the way you think, Happy housewife you were my first or second blog friend I think! Pearls and Grace, what an exciting time, pigtails and pacifiers it's baby shower time!

Memoirs of the shoe obsessed girl I like your style, The Jordans are so supportive they always make me smile. Preppy Mama I feel your pain, I want a volvo like Grosgrain Lane!

In the life of five year olds and I looove the same TV shows, and Not that I don't love my kids keeps me on my toes! Pink Preppy Party girl you've got taste for days...Oh I I can't forget sippycups are for Chardonnay!
...I know there are more blogs...I really love them all...If I've left you out I'm sorry this order was too tall!

Love you Guys!

The Mrs.

Talk to me! When you should take your baby to speech therapy

You know I'm a big fan of trusting your with that in mind...
I felt like Landon wasn't talking as much as he should be. I decided to have him evaluated by Regional Center. They offer free services for kids under three, no matter your income.

At his preliminary evaluation he was found to have a speech delay. He understands commands but seems to not have as many words as we want him to.

I thought I'd give you a little breakdown I found by
Patricia McAleer-Hamaguchi, a pediatric speech-language pathologist.

Toddlers often have trouble with pronunciation and difficulties putting sentences together. A child between the ages of 18 months and 3 years will generally mispronounce many words. It's perfectly normal to have to play a guessing game to figure out what your child is saying, and at times you may have absolutely no clue what she's getting at. That's okay!

Many toddlers substitute an "f" or "d" sound for "th" ("I'm taking a baf") or a "w" sound for an "l" or "r" ("The wion wawed" = "The lion roared"). Consonant blends, where two consonants are right next to each other, are typically difficult ("Soppit!" for "Stop it"), and toddlers often mix up multi-syllabic words or simply reduce them to shorter words ("Gimme dat amal" = "Give me that animal"). All of these mispronunciations are common even up until age 6. What you want to watch for is that your toddler's speech is improving over time — by age 3, most of what your child says should be pretty understandable.

If the problem is not pronunciation but rather that your child isn't talking or is talking very little, you should act a little more quickly. You should have her evaluated at 20 to 24 months if she's doing any one of the following:

* Doesn't react normally or consistently to sounds. (She may be overly sensitive to sounds such as vacuums or hair dryers yet seem indifferent at other times when people call her name.)

* Mispronounces vowels, saying "coo" instead of "cow."

* Talks using mostly vowels, omitting whole consonants, saying "a" for "cat."

* Uses one catch-all sound or syllable to name most things ("duh" or "duh-duh" is a popular one).

* Uses a word once and then doesn't use it again frequently.

* Doesn't point to common objects in books. (When you say "Show me the kitty cat!" instead flips the page or simply repeats "cat!" but doesn't actually point to it.)

* Doesn't seem frustrated when you don't know what she wants. (She may simply try to get the object herself or just give up very easily.)

* Doesn't seem to be progressing much from month to month.

* Answers a question by repeating part of your question. (If you say, "Do you want milk?" responds by saying "Milk!" instead of a head nod or "yes" response — this is called echolalia, and may be an early sign of autism.)

* Doesn't learn "bye-bye" or react to games like peek-a-boo.

* Still says single words only, and not sentences.

In Landon's case he uses the word "BOB" for most things. And although he says other words I was seeing a slowing of progress month to month. I am so glad I called because Regional Center will pay for all therapies for any child with a problem until they are three years old. They are even going to start paying for his physical therapy for his arm!

Malibu Memorial day

We went to Malibu for a little walk down memory lane. This is where we were married nearly 5 years ago and we wanted to show Landon.

He loved it!!!!

Friday Update With One Fabulous Mom

What a week! Don't you feel great! There's still time to come clean if you want to comment on the earlier posts. I love the things that everyone said but I'll pick a few to highlight.

I really related to View From The Beach's Comment on the health and taking care of yourself post. "The dishes can wait, but your health and sanity shouldn't have to". I admit I am guilty of unloading the dishwasher vs taking time for me!!! As for my doctors visit, she doesn't think I have Lupus but is doing a full blood panel to see what else it could be and rule out Lupus totally. I was relieved when she said she was pretty sure I didn't have it! I failed the physical test for Lupus, never was so happy to fail a test in my life!

On the financial end, a lot of you are budgeting and living debt free (go Biscuits are never Boring!) and I am so inspired. I loved when I Love Pink said she lives with a financial planner and her whole life is on a budget! Hysterical. I also loved Southern Somedays cash envelop system. I have heard about this, and hubby wants to try it so we will. I am also handing over bill paying to him. I think he will help to keep me in line! Meeting with the financial planner was such a weight off my shoulders. She makes everything seem do-able!!!

Those of you brave enough to post on the sex one hooray! I know some others wanted to but couldn't get up the nerve! LOL. I love when Always Organizing said they "fool around every few days". Too cute! I think I need to have more sex, I've been holding out a little on the hubs!

As for spirituality I loved everyones comments but especially The Chic Chauffeurs experience at a funeral when the priest mentioned that the woman who had passed on had a good life, a life that was an answer to one prayer or another. And that she needs to reminds herself to look for answered prayers.

I am so grateful to you my bloggy friends, who help me to come clean and to feel inspired and supported no matter what. I love you guys! XO

Coming Clean- Spirituality

By now you're asking yourself, what else is there? She is really coming clean! Well, here's my last and final one. The big one. God. I have posted about going to church and our amazing pastor, he has really made a huge impact on my life. Even with that I find myself, when the chips are down, losing faith. It's easy to have faith when things are going swimmingly. Much harder when the chips are down.
My pastor always says there is no scoreboard. God is going to love you whether you have faith or not, go to church or not, believe or not. I want to believe that. Sometimes I do!

I have "God" moments all the time. I see Landon's sweet smiling face as he stands up in his crib every morning saying "Mom?". I watch him kick the soccer ball all over the lawn squealing with delight. Every time he has a first (first forward roll on his won today!). I know there is a God. I do get confused when I hear awful stories of children being hurt or when I am facing big challenges myself (update on all health issues for tomorrows post).

My biggest battle is fear and worry. I would rather turn "worry into wonder" which is, as I said in an earlier post, the motto this year at church.

Do you believe in God? A higher power? Do you think things happen randomly or in God's plan? And if so, what makes you know that?

Coming Clean- S-E-X

Oh no...she's not going to do this...oh yes...yes I am. I'm going to talk about sex. Look, after health and money this is the fun one! Well, not always fun but still. Actually this picture is pretty hot...where are you hubs!

The whole sex thing can either be something else on the to do list, a release, fun, or a way to reconnect. Usually for most moms it's something on the to do list. We're so exhausted from all our multi-tasking, sex just seems like one more thing to handle in a too busy day. It may be hard to get us in the mood, but once we're there it can be great.

Here are a few of my tips since you know hubby is never going to stop asking for sex!

1) I can't have sex at the end of an exhausting day. It's either early am, or right when baby is in bed, but never just before sleep. I am too tired!

2) I get myself in the mood ahead of time with a glass of wine, bath etc.

3) I try to let it be fun rather than thinking about how much I hate parts of my body. If this means the lights are off fine, if it means they're on, fine. No judgement.

4) You'll feel more giving with sex when you give to yourself. I find that a date night with hubby is a night he usually gets lucky. We're more relaxed. If that can't happen I try to get a little time for me so that I won't be so stingy with hubby.

5) It's a negotiation. Have you ever asked hubby how much sex he wants? This is a negotiation. If neither of you minds having it once a month then fine! But if one person wants more you have to make a deal.

Okay ladies out with it. Are you having sex? How often? Are you feeling guilty about it? Come clean! Post anonymous if you want!

Coming Clean- Finances

I'm so happy I shared what was going on...coming clean feels pretty good. Your comments are so helpful to me in sorting this all out. I know I'll get through it.

Wait, money stuff too? Crap. And I thought the health one was bad!
I have mentioned before that medical bills and living in an expensive place are not helping me. I have tried to create a budget several times to no avail. Hubby and I HATE going over bills and such.
We get depressed so we'd rather avoid it. We do save a little but not enough. This is why I called a financial planner. She is someone I know from church and she works with people like us. She is going to go over everything from life insurance to budgeting. I am finally going to face everything and get a hold of my finances.

How are you with money? Saver? Spender? Do you have a budget? Are you swimming in dough? Barely making it? If you feel like you don't want to leave your name just comment anonymously. I get it! This is a tough subject!

I know money is sort of a tacky subject but I'm coming clean remember!!??

Come Clean Week- Starting With My Health

There's nothing like shining a light in a dark place. Scary things lose their power when you're brave enough to admit them. I thought this week I would do a series of posts on Coming Clean. I think it's okay to admit you need help, we all do.

I've been dancing around sharing what's going on with me lately. Feeling I might help someone out there, I guess it's time to "Come Clean". Cleaning out the closet is one thing, but cleaning up your life is another. This is not something I want to do so I'm taking you along!

I was so moved by Jill at Who Could Ask For Anything More, posting about her brush with breast cancer. How she was waiting for the other shoe to drop and then it did. And how God is bigger than any shoe.

I have been feeling all of you pray for me and to tell you the truth I need it. My other shoe is starting to drop. I had a series of blood tests done and one of them, the Anti Nuclear Antibody test was positive. Not a big deal always but in my case my level was high (320) and that is indicative of an auto immune disease. Like what you ask? Could be Lupus, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.

Now I am hoping and praying it's all a big mistake. I have gone to the dark side and bawled, then come back and said "I feel fine! There can't be anything really wrong." I want to live in "Hopeful Expectation".

I am going to a rheumatologist on Tuesday and she will help me get to the bottom of this.

Going through this has made me aware of two things. First, I don't take care of myself. I put everyone before myself. I run myself ragged until I drop. Then I quickly shop or do my nails for a little treat once in a while to make me feel better. It's dumb and I don't know why I can't give myself quiet time, exercise, or some fun!

Second, I thought after going through infertility and a son with a blood clot in his arm, I thought I was done being a hero in my Turns out the auto immune problem may explain everything. I just feel like I don't know if I'm up for another battle. Of course I will DO IT, but I am tired (see paragraph above).

I don't want to sit here and blame myself, but I do need to start taking better care of me, and stop pretending it's not important.

Do you take care of yourself? If so what's your secret. if not COME CLEAN. You'll feel better. What's the use in pretending!? If you want to know your "Real Age" you can go to the website here. Stay tuned for more clean moments this week!

Friday Fabulous Five- Justin Timberlake

Okay, usually I spot a celebrity and I don't give details because I don't think it's fair to rat them out when they're trying to have a life. That all changed Thursday night when I saw JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.

This was the perfect sighting. Intimate restaurant, and sitting feet from me so I could stare. He is hot. He was not with Jessica Biel, but two other not so attractive brunettes instead.

He is in great shape and adorable. Even cuter in person!

This leads me to my five favorite celebrity sightings (other than JT):

1) Reese and Jake (can't say where but adorable and so in love)

2) Julie Andrews I saw her shopping in Brentwood and had to go up and tell her I loved her. She is too fabulous for words. I looove the Sound of Music and Mary Poppins!

3)Schneider From One Day At A Time: I swear I almost fainted when I saw the man in the elevator! I told him I adored him and he told me I made his day.

4)Cedric the Entertainer: I saw him at the airport and could not help myself. I said one of my favorite lines of his from "Kings of Comedy" to him and he cracked up!

5)Jackie from Workout: Hubby surprised me and got me a personal training session with her! She kicked my ass!!!!

Ever seen anyone famous? Who? Who? Tell me!

Reality Round Up- The Bachelor Picks Shayne!

I am just going to admit it. I love The Bachelor and Bachelorette on ABC. I try to hate it, think it's trash TV and fake as hell, really I have tried. Instead I wait, pretend I won't tune in this time, and then Tivo and watch the whole damn thing.

Worse my friend Tessa (who I mom interviewed before), and I go over all the juicy details. Let's talk:
I knew Shayne was the one from the start, she is adorable and funny and he really noticed her. Also there were so many sluts this season it was pretty easy to weed these chicks out. Don't get me wrong Shayne is a bit cheesy, (her mother looks like a porn star), but hell I love her. I loved it when she took her make up out of her jacket while snowboarding, jumped off a big raft in the ocean, did a round off back hand spring for him, I could go on. She's spunky and sweet.

So the finale aired and he chose her which I was happy about! Usually they try to do the bait and switch which pisses me off to no end. Here you are thinking the bachelor is gonna pick one girl and BAM he chooses the other one, usually because they cut the footage of him lovin on her! Hate that!

Anyhoo, Mr. Britt guy Matt proposed to Shayne, who he calls "Monkey". Please the man had a knick name for her! He LOOOOOOOves her! Here's what he said:

"I know when I look in those beautiful brown eyes that you'll always be there for me and I hope that you know that I'll always be there for you," then getting down on one knee he continued, "Shayne, I love you and I have something for you. Monkey, will you marry me?"

I bawled. It was really sweet and real (for once). I know all the bachelors break up with these girls a few months later and usually are just doing the show to promote something, but I am optimistic! I feel the same way I felt seeing Trista and Ryan! Come on! Hope with me!

The best was after the proposal when Shayne said she'd marry him under one condition:
"You will never look at another woman for the rest of our lives because you have looked at way too many during our relationship!"

It was cute. Translation: don't mess with me or I'll rip your balls off. I love that girl!

Wacky Wednesday- Six Quirky Things About Me!

I was tagged by the wonderful Always Organizing to tell you six quirky things about me. Here goes:

1) I dye my eyebrows because I feel like without them I don't have a face. My eyebrows are so light they disappear! I think having them dyed makes me look way better.

2) I love gift wrapping. I seriously love to get something and then wrap it in an adorable way. A little bit of joy in my world.

3) I have price amnesia. I swear I cannot remember the price of anything. I can't comparison shop unless I write it down! This goes for everything from cars to diapers!

4) 77 degrees is my temperature. Every time I think the weather is perfect I look at the thermometer and it's 77 degrees!

5) I'm getting claustrophobic as I get older! I swear I can only sit on the aisle on a plane and I cannot be in the backseat of a car unless I have my own window that rolls down and my own door. Otherwise I panic!

6) I could live in a hotel. I love everything about it! Someone cleaning up after me, fresh sheets and towels, fabulous!

I am tagging: What would Kate Gosselin Do?, A Study of schoolbooks and shoes, and Magnolia Mama as well as whomever else wants to play!

Girls Getaway Big Report- Sanity Break!

Imagine yourself, exhausted as usual, unable to even take a shower let alone get your nails done, and suddenly you are transported to a place where you have no mommy responsibilities. You are in a mommy time out. That is the definition of a girls weekend.

I could not believe there was no schedule. No one that had to be taken care of, fed, bathed! It was a vacation for sure.

We all descended on my parents house in Palm Beach at 12:30am Thursday night. It was as if we had been out all night and met up at the sorority house. We proceeded to get settled, and the girls discovered my mom's little gift a monogram coozie and a pink baseball hat. Thanks mom!!! We stayed up until 3am talking and having a few glasses of wine. We were exhausted but so happy to be together. We marveled at the fridge that was full of food from our favorite restaurant Dexters, our college haunt. Godmother hooked us up by getting that and a case of champagne!

Friday morning I saw that the gift fairy had come again thanks to Beef. She got us pink and green towels, flip flops and wrapped it all up in the cutest way!

We spent the day by the pool laughing and opened our first bottle of Veuve by noon. The Pom Pom was invented soon after.

We ended up not even leaving the house, poor Rynal got an evil migraine but we even dressed for dinner at the house! Why not! We had all the time in the world! LUXURY!!!

We laughed, we cried, it was fabulous.

Saturday Rynal made the world move when she got not only a masseuse to the house, but two nail techs. We even squeezed in a trip to TJ Maxx before they came! I had a ball shopping with Foley at TJ Maxx. She got so many things! I searched high and low for any signs of vineyard vines but no dice. Did get some polo shorts for Landon!

We dined outside and had a few laughs.

Then we ended up in out PJS!

It was such a wonderful time for all of us. Can't wait to do it again!

Little Report Before The Big Report

We had the most wonderful time on our girls getaway. I have pictures to post and stories to tell but you'll have to wait until I get organized a little!

I will give you a tidbit though. There was a case of Veuve Clicquot brought by Godmother. And we went though it in a heartbeat and invented a new drink in the process. It's called the "Pom Pom". Champagne and a splash of pomegranate juice! FABULOUS!!!!!

Sanity Break- Girls Getaway

We are leaving today. I am a little nervous leaving Landon for the first time with hubby alone, but Landon will be thrilled to have Daddy to himself! Hubby has already told me he's taking him to a polo match! Well excuse me!

I will be posting from Palm Beach and let me tell you there will be much to post! This will be a long weekend of Pinot and NO PACIFIERS! LOL.

The cast of characters with me on this trip will be:

Carl: Works in human resources for a bank. Married and has two boys, one just a few months now, and a loves to pee when she laughs. Look out.

Rynal: Was president of our sorority, and still is the president of our world. Married with a golden named Cash. Bring the diet coke to the party or she'll kill you.

Godmother: Works for an event security company that handles things like the Superbowl! She was just promoted (all male company pretty much so woohoo!). Married with a yorkie named named Voodoo who is my dogs girlfriend. Queen of sarcasm with fashion sense to die for.

Foley: Lawyer and razor sharp wit makes her hysterical. Married with two adorable girls who she loooves. She can dance like a fly girl but only with many martinis.

Beef: This name does not describe Mrs. Adorable from Ct. Married college sweetie and has two boys and a girl Mia Mouse. She is supermommie and is going through a remodel and still showing up!

And then me. Well, you know there you have it. Look for more post on how much trouble mom's can get into Mothers Day weekend without their kids!

Sanity Break- Family Herb Garden

Hubby has been wanting to grow an herb garden for a while but we finally made it happen last weekend. What was amazing is that Landon really enjoyed helping! Dirt all over his face, he was thrilled to be gardening with Daddy. We will keep you posted in our progress!

Haiku Tuesday

Godmother (Landon's) is coming to stay today and I could not be more thrilled. She will be flying with me to PALM BEACH for a much needed and anticipated girls weekend. It happened to fall on Mothers Day, so we are treating ourselves! More on that in another post....

I've decided it's Haiku Tuesday!

Haiku-poems can describe almost anything. Some of the most thrilling Haiku-poems describe daily situations in a way that gives the reader a brand new experience of a well-known situation.

The metrical pattern of Haiku

Haiku-poems consist of respectively 5, 7 and 5 syllables in three units.

Okay I will start us off. Are you getting worried I might tag you? Well be afraid! be very afraid!

Here's mine!

I open my eyes
He is up and calls "Daddy"
Scrambled shower starts

Tickling singing
Waffle Elmo Sesame
Smiling at my son

Nanny comes I start
Wondering all while moving
How sweet he can be

At the door hug kiss
Mommy leaves for work but still
Another world waits

I am tagging:
Kikibee, Chic Chauffeur, Etiquettely Correct, Keeks and Brie, Just Beachy, La Vie En Rose, and Mom x2, but anyone who wants to do it comment or let me know when it's on your blog! Cheers!

The Tide Is Turning

It started with dinner at our pastors house. Hubby was helping build a ramp for his mom who is now in a wheel chair. If you haven't read my "post it" post, look it up under: One Fabulous Moms Musings in the categories section, her story is so inspirational. We were there and Landon was visiting his girlfriend (preachers daughter, I know, we are in big trouble) and we had a little dance party and the kids were so happy and sweet. They shared a bath (Landon's first shared bath!), and had pj time together. They were so sweet it lifted my spirits and made me forget about the latest round of doctors I went to. More on that later but please keep praying for me.

Then we went to Hollywood Park and bet on the Kentucky Derby and won. Okay we bet $2 and won $6 but let me tell you this felt like a great win in a sea of our tough times. We were happy.

Then I went to church this Sunday still feeling pretty sad and low. Low and behold pastor again gave the sermon of a lifetime based (ironically) on the Children's book You are Special.

Here's the book synopsis.

Every day the small wooden people called Wemmicks do the same thing: stick either gold stars or gray dots on one another. The pretty ones--those with smooth wood and fine paint--always get star stickers. The talented ones do, too. Others, though, who can do little or who have chipped paint, get ugly gray stickers. Like Punchinello.

In this heartwarming children's tale from the best-selling pen of author Max Lucado, Eli the woodcarver helps Punchinello understand how special he is--no matter what other Wemmicks may think. It's a vital message for children everywhere: that regardless of how the world evaluates them, God cherishes each of them, just as they are.

As Punchinello starts to believe he is special his gray stickers pop of and no longer stick to him. This lead to pastor talking about his special needs son who teaches him this lesson every day. That he wants to live in a world where there are no stickers, where stickers don't stick.

I bawled. Landon teaches me this everyday too.

So I think the tide is turning. I'm going to expect good things, in fact great things. I want to live a life without stickers. Don't you?

Fabulous Fridge Friday!

Okay so here's my newest and greatest idea. Here is a photo of my fridge.

The freezer and fridge...

Notice the ice packs piled up for lunches hubby and I take to work, bag of ice from the last pot luck here...On the fridge side Lactose free milk from Landons bout with stomach flu (Dr. said no dairy!), iced tea maker pitcher (my obsession), and a giant jar of veganaise which I swear by.

And the fridge door.

Whole milk for Landon, 2% for us...Soy Vey terriyaki sauce (yum), and plenty of pinot grigio to drink on the bottom!

I tag Self Confessed Lamp Tramp, Always Organizing, View From The Beach, Pinot and Pacifiers, Belle in Bloom, Caffeine Court and Figs, Lavender and Cheese to post pics of your fridge (NOT STYLED, THAT"S NOT FAIR!) and a little description. I also tag anyone else who wants to play. Come on...I know you want to see in peoples fridges!!!

Fabulous Mom- Interview with my neighbor Sheila!

Many of you have heard me say in my posts "Sheila's seven layer dip","Sheila came over" etc, well, it's time to get to know Sheila! My neighbor has become such a great friend and she took me to the spa this past weekend for my birthday (I told you it was a month!) and I had a much needed facial. Sheila works full time but also is a full time mom! She has endless energy for friends and family and is a sweetheart. I love her!

1. How would you describe yourself? I am a self motivated, energetic, happy, independent, professional, always on the go, but I will always make the time for my friends and family, no matter what!

2. How do you continue to follow your passions and dreams while being a mom? I make the time to do the things I want to do, however, my daughter Jagan comes first then I go from there.

3. How has motherhood changed you? I do not buy as many clothes and items for myself; I used to be a person who thought of me first then my husband, now I think of my daughter and family first!

4. What do you do for yourself so that you can still be Fabulous? I always buy myself the latest lotions and potions; to make sure I still look young and Fabulous.

5. What is the best mom advice you’ve ever gotten? You and your husband came first then your child, make the time for you and your husband, then you will have a happy marriage which in turn gives your child the best family support, and remember a happy wife makes a happy life!

6. What are your top five Fabulous must haves? No 7 by boots facial cleanser, Boots No. 7 Time Resisting Day & Night Eye Care, CoverGirl Advance Radiance Restorative Cream Foundation SPF 10, Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Pressed Powder, OLAY Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle Daily SPF 15 Lotion.

7. Complete this sentence: “Being……makes me One Fabulous Mom. Being a working Mom makes me One Fabulous Mom, because I am able to show my daughter Jagan how wonderful it is to be an independent hard working Mom and that nobody has to take care of you except yourself.