Potty Training Day 1- Goodbye Pampers?

Yes, it's time. Coco is headed to camp soon, and they have asked that we at least "start" potty training. She also starts preschool in the fall. To be honest, I am dreading this. First probably because this is my last baby in diapers. I want to just see those little pampers a little longer. It's the last part of my "Baby Coco".

Secondly potty training with Landon was NO FUN. He seemed to get the peeing part but the poo poo on the potty took FOREVER. I know TMI.

So here we are at Day 1. I am armed with Dora underpants, training underwear, a cars potty, a Dora toilet seat topper, and lots of juice. I'll also reward her with little prizes when she goes. I wonder if she knows what's coming. I told her all yesterday that today was the big day.

She kept repeating "peepee in the potty"!!! Let's hope it's that easy.

Heading to Tahoe! A Real Vacation!

Every year we take a vacation to Lake Tahoe with friends. I can call it a vacation because of three important elements that are included in this trip. Babysitters, cleaning lady, and winethirty starts at 11am.

We are lucky little ducks to go on this trip and we know it. We stay at a cabin on a private lake, water ski, kayak, eat fabulous meals (each family cooks one night) and did I mention the babysitters? They have all the kids doing activities, hikes, swimming, and making mud pies. Meanwhile I read a magazine and sip a Corona.

What's that mean? You ask?

Oh I know darlings, we only get to read magazines for five minutes on the "potty". I am talking about reading a magazine cover to cover and chatting with the other girls about the pictures, gossip and fashion. Dreamy huh?


Now I just have to start packing for FOUR people. Did I mention I hate packing?

The Foodinista's Latest Creation The LULU Cocktail!

Have you found your new summer cocktail? I have thanks to the Foodinista!  Have you heard of her? No? She is beyond fabulous. I know, I've met her!! She's a mom, a foodie, and amazingly fun. This latest creation?

The LULU!!

Read more about it here!

Happy Birthday to my Fabulous friend Beth Dunn!! Social Climbers Author, Lilly P Lover and Fabulous Mom!! Love you!!
A little something is coming in the mail!!!
Go wish her a Happy Birthday on her blog!

10 Things I Am Loving This Summer!

Granted my summer is being sidelined by strep throat, stomach flu and a now never ending cold. Yes, being sick in the summer is not dreamy. Not one bit!

That's not going to stop me from enjoying myself though!! Here are some things I am LOVING this summer:

Tori Burch Flip Flops:

I have the black ones but I love all of them! They make going to the pool or beach feel fabulous and they're comfortable!! BONUS!

2) My Lilly Pulitzer Josie Tunic (and Coco's matching shift!!)
3) Toasted Israeli (Pearl) Cous Cous with feta, cucumbers and mint!

Simply the best side dish ever and so refreshing!!!
Get the Recipe Here:

4) Swimming with the kids:

Coco loves the pool a juts her little legs out kicking and smiling. Landon now swims pretty much on his own and loves to go under water! Heaven! I love to see how happy they are!!

5) Fornash Bracelets:

Saw them on Tickled Pink and Green and have died for them ever since!

6) My new outdoor dining set from Ikea!

7) Ratatouille- not the dish! The Movie! Have you seen it? It's the cutest thing!!

8) Mojitos! Okay I admit I love them all year long but especially in the summer!

9) Coco's Table and Chairs (given by Cece and Peepaw) and painted by Bestie Katie who is the most brilliant creative person EVER.

10) My Orient Expressed Linen Bag!
Everyone orders it when they see mine! Order yours here:

Your turn! What are the top ten things you are loving this summer! Tell me or do a post!

Casey Anthony Not Guilty?

I was debating writing this post but I can't help myself. I, like the rest of the world it seems, am stunned by the news that Casey Anthony was found NOT GUILTY. I can barely look at little Caylee's face without wanting to cry. There were so many lies told, so many inconsistencies, so many acts of out and out un motherly behavior.

Imagine the scenario, your child, goes missing. I know this is something everyone dreads. I can't bare to think about it. The normal reaction? Go to the press, scream, cry, get all your friends and family searching, look everywhere, spend day and night crying and pleading to God to bring your baby back. Right?

Casey's reaction?

1) Hours after she "drowned" she rented a movie from Blockbuster with her boyfriend
2) She failed to report Caylee missing FOR A MONTH.
3) She appeared in a Hot Body bar contest days after she went missing
4) Friend said she showed no signs of distress
5) Later in the month she got a tatoo saying Bella Vita (the good life)
6) She said a fictitious nanny kidnapped her
7) Her car was towed and her mom claimed "it smells like a dead body has been in the damn car"
8) She claimed she didn't report her missing because she was trying to find her herself
9) She partied, drank and had a real good time
10) She borrowed a shovel two days after Caylee went missing
11) She searched the word "chloroform" 84 times on her computer as well as "neck breaking" and "household weapons".

One of these would be strange, all eleven? I'm sorry but this girl is guilty. Even if Caylee did accidentally drown in their pool, half of these are bizarre and uncaring. There are mother's who don't want their children. Who kill them, drown them, hurt them. This is one of them. Caylee was cramping her style. She was young and wanted to party. She still to this day has no idea who the Father of Caylee is.

Her parents don't seem to be the picture of normal either, but it seems to me they loved their Grand Daughter. How sad to be put in the position where you are hoping your own daughter is not a murderer yet, there really is no other answer. I'm sure since they lost Caylee, they didn't want to lose Casey as well.

Now I am not on the jury. I know these people are bombarded with information and sequestered for days on end. It's a nightmare. Still I can hardly believe they set her free. Reasonable doubt? I don't think so. Looks pretty slamn dunk to me. Especially when there is NO OTHER ANSWER.

What's great about Karma, the Universe, God or what have you, is that what comes around goes around. Look at OJ Simpson. He's back in jail, but really was her ever out? Couldn't get a job, was made into a joke, and everyone knows he did it. Casey was already approached by Vivid Entertainment (porn), which is perfect for her. This is the life she will have now. She will still be in prison, one without bars. She and her parents will never be a family again, that ship sailed when she claimed her father and brother molested her. Casey's life will be bad...because she knows she killed her own child.

And the only solace I have is sweet baby Caylee is up in heaven with the one Father who truly loves her. She is happy and free. I would love to know what you think. Were you stunned? Do you think she's guilty?

Not So Fabulous- Fourth Of July In Arrowhead!

It was a great weekend of fun and sun....but then...stomach bug. Coco first threw up all over The Mr's truck. It was awful! The next day we thought she was over it. We managed to go to the little town, carnival, lunch...

 and so, happily optimistic, we went to my sisters house for the big Fourth Of July Party.

We were there five minutes before I looked at Coco and knew what was about to happen. I ran her to the bathroom and she threw up all over me, my Lilly dress, and the bathroom. Poor thing! We scooted home to our near by rental house to clean her up.

Soon she was skipping all over the house feeling fine. Don'tcha love kids? After she was asleep we had the babysitter stay with her and hubby and I got to enjoy the party.

And for a second outfit I didn't do too bad....the view was amazing.

We drove home with no more drama. We loved the views on the way home.

Of course once we got home Mr and I got the stomach flu. Can't win 'em all!!

Lake Arrowhead Here We Come!

My sister bought a house in Lake Arrowhead and I am soooooo glad! We are headed up there this weekend for a big family weekend. I've never been before so I'm looking forward to checking it all out!

I have worked tirelessly trying to find cute Fourth Of July outfits for the kids. I went everywhere. Finally Janie and Jack to the rescue. I didn't go too fancy because it's the lake!

Also had to get a little Rags Land outfit since there are two events! Happy Fourth everyone! What are your plans?