Top Baby Names for 2009!

These names are always affected by movies that are out, TV and media so I find it so fascinating!!

Kinda think Ethan is a cool name, can't believe it's number one. Never met one! Isabella on the other hand I have seen and met 1000 times on the playground! I can believe that one is number 1! Are your kids name son there? Do you like to stay off the list? I do! But, wouldn't let being on the list stop me if it's a family name or one I just loved. Is your name on there? Mine is!!!! If you don't know me...GUESS!

1 Ethan Isabella
2 Jacob Emma
3 Noah Olivia
4 Aiden Ava
5 Logan Sophia
6 Jackson Madison
7 Jack Chloe
8 Ryan Abigail
9 Jayden Addison
10 Matthew Emily
11 Liam Ella
12 Joshua Lily
13 Tyler Mia
14 Benjamin Grace
15 Gavin Alexis
16 Alexander Avery
17 William Samantha
18 Evan Elizabeth
19 Michael Hannah
20 Nathan Natalie


Suburban Princess said...

20 or so years ago when I heard the name Ethan I loved it and thought I would use it some day - when I had my son I had heard about so many Ethans being born - fortunately I had picked another way less common name!

Life, Love And Lola said...

My name is not on there but a couple of my girlfriends children's names are...Are you Elizabeth?

Henley on the Horn said...

I think you are an Elizabeth. No matter what, I know you're fabulous!! HOpe you're doing well!

debra said...

I'd prefer not to have my kids' names on the list (hers isn't) but most of the names on the list are nice. If I had another daughter her name would be on the list (Ava)-so good thing that won't happen.:)

My daughter has an Ethan in her class this year. Let's just say that he is a terror. So I will forever think of Ethans in that way!

My hubby's name is on the list (William) - what goes around must surely come back around 40 yrs later.

MOMMY-MOMO said...

our EC is an ETHAN!!! I never knew it was a top name either? Ive never met another one hehe

Shannon said...

My sons name is Ethan. I remember when we were looking up names over three years ago I told my husband I loved the name Ethan and he agreed, but I said I wouldnt name him that if it was with in the top five boys names. I looked that the social security website for the top five names then and Ethan was number five...haha I guess number five was good enough for us, and now its number one 3 years later. Crazy!

Caffeine Court said...

My dog's name is on there...Abigail. (Abby)

I my daughters are Margaret (Meg) and Catherine...neither one made the top 10.

Cookie Crums said...

Thanks for the list. We're in the process of looking for a boy name and can NOT agree. :) I've thrown out a name or two on here and the hubby doesn't agree.

So difficutl, naming a child.

Preppy 101 said...

We're not one there! But our names are all family based. I'm glad though! As a former teacher, I used to have 4 and 5 students in a class with the same name. Identity crisis time ;-) haha.

nanny said...

Nope I'm not on there but I think you have to be Sophia.......

Melissa said...

I'm pretty sure your name is Elizabeth!

My name isn't on there, but the names I want for me kids, Jackson and Lily, are! The fact that they're on a popular list won't stop me from using them, but I wish I loved names that were a bit less common!

PaperCourt said...

My name is not up there....and either are my boys' names. Yahoo! I loved my name growing up b/c there weren't many of us!

Pigtails and Pacifiers said...

Only one of my girls names is on there. I do know an Ethan and an Isabella. My name will never be on the list......I can't even find it on a magnet! I think you are Elizabeth. Which is such a classic name. I think these lists are fun too!

Bama Girl in AZ said...

Sofia's name is on their but not with her spelling - I wish it was not on the list!

Mom on the Run said...

My kids' names aren't on there, but they're old, so I'm not surprised. J2 babysits a lot and worked at our church's preschool camps for a few years, and there are hundreds of all of those along with a huge number of Southern names which sound like a senior citizen's quilting circle rather than a preschool class. My kids' names are Jenna, Jayne, Judson and Josh is the only one with a really common name. Or at least his is the only one we can find on keychains at Disney ;-)

Solar Powered said...

I know your name so I won't cheat. I will say my baby girl almost got a name on the list because it's a family name on his side...but everyone had it!! Ella.

SAS said... my name is Sarah and my husbands is David. In 1978 when we were born, they were both #5 and I hated it. Everyone's name was sarah and and I swore I wouldn't do that to my kid. Well...Lilly is #12. It's not spelled the same but that doesn't matter. I always wanted a Lilly and I got one!

Always Organizing said...

I don't have kids yet, but our tentative names that the hubby and I have picked out aren't on the top 10.

ps. I think you are Elizabeth too!

Courtney said...

My name is not on here. But my nephew and niece are # 5 and 6.

Angry Julie Monday said...

Angry Kid is not on there. But he has been before.

Kiki said...

My name and my sisters names are not on here....I'm so glad....but that wouldn't stop me from using a name I liked if it was on the list.

Turns out I won't have to worry about it. But, if I did, I'd pick Charles Douglas or Charlotte Grace. I ALWAYS loved the nickname Charlie and if I had a boy or girl, I would have loved to call them Charlie...then Douglas because that was my daddy's middle name and Grace because it would have to be through the grace of God that I got a baby...which hasn't exactly happened.

Wow, this turned into a downer of a comment...yikes, sorry.

Anonymous said...

I guessed your name to be Elizabeth too. Not sure why :)

My son's name is on there, but he is a Jr. My daughters and my name is not on there.

Maureen said...

None of our names made the list! Although, I spotted yours! Fun stuff.

Brie said...

Out of the 6 names in my fam only one made the list - oddly it's the one that's the least common around here - Liam! Very few Liam's in Jersey but in Cape Cod he has 5 on his baseball team! Isn't that funny?