Reality Round UP- RHOOC

I am blown away by this latest episode. Are you guys still watching or am I the only one?!

Lynne is the worst parent ever. I love when Alexa said "I'd love to find my limit with them but so far, nothing!" and "It's been a free ride my whole life, now they want boundaries?" Hello! The girl is screaming for boundaries and you want to be her cool teenage friends! By the grace of God she will not end up pregnant. You know I'm right! Love that they have hired a "Youthologist". Note to self, start youthology biz to make money off of parents unwilling to set rules and stick to them.

Alexis is insane. She actually thought that drunk girl even cared about her ugly husband? What are they going to get into a brawl!? Funny! Her hubby was loving it. You know he was. She is Klassy with a K!

Gretchen keeps the show interesting. Tupperware party with a drag queen? I am so there. Why is she suddenly the sane one? Scary!

Vicky is down right bragging about not being in the "Hurt locker" like the rest of the girls. "No foreclosure, no short sale..." Watch out Vicky, Karma is a bitch!

Tamara, I am just waiting for her to stop trying to act like Gretchens her problem when it's really her marriage. Get a grip. What's your take on these Krazy Girls? PS was I hearing things or is someone on the Bachelor pregnant?!


Suburban Princess said...

I have only seen two eps of this season of RHOC - it just started airing here a couple of weeks ago so I am a bit behind but I so love this show!
Last season Gretchen really bugged me but I am liking her so far this season. I am sad Jeanna left but at least now we wont have to watch her getting abused by her sons!

The Bachelor is awesome this time around!!!! I dont normally watch it that much but I am soooo hooked! I do feel a bit bad for Jake tho :O(

I think we need to be tv buddies!

Anonymous said...

YES! I just want to shake Lynne and her husband. They are terrible! They get "mad" and when she walks in they're just "oh hey, that's a cute outfit" and then she "cries" and they are the ones who are sorry. So dumb. I don't understand them even a little bit.

And ew, Alexis' husband is gross and controlling I don't know why anyone would want to make a pass at him.

New England Gal said...

Love TRHOOC! Haven't watched from last night yet, but Gretchen has been growing on me this season. I never really liked her before, but I think she is the one that is the most "normal", if thats possible!
Pregnancy rumor on Bachelor was Tenley playing a joke when she was telling Jake about being married before. The Insider was making their commercials seem like it was a big shocker when it was truly just her being silly!

k e r r y said...

I can't stay away from that show!

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

You summed up my thoughts absolutely perfectly. Lynne can't express anger anyway since her face has been manipulated into a perma-grin a la The Joker.

Heather@PixieDust said...

I'm with you. Lynn as a mom is horrendous. The whole thing last week with Gretchen being concerned drove me nuts - does Lynn not get that teen girls are not going to share with their moms and they need some one else to speak to?!?!

And I do not understand Alexis's marriage at all - esp the "god #1, marriage #2, kids #3" quote. My hubby heard that and said "i hope when we have kids, you put them first"

S said...

I haven't watched this season at all. I think the last season I actually watched was the one where Lori was officially off the show but came back a few times. I guess I just had my fill of these ladies bragging, making a**es of themselves on TV and fighting :) But it was fun while it lasted. .

Jillian, Inc said...

Pretty sad about Lynne's daughter - she IS screaming out for some boundaries. I'd start by taking the damn phone away. Kills me Lynne got upset with Gretchen for butting in on parenting, but yet they'll pay a perfect stranger to do the same thing. Ditto on the ugly husband - guess money makes everything look a little better. I used to love the OC wives the best but this season it seems like they are grasping at straws to add a little drama. Last week a sleepover pj party and this week Tupperware? What's next - shopping trip to Target? geesh.

debra said...

I caught a little bit of last night's episode and hopefully it will be on again this afternoon so I can finish. Don't know why, but I'm still watching. Glad I'm not alone. :)

Lynne is not doing those girls any favors that's for sure. She and her husband are both horrible parents. They have been lucky so far but with no boudaries I don't see it lasting forever. They'll be in trouble one day.

Alexis - at first I wasn't sure what to think of her but she is looking like a loon to me. Yes, her husband loved every minute of that wanna be cat fight. He is gross.

But not as gross as Slade. What is Gretchen thinking?? That her really cares about her? But all in all she is definitely looking like the sane one. I think she's my favorite (this week).

I agree about Vicki too.

Wonder what next week will bring???

Cookie Crums said...

In total agreement about Lynne! Hello!! YOu are the freakin parent!! That poor is on the road to destruction!

I still love the show though!! :) Just can't help myself.

Mallory and Kenny said...

My thoughts exactly on all of the above. However I am still loving the show. So glad Vicki and Don seem to be working on their marriage.

BTW cannot wait for RHNYC! Love me some Jillian and Betheny!

Preppy Lizard said...

I love this show! I mean every week I think these woman can't get any worse or more self absored but they prove me wrong!
Lynne and her husband make me sick...they definitely win worst parents of the year. It's scary they think they are such good parents. Hopefully they watch these episodes back and have opened up their eyes to their screaming daughter.

Can't wait for NYC Housewives to start in March!!!

Preppy Mama said...

Oh this show gets better and better each week. Alexis - she did not fail to make me laugh...belly laugh out loud. Oh please tell me this is scripted because people really can't be like this!!!

Lin said...

I have this episode on my DVR & I was going to wait to watch it but after reading this post I'm so watching it NOW.

These ladies are such train wrecks & I love watching every minute of it, lol.

Melissa said...

As usual, I agree with you 100%! It was incredibly painful to watch Lynne's daughters! I can't stand them, they're such brats! Alexis completely overreacted and for someone whose said she's 110% confident in her relationship, she certainly didn't act it!

Someone on The Bachelor is pregnant!? OMG!

Elizabeth said...

OH, I am SO still watching this. I always try to act like I'll stop and I just can't quit it. :)

Lynn is an idiot, truly.

I think Alexis is nutso...for being in such a weird relationship especially!

I still love me some Vicki though!!!! I think SHE seems the most "down to earth" if that's even possible.

Bama Girl in AZ said...

RH makes me sad this season - it was so much more fun when they were all loaded!

The Bachelor is really trashy and exciting this season!
Loving them both!

Kiki said...

I am watching the show and I am loving all of the crazy!!!! Your analysis was spot on and everyone else sees it too!! The worst part if I can't stop watching!!!

Beantown Prepster said...

Lynne is the absolute worst! Her daughters are ridiculous. As for Gretchen- I have to admit... She's my fav. I kinda want her to be my bestie. I wish Tamara would fall off the face of the earth. She is SO obnoxious and her son is AWFUL!

bloggerprotectionprogram said...

Of course you aren't the only one, too. Alexis's husband seems like a ^%$##@@ and she acts holier than the rest in her skimpy bikini. The previews showed someone on the Bachelor pregnant. Oh my word! Coming up on TLC is the tear jerker of Michele Duggar giving birth 3 months early to baby Josie. You know I'll be tivoing that way. I'm addicted. I know.

Life is what you make it said...

Totally agree. I actually emailed you because I know you watch and was freaking out over Lynne's lame, lame, lameness in this past episode.

I am liking Gretchen too!

Always Organizing said...

Great recap! Lynne is such a clueless parent, I want to smack her.

Hillcrest Acres said...

Good recap. Lynn and her husband need to go to parenting class. Her husband looked "out of it" during the entire show.

Gretchen is a hard one to figure out. I thought she was a gold digger last season with Jeff. This season she's pretty funny. What is she doing with Slade though?! Yikes!!!!

Tamra is just mean.

Vicki is a little full of herself. Although I have to give her credit for being a hard working business woman.

Alexis is a little nutty. She is beautiful though. I laughed when she was trying to yell at that lady about hitting on her husband. A little insecure?!!

(And what was with throwing toilet paper all over Jeana's yard in a few episodes back. I felt sorry for her.)

The 5 Bickies said...

You are right on with your take on the RHOC. I second that this season makes Gretchen look sane. This past episode's two most amazing moments were when Alexis thought anyone was picking up on her very unattractive husband and Lynn's incredibly bad parenting!

As for pregnancy on the Bachelor...I found it on the internet. It was a joke and outtake that they used as a teaser.

dmmlandcruiser said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Gretchen ask Lynn on the phone if it would be ok for her to take Alexa out shopping and discuss the issues she was having? Lynne acts like it all came out of the blue. She is so clueless!

It seems like Vicki may be trying to phase herself out of the show. She is kind of in the background this year. No?

Legallyblondemel said...

I have to say I got a little bored during the last episode - that is, when I wasn't otherwise being horrified by Lynne & husband. I mean, teenagers (including this former one) all live/d to push boundaries, but that level of parental cluelessness? Oy - get some perspective, parents.

The highlight was definitely the Tupperware drag queen - more of her, less invented cat fights like that completely made up Alexis thing!

Maureen said...

Klassy with a K... now that is funny!