Leave it up to the Housewives in OC to keep the drama rolling.

I was shocked to see how the economy has affected everyone. Don't they get big paychecks from the show? Were they all living paycheck to paycheck? Insane.

Jeanna has to sell her house? Asked to borrow money from Vicky and now they aren't friends? Is leaving the show!? I can see why Jeanna is done. It seems the whole tone of the show has become one fake bitchfest. I think Jeanna is realizing family is all she has.

Tamara was down right nasty as usual no matter what Gretchen has done. She's losing her house too. Her and Simon are not getting along at all. Truthfully, he wasn't nice to her when they did have money. He would always act like she was an idiot. Now he is pissed they have no money and still mad he married her. No real change there. I am still amazed how Tamras face does NOT MOVE when she cries.

Tamra is so jealous of the new houswife it's insane. I'm sure all hell will break lose soon.

Gretchen and Slade? I don't buy it. I think it's an arranged thing and Slade is "managing" her. First of all who in their right mind would even be with someone named Slade? What the hell is Slade an SUV? Buy the new mercury "Slade! They don't ever hug, kiss or anything. I smell a fake.

Lynn is still a giant delusional idiot. Her thinking her obsession with her looks is a good example for her daughters is retarded. Mother daughter plastic surgery? HORRIFYING. Good Lord. Her daughters are rude, over sexualized, insecure and jealous all because of Lynn. Not to mention the drinking, drugs and no goals in life except to model bikinis!!

I think the biggest surprise was Vicky. She's still with her husband and they seem to actually like each other! She's still hyper and insane, but it's weird her and Jeanna aren't friends. They did kind of have a love/hate thing going though. Vicki is so smug though about how well she is doing, which is not nice.

The new housewife is the most plastic, fake thing ever. I love how she and the hubs are the "new christians." God first, then each other, then kids. Didn't they mean money and plastic surgery first? I love how she wouldn't try on lingerie at the La Perla show and yet she wears a bikini to Tamras that looks exactly like lingerie!!! LOL!

Oh the OC girls. I am starting to like Atlanta better. Scary.


Maureen said...

That last line had me laughing out loud. I will be chuckling over that one all day! Thanks for the most accurate of reviews.

Lin said...

I'm ashamed to say it but I'm addicted to this show :(

I love all the lame drama between the girls & I too, dont think that Gretchen & Slade are really 'together'.

Melissa said...

I agree with everything you said!

Stephanie said...

Such a true review! The new couple is the most annoying ever. If I had to hear him talk about his 7 carats one more time I was going to scream. They are GROSS!

Penny said...

Oh, I agree with you completely! It's like watching a train wreck. I'm so curious to find out how the "new housewife" is going to stir things up.

dmmlandcruiser said...

Not only is his name Slade, but his last name is Smiley. He sounds like a slimey game show host.

As for the new wife, who brings not even two year old twins for mani/pedis? If I was there trying to relax, I would have been pi$$ed!

Sarah said...

funny.... you hit the nail on the head with these ladies.
I too don't get Tamara losing the house. they have to make some decent dough on the show. although, what does a tequila sales man make these days?

pebbles said...

Oh, the new housewife bothers me to no end...with all of her "Christian" talk. I have nothing against Christians...I am one, but come on, acting all holy and mighty and then saying that you are working out to save your husband from having a "frumpy" wife? I imagine that true Christian husbands would be a little less superficial than that, right?

Lauren said...

You hit the nail on the head with the new housewife. The dynamic between her and her husband is creepy. And taking the girls in for pedicures? Seriously?